Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Happy birthday, Geek =)

Birthday girl! I hate you for not coming to school today but I love you for who you are, you stupid Geek. Come to school tomorrow or Nerd will kill you ok!
Happy 14th Birthday, Cherlyn Wong =)

Today was ok. Sarah, Kristie and Tingting - we won't get lung cancer =)
Tomorrow's April Fools Day. Perhaps it might be more fun.

If my wish does not come true on 8 May, I shall really give up on you and move on with life, because I believe that you're not the right person afterall.
I'm not crazy. I'm really serious.

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5:22 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.

My Wish.

The Beginning.

If I could have one wish come true,
I’d wish that wish for only you.
And do you know what wish that’d be?
I’d wish that you loved only me.

The End.

8:46 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.

Vaio laptops.

The sky blue's so chio~ I'll love the person like how much I love Spongebob if that person gives me one. Omg.
"In Addition to the original five color palettes - timeless black, nomad grey, karma white, free spirit pink and natura green - VAIO C2 ultraportable notebook line gets and additional Rediscovery Blue dress." - (Credits)
Blue ultraportable Sony Vaio C2 laptop. COOL =)

And, on the thursday which had just passed, it was JJ's birthday. I only told Jolene and Alfred when I went to school and I've noted down in the handbook.
Jolene: Ok, ok, I know...
Me: -smiles happily-

Saw the news just now and JJ was there! He was blowing his birthday cake and everyone were cheering and taking videos/pictures of him. Isn't that the coolest.
How I wish I get to see JJ =(((((

PS: Cheer up, Haziq. Things aren't as bad as you think it is.


4:49 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.

Cultural Night.

Speech Day and Cultural Night yesterday.

Met up with Tingting. Saw Jiaying and Ziqi. Went to library and then KFC to meet Jeslynn. Ate and talked about ghost stories. Scary lor. Then went to Dover by MRT around 3 plus and reached 330. Were supposed to meet everyone there at 340. Emelia (MOLI:D), Dennis, Azhar and Jeron were there already.

Waited until like 355 for everyone and went in. That Trenna was there to tell us where to sit, hahaha. Krispok ushered us there. In front was 2i1 and behind us was 2i3.

(2i1) ...
(2i2) Azhar - Jian Yuan - Ziqi - Jia Ying - Sally - ...
(2i2) Jeron - Me - Ting Ting - ...
(2i3) Zexun - Chun Rong - ...

We sat around like that lah, forgot already. First up was Speech Day, the Prize Giving Ceremony. Boring lor. Jeron, Zexun & Chun Rong irritating like shit. Ting ting was in a bad mood. Then Zexun passed me his phone twice and wanted a phone number, but I went to pass it down, haha. In the end, he took my phone and passed it down.

During the two hours break, went to Clementi with Tingting, Jeslynn, Sarah, Eleazar and Hui Lun and ate at a Japanese place right beside KFC because KFC was packed. Some Sumo-house thing. Ordered grilled chicken meal, very nice you know =) Then some person called and wanted me to help the pig *laughs* pay when I was enjoying dinner.

Haha, Eleazar ate like some primary school kid. Sarah seemed quite angry. The tea was super. Eleazar ate all the oranges and his mouth was stuffed with them. Took MRT back and met Ziqi because she wanted me to wear home clothes with her. It was very nice of me to listen to her =) Sarah also changed.

So for that night, Ziqi was my boyfriend and I was her girlfriend =) Gosh.

Went to the aditorium place (or whatever it is) and sat at the third row from the back. Felt so malu when Li Yan, Bao Hui, Glenn they all saw me, because I didn't want to change. Didn't get a clear view from the back, especially when Jolene called me today and told me Ming Wei was dancing during the finale! It would have given me a good, good laugh if I were sitting in front.

Sally - Jiaying - Sarah - Jeslynn - Hui Lun - Me - Ziqi - Ting Ting - Cherlyn

Cultural Night was more interesting. There was band (could see a tiny Jordan with a bald top), CO, Chinese & Malay dances, Wushu and some more I think. But in front of Ziqi and I were Shawn (Sarah's bro), the Cuteboy person, this brown shirt tiny guy and his friends. They were super noisy and it was really distracting, though they were quite funny lah.

Break in between. Some pig/fish/lion didn't buy coke for me right, good.

When everything was gonna end, there was the coolest part - NCC DRUMS =) Ziqi and I were screaming our lungs out. They really should let girls join. After the finale, went to find Dai Lao Shi to pass her the test Cherlyn did, but she had went back school already so passed to Mr Teo. LOL!

Took bus 185. Initially going for supper but went home instead. Got down at the market stop with Cherlyn and Aizhen also got down. Waved bye to her and Ziqi. It was already 10 plus and I didn't dare walk home so took bus for only two stops and Cherlyn walked home nearby.

Update pictures soon, unless I don't feel like doing so.

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3:32 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.

Drum rolls =)

The clouds today were blurry, but pretty =)

HOw I wish I could be like the clouds, soaring in the giant paint of blue sky, watching over all the little humans on Earth. I would have no troubles & worries, because all I have to do is float under the golden hues of the brilliant sun and just relax. I would have no pain, because I believe you wouldn't be there to make me shed tears.

If I did, I would turn into a gloomy dark grey, and drops of water will fall. Pitter patter, pitter patter. Some would be little droplets, whereas some would be huge drops of heavy tears coming down. If the situation worsens, bolts of lightning and sounds of thunder would be seen and heard. Crack. Boom.

But, when everything is over, it ends. It all ends. Just like all the love I've been giving you. One day, it might end, just like how quickly the tears stop flowing out. One day, I might just give up and stop this shit once and for all.

One day, I might start hating you as much as how I hate liars, especially those who say they like you when they don't(!!!!!!) mean what they say. It might seem funny to prank people. But it isn't funny to cheat people's feelings or playing around with love.

Love is not a toy for you to play with and then throw aside when you're done with it.

shouts: What is the meaning of this.

Today was quite a fun day.

Morning assembly was better. Geog for the first period. Science after that, no Mr Chan. Then ME. Nisa's group presented first, followed by my group - Me, Jordan, Cherlyn, Wei Hao, Jolene. We did about the chindians. Seriously, there isn't much information about them.

Ate the chocolate tarts. Burst the plastic bag in front of Jeron for fun and he went after me. Lol, crazy guy. English after recess. Did some summary thing and got our tickets for Cultural Night tomorrow. Jeslynn in charge. Did some comprehension for Chinese. So difficult ok. Don't know what the hell they were saying. Got 14/50 for the stupid cheng yu test. Jolene got full marks. Grr.

Math after that. One period lor, but Mrs Tay made us stay till 2. Went to find Jayda, Christine and Joell afterwards. The 2i6 people were also there. Went to range and Molehill and Hui En were there, lol. Shot a while and bao qiang (hold rifle for 10min).

Went to play volleyball - Jayda and Joelly, outside hall. Krispok was also there. Lol, everyone got hyper there. Krispok hit my butt until baluku le lor. Molehill keep laughing, running here & there and stepping on my shoes. I threw some rag at her and it got stuck on a something between second and third floor.

Watched the drummers play the drums. Ahhhhh, so cool! But yesterday's rhythm was nicer. Also saw badminton and table tennis people train. Played badminton with Joelly and the dumbdumb Elycia with Jaymaine and Sandra's rackets a while and after hearing a bit more drumming, went home.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow. God, don't disappoint me.

PS: I'm not some Chao Yi Mee or whatever ok. Don't listen to that Lee Fong King.

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10:14 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.


Today was a better day.

Geog test in the morning. Stupid Javan said I will confirm fail (during morning assembly, in a jokingly voice, that's what I think) but I think he's right. Lit after that. I read for two periods cause LFK told me to. English after that, but Mr Yeo did not come.

Didn't go down for recess because was studying for Chinese test with Jolene and Ian. Told stupid lao di go down buy but he never! So hungry lor. Chinese test was ok, and Math was damn, damn boring. Really. Everyone was yawning one after another.

Went to com lab for science lesson, but it was the govin brother (that's what our class call him) who took us there because Mr Chan wasn't there. He sot sot one lor. Take files also must ask so much.

After school, went to eat with Christine, Joelly, Jayda and Elycia. Shooting was ok, and Chao Xiang was irritating. Haha, Sweden very funny. Then met Joelly and went to see the activities going on. The drummers were really super good ok! So fantastic lor. The guys training for tunnel ball also clapped and cheered for them.

We were like, why can't they let girls try these stuff. So cool! Some more can be in the camera video, wahahaha. -winks- Also saw NCC people. Jayda was wondering why Chee Yuan do push up the butt never come up like the others, lol! Then we went home.

Finally, a day you didn't ruin, I guess...
Basket =(

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6:01 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.


Another boring day.

Reading period and I don't like Jordan. Spoil people's mood. Went to com lab during PW and went down to general office to return the remote cause teacher told me to. Geog after that. Ate the nice chocolate tarts for recess =)

Went to the Aesthetics room for Speech & Drama for English. Quite fun, actually.

Me: Hi.
You: Hello.
Me: Do you know what time it is?
You: No.
Me: Don't you have a watch?
You: No.
Me: What did you do last night?
You: What?!
Me: I said, what did you do last night?
You: Nothing.
Me: Nothing?
You: Nothing!
Me: I'm sorry I asked.

Something like that. I did with Kristie. Azhar is good in acting and singing.
But I didn't like it when Chee Yuan had to go up and I had to do the shit with him while the others were like Cy & Cy. The gay man lah! And stupid grandma Koh Jiaying, I'm gonna kill you tomorrow >:(

Chinese was ok. Drew spongebob as my flag for the guo qi thing =) Lee Fong Pok was like,"Guess what I ate today for recess? Chao yi mi!" during literature. Or whatever it's spelt as. He laugh so funny one...

Shooting after school. Cherlyn went up to range too. She thought Sweden was the captain. Haha. And the stupid Hui En lost her phone on Sunday. Orbi =) But hope she'll find it or get a new one soon ba.

I was really, really happy for once today when I saw your sms. I was like thinking, finally, a time when I didn't have to start a conversation to communicate with you. But it turned out to be asking for a girl's number, and it wasn't the first time.

Fuck, I feel lke such a loser. I just tolerated the pain and gave you the number. I don't know why it hurt so much, but it just did, ok.

Alfred was asking me today why in the world did I fall for that guy when there are so many others. I couldn't answer his question, because I did not know the answer...

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6:36 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.


The greatest pain that comes from love is knowing that the person you love would never like you.
Do I stand any chance? I know the answer would be a no and I think I've answered my own question. How difficult it is, to give up on someone who has left a deep memory in your heart.
This feeling is, fortunately or unfortunately, even worse than the thought of Liverpool losing to Manchester. Blah, what am I saying..
I just want to forget about everything and the past, but it isn't as easy as I think it is.

Can tomorrow please be a better day?


7:05 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.


I think Yui Aragaki is cool =)

6:12 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.


Today was an extremely boring day. Now I think I don't find school so fun anymore.

"Eh, you very irritating you know. Go and die lah."
"Walao, can concentrate or not."
"Stop laughing lah. (Gives ugly face)"
"Man U rocks! Liverpool sucks!" (fuck)
"Cheowyi, you emo/moody arh?"

You want me die come kill me lah. I die at least you go to jail not my problem ok, if that satisfies you. You think stop laughing very easy is it. Act so smart. What rights do you have to say Liverpool rocks. To you it might be funny, maybe once or twice, but it seriously isn't. It does not mean Liverpool sucks just because Man U beat them 3-0.

If you really want me dead come on lah.

Rarrrr. =(

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3:25 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.


Oh man, this sucks. Jeron and diyanah are now watching the (blah) Man U vs LIVERPOOL(ahhhhhhhhhhh!) match and I'm practically doing Mrs Tay's homework again while they're having such a nice time.

Second half now. LIVERPOOL MUST WINNNNNNNNNNNNN! I don't like Cristiano Ronaldo =(

I don't have Channel 27! This is so unfair man!!! And the referee is bias! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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10:44 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.

Happy Birthday, Sarah =)


Wish you win your table tennis competitions or something lah, lol! And I think Cherlyn's passing you the big tortoise me, tingting and her bought for you, on monday. Must appreciate it ok! =)
Stay cheerful always, and stop burping all the time! :D

Sarah is pro~

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10:06 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.


OMG today went shooting at Safra and left around 330. Then was wet from the rain but still went to IMM with soksan to see JJ. Stopped at Bukit Gombak MRT cause the woman caught me eating chips and gave me a fine. Walked under the rain again all the way to IMM from jec and when we reached IMM JJ wasn't there....

22 MARCH 2008!
Omg, I feel like killng myself................

After school, went to Science Centre for the DNA thing. That thing was super boring and I gave really ugly feedback when given the form. When it was over, explored a while and Jordan wanted me to spon him Mac. Went to Mac after that with Cherlyn, Jeslynn and Jolene.

Played water. Jolene lah. -.- Then the stupid Looi Cheong Loong made me stand in the middle for five seconds, made me so wet. The funniest part was when Jeron was walking and the water suddenly shot him, haha. Then went with Alfred to the turnig thing.

Eleazar, Jian Yuan, Guan Liang, Alfred, Chee Yuan, Jeron, Hazairi, Leslie, Jeslynn, Cherlyn, Jolene and I wene there. Played the turning thing for quite some time before going back school. We ended up having headaches and having the feeling of vomiting, but still, it was fun.

THe briefing was boring, damn boring.

Shan't talk about friday..

Why was I so dumb.....

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8:37 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.

Sky of Love.

Lim aizhen lim aizhen lim aizhen!
Cheer up ok? Don't shed any tears anymore, and must remember to put your tongue in the right place, ok? Not like sticking it out everytime =)

Had geography and math, then PE. After recess was english. Supposed to get worksheet from Mrs Tay, but forgot, and realised that Jordan had put three papers on my table. Asked Mrs Tay before she entered i1, and she told me to ask everybody who hadn't received it..

Went to the aesthetics room during english for some speech and drama thing. THat man's a bit gay lor. We did some 'zip zap boing' thing, then formed a circle. First Hui Lun was the one in the middle, then Chee Yuan, me, and Azhar. Hui Lun did nothing. Chee Yuan did some funny moves and I just repeated the Spongebob Squarepants line 4 times cause he say must sing a song. Got tune ok. Then Azhar really sang like some Singapore Idol lor. Omg. His singing is nice.

Then performed the banana dance. After that I rushed to level 4 and passed the 'then crumpled papers' to Mrs Tay. She was like,"So how?" and was smiling. LOL and she tied her hair today.

Chinese after that and no LSA but did some crap. After school, went to the hawker centre near bubble tea shop with Hui En and Christine, then si Sok San came also:) Wanted to go shooting but promised that Lim Hui En that I would go watch the Sky of Love with her. Then Pei Han and Shi Nan also went, then we go Orchard lor.

THen take MRT just talk on the journey, so long lor. (Wey, I got take MRT not just 1 time or 2 times ok.) Went to some dunno where lah and watched the movie at the Cathay. We sat like me, Hui En, Pei Han, Shi Nan.

THe movie is superrrrrrr touching! It's about this girl called Mika and her first love, Hiro. Really very nice. Peihan's phone actually rang during the movie. SOme Jay Chou song.. And, ok, he even slept during part of the movie.

After movie, felt so embarrassed.. Went washroom wash face and we walk walk a while. I saw a shop with many faces of SPONGEBOB you know! So cool! But it was already like six plus (movie starts 425) so just looked at some and took train home. So packed, cause of the peak hours. >:(

After around 17 stops, Hui En alighted at Bukit Batok and Pei Han went with her.
Don't ask what happened after that.

Going to the Science Centre tomorrow, with 2i3, and have to go back to school for this briefing until 830pm I guess..
Based on a cell-phone novel that moved 11 million people to tears, "Sky of Love" is a story about a regular girl's three stormy years in high school. While her friends are absorbed about their boyfriends, Mika is clueless about falling in love. She begins receiving phone calls from a boy she doesn't know and is gradually drawn to him. She finally meets him but their happy days soon pass as trouble is brewing on the horizon.


Thank you. You were nice. I just didn't know how to face you, sorry.

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10:03 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.


Finished Mrs Tay's homework! Whoo! *dances*


12:11 AM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.

Second day.

I use purple leh. So nice right :D

Reading was boring today. I failed the cheng yu test again (retest) and got one mark lower than my previous one. Had to see Mrs Tay during math lesson again. After recess was english. We arranged back tables and chairs. Sorry for what I did, Haziq. Geography after that, and science was the last period.

Didn't go KFC with Jordan for lunch because was going bubble tea shop. So Jiayi they all went with him instead. Drank my blue coral ice blended and went for training with Christine, and Hui En left for the Prefects Meeting. Jayda came after that, and they went for PT and blahblah. But Christine and I didn't join them cause we had tuition.

And I hate it when people boss me around and tell me what to do and what not to do with such a fussy and impolite manner. Please don't try to act as if you're so big just because you think that you are the head or whatever for all I care. Do learn to have some respect and don't give us that stuck up face.

Tomorrow's Mrs Tay's lesson two period again and haven't even touched her homework, damn. At least there's PE afterwards. HOpe can play and don't need run around the school =)

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10:11 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.





But dunno who said that shooters have to go Safra on saturday, and sunday for the monthly shoot. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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10:01 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.


Today was a fun day.
However, I cannot accept the fact that I'm still liking someone who fell for another person instead...

But, I will, one day.
I know I will.

Nanxing's cute and Felicia is sooooooo chio can! *sighs* And I read her blog. All her photos are like wow. And the latest post had Horton in it! =) And Chengxi rocks, you know!!

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7:59 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.


Jojo (Wake me up when September ends)

Oh no, I don't think I can finish up the homework.


11:46 AM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.


How much cuteness can you get in just one photo!
I wonder if there would be any Jojo plushies! :D

Just bought Seventeen and 8 Days. Joelly still has my Seventeen mag for March. Fiona and Felicia rocks, and I just realised baby Janessa just came out from Huang Biren on March 6.

Jackie's dad and also Lydia died of cancer like some time ago this year (I think). Poor thing. Hope there would, one day, finally be a cure for cancer =(

And 8 Days is giving giveaways - Win Horton movie hampers! OMG! I freaked when I saw this.
*5 Grand Prize hampers each containing a pair of movie passes, iPod Speakers, Horton plush!, watch, bathrobe, T-shirt, keychain & notebook.
*10 consolation hampers each containing apair of movie passes, Horton plush!, keychain & notebook.


But question was "Horton opens in cinemas here on Mar 13 (True or False)" and I went to put false! Grrrrrrr. One sms costs 20c. Better send in three smses with the correct answer =)

2:54 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.

Sunny Day =)

The Sun finally shone.

Met Sweden at the bus stop to school in the morning. Waited for Christine at Fuhua stop and went to range. Said hello to Jolene & Javan on the way. Sec Ones were training, so we ran a few rounds around the school instead.

Went to Sok San's house after school. Her mother so got style (lol, I don't know how to say). Went to JP after that and met Leow Simin, Lim Simin, Felicia (2i3) and the donut guy. Then Xiao Chen came, and Christine, Leow and I went to KFC for lunch, and they went to the library.

After lunch we walked around. OMG! That little guy from the arcade so cool lor! He small small chubby chubby and did the dancing thingy (you know, the one where there are many arrows you have to step on?) so pro! PRO YOU KNOW:D So pei fu him. Went to comics collection then some idiots saw Leow then kaobei.

I WATCHED HORTON AGAIN =) I love the movie. I like Horton & the funny Mayor. And that cute yellow animal was so adorable. Also the smallest daughter of the Mayor with the little orange ribbon on top. Ahhhhhhhhh. And Jojo is super cool. So, so cool =)

Mayor: No matter what happens, Jojo, (I'd like you to know that) I couldn't ask for a better son.
I think he said something like this and it was so sweeeeeeeeet. That line's really very nice =)

After the movie, we walked a while more and I took MRT home with Christine.

I really tried ...


1 & 2 JJ! =)
3 - 6 Taken at Vivo
7 Cute right?
8 Marble Cheesecake from Secret Recipe
9 & 10 Taken at range. It's funny:)
11 SokSan
12 That pro kid!
13 Christine
14 A pretty card:)
15 CUTE Techno x)
16 Haha =)

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7:04 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.