Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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I am searching Haziq's digestive organs for my deformed pocky... =)

-goes to anus- woah, so big arh.

Lol jkjk...

8:36 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.

Happy birthday, ZIQI=)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHIN ZEIKEI!!! All the best to you k, just want to let you know that you're a really really good friend=)

History and art. Dr Tan is getting more and more unreasonable. I don't see why we should see it the same way as he sees and the words "it is understood" when he hasn't meantioned a shit about getting zero if his sketchbooks are not handed in punctually.. And he would be saying I don't know what path I'm going to and that I am the person being unreasonable and everybody should be following him and calling themselves an expert... I know I'm very lousy but don't need to say until like that one right nabei...

Math after that.. Had test which went well.. Chinese after recess.. Ms Tai called my mother yesterday.. She wanted to call my father but I gave her my mum's... Science and english.. I didn't do Mr Yeo's work and he asked me very, very seriously if there was something going on in my mind... He asked me quietly..
Why are we born into this world? (29/7)
Jordan: We are all born for a great purpose.
Dennis: To get tortured.
Jianyuan: Because Cheowyi is a retard!
Diyanah: (1st answer) Because our father and mother had sex.
(2nd answer) To meet the Click Five!
Emelia: Uh... I dunno leh... -smiles happily-
Laiheng: Because - you - suck. Haha. -moody sound-
Tingting: Uh.. It is to bring joy to my family! Hahaha! -very very happy-
Jolene: (she say cannot say out)
Ziqi: Because my parents went to *! F f f f f f f f!
Mrs Tay: Wha-? Why are we born into this world arh? Why arh? I'm going to have Math lesson (with 2i1) now leh! Then what, you want to be born in Mars arh? Venus arh? Harh?! -smiles a bit- I'm going to class now, you want you ask me after school! -smiles smiles-
Nisa: Hm.. So that we will do good deeds and then sent to Heaven when we die. Yay.
Cheeyuan: It's a~ Beautiful Day! -continues singing and hands moving like he was playing guitar-
Haziq: (said: Stop flirting lah, Cheeyuan!) -he cannot hear properly- What? THe world? -then he walked away
Hazairi: -surprised and starts dancing- I don't know? -continues dancing happily-

Him: "Cheowyi.. What IS wrong with you? Do you need me to call your parents to school and call the boy down too and have a talk with the counselor?"
Me: "Huh? What... boy?" T.T

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7:23 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.

Love dies.

Love lives on dies.

Love lives on dies.

Talking to Jeslynn, Shinan, Alfred and Derek has made me feel much better.
I hope the bad feeling goes off.. Real soon..

JESLYNN. We go hunt for birdies=) Chop chop.

From 17 July.
Sally: Su hua shuo, Sally then is lao ren ok=)
Jeslynn!: J is for Jeslynn and your Jasper=) Neh Neh.
Aizhen.: Lol. I thought you meant something and made me so disturbed during class=)
Cherlyn!: Haha. So forgotful=)
y²: Hello, Yeowyong?=)
ken': Take care too...
Diyanahisnotlame: No I'm not, lamo=)
Deon: Haha, yes yes she said that. Funny=)
diyanahhhhh: Lol, you plankton=)
christine: yo christine=)
Jeslynn: Haha, ya. Jotham super funny. Nice meh? Like alot cheese. But put in fridge is nice=)
Sally: No new phone for you, cos too old le=)
diyanahhhhh: Haha, but you're still lame. I gave you pocky already today=) Haziq and Azhar kope alot, and Eleazar took the whole packet=(
christine: Haha, ok good. Anything must say ok. No lah, why is it similar to Jeslynn's post?
sarah ;D: Hahaha, no lor I so smart, next time you reading your favourite Enid Blyton I call Mrs Tay you kena. Merry Christmas!=)
kristie: Pokpok=)
Sally: Haha, stupid lao ren, so lame=)
cherlyn!: Haha, ok=) Thanks.
Jeslynn: Haha. Cos you chicken ma=) Yeah, ok, try..=)
diyanahhhhh: PODOLSKI ROCKS!!=)
JIAYING:D: You soli auntie! Haha.
jayda: =) It's nothing de. Doctor Tan=) Justin rocks leh.
cherlyn!: Yes yes, let's watch tomorrow!=) Oh, the Bushy extra go call de.
haziqq.: Return me my pocky!!=( Yeah you love Cheeyuan right, I know I know. Blow. Hang the sign at your toilet.
kristie: Don't listen to the lame guy.. You when can go out buy your bag=)
diyanah: Hahahahaha. I'm Mr.You=) I'm buying Pockydolskibob again tomorrow=)

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10 Promises to My Dog... So nice...

8:41 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.

Record Challenge.

Today was a hot (and sexy?) day.

Had the Record Challenge today, so saw Pornsak and the girl for the second time. Hm, then took bus there and was the first school to reach Singapore Poly Stadium, around 9+ or 10+. Then just waited and everything. When the competition started, Haisong wore some ancient costume and carried a torch with his left hand.

Continued with the other participants and some dropped eggs etc. Quite fun watching, but got bored after some time. A girl in front of me had the chio white phone, lol.. Damn it... And then Govin said something like no detention. And everybody went chanting and chirping: (Got beat) "No detention! No detention!" GOvin also said that.

Yeowyong then said, when we late some day, then Govin tell us hand over our ezlink cards or go detention, then everybody will go: "No detention! No detention!" LMAO.

Went down when it was "our turn", but turned out to not be cause Fuhua has completed with 220 people already, so yeah. Happy for Fuhua and the da pai people. Jeslynn and I went to field do egg thing, I wanted to go again after going once but cannot lor so.. sigh.

After that, Tingting suggested we competed against each other 100m on the track. Sounded really fun, so went, though my pants was wet, thanks to Bushy, Eleazar and that retarded Mini Haziq (Sec 1). Yeah, then kept running lor.. Run run run and run until headache... THen ran one more round around the whole stadium and went back cause the thing ended already. We also ran past the camera while they were filming, zz..

Then keep cheer and cheer.. Went toilet and saw my face.. Like siao zhabor like that.. Then the whole thing red.. Hair also wet.. Went out and yeah, I keep seeing Summary (Zhiyong) today. Haha.. After everything, all the students suggested tmr holiday but Mdm Oen said cannot, except either late reporting to school or early dismissal.

Took phone + wallet from Ms nice Lim and went JEC with Ziqi, Bushy, Cherlyn, Jiaying and Alfred. Ate at Kobayashi, thanks to Jiaying who kept promoting that omelette cum drink meal.. Lmao haha.. She very sot one.. Then I ate Terriyaki while they all ate the omelette.. Lol..

Went home... With nobody to talk to... Didn't want to be a nuisance to anyone in my contact list so didn't call them and let alone the person I wanted to call.. Yeah...

This was a boring post.

Good Night.. God bless.. =)

P.S. Saw a lot of xiao didi and meimei there. They all so cute lor omg.. SO CUTE!! And also saw Mr Chan's child.. Very cute also lah.. Babies are all so cute and adorable..

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[c=12]Blueberry* love is complicated[/c] says:
means yes le lo
[c=12]Blueberry* love is complicated[/c] says:
must cherish him hor,he will be yours one day
[c=12]Blueberry* love is complicated[/c] says:
his a good guy


11:25 AM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.

I want the white phone lor...


My phone bought in February, the CHIO WHITE PHONE and my soft keyboard bought a few weeks ago. The inside of the screen of my phone cracked, so now it's.. very difficult to see. It has been like that for a month or so already. Repair needs $150 and my father doesn't want to pay. He wants me to continue suffering with an inside-cracked screen and scratched buttons (the middle one) until the contract has ended. Like, 2 years+? -.-

Of course I will somehow find a way to repair it. -.- Some more, now have the same model in WHITE. OMG. PLEASE. IT'S SO CHIO CAN. Why didn't they release it earlier. Then I would've bought the white one. I want the white one! My god. It's super nice, though maybe will get dirty easily. But still, IT'S SO PRETTY!

And I'm gonna faint and go after the Sony Ericsson people (whoever made these things) with some huge chopper if they released some lilac coloured phone of the same model soon.

Sony Ericsson W910i (Black)


Somebody kill me. I feel so angry.

Microsoft, Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000

Designed and manufactured by Microsoft, Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000 is a basic keyboard. One could comfortably say that this is the lowest end model in the Microsoft’s repertoire. Aside from the media functionality buttons and sleek profile, this keyboard doesn’t really differ than thousands of other on the market. That is why it can be found in the stores for under $20!

Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000 is a wired keyboard featuring a 6-degree curved layout in a sleek, compact design with low-profile keys. Created by Microsoft, this keyboard encourages a more natural wrist and arm alignment that helps improve overall posture. With no accompanying software to download, this keyboard is a practical and easy-to-use solution for anyone looking to enhance the comfort level of their computing experience.

Users who don’t bother with extra keyboard functionality will find this product quiet useful. The price – quality ratio is simply unbeatable and this can be a perfect low cost present for the upcoming holidays.

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Really really didn't feel like posting just now, but because of my beloved JESLYNN SOH JIAMIN!, I got back my mood to post..=)

PE did all 5 stations. Standing Broad Jump only around 168, and Shuttle Run 11sec+, but got at least a C. Sit and Reach (44cm), Incline Pull-Up (21 times), Sit-up (49 times, nabei...), so should be all A.. Next week re-running 2.4km, cause the previous timing not good enough...

Home Econs, cooked some white mee... So boring.. The other half of class baked muffins. Thanks Ziqi and Cherlyn for giving me some=) So yummy. And no thanks to Jolene for stealing the muffins from me. Push you to LMW.

Math after recess. English was quite fun, the deducing thing.. Questions 1 - 5 are given on the worksheet, and you had to come out with three questions yourself.. My paper wrote this..
1. Horace loves to swim - Horace went to the seaside - Horace refused to swim.
There were sharks in the water.
2. Jasper is a very talkative student - Jasper attended Church - Jasper was very quiet.
He is pretending to be very obedient.
3. Lola loves to drink Mango Tea - She also lvoes to drink Peach Tea - When asked to choose between the two, she is unable to do so.
She doesn't know what to choose from.
4. Horace is a very vindictive person - Ian offended Horace - Ian's table was badly vandalized.
He will "make" you back if you disturb him. (Jianyuan told me write one)
5. Michael was not his usual self - Michael loved attending Maths Lesson - Michael fell asleep during Math Lesson.
Mrs Tay is the teacher.
(But Mr Yeo saw it and told me Mrs Tay is not related to the question)
-liquids off the answer-
Therefore, Deduce: Michael is unwell.

These questions can make up yourself, then..
(I wrote the question (in orange and bold) on the board cause Mr Yeo really forced me to...)
6. A loves B. B loves A also. But C loves B.
Deduce: C is an extra...

7. James Bond eats alot. James Bond doesn't exercise. (Wanted to write: James Bond cannot fit into toilet and get stuck at door. But not good so wrote something else.) James Bond can be easily spotted because of his size.
James Bond is fat.
8. She is lame. She is crazy. She is bushy.
She is Jolene.

WHen Mr Yeo came over to me, he only saw the A B C one cause I was writing the James Bond one halfway, and let alone writing the Jolene one, which I didn't know what to write already so I wrote that. WHo ask her talk so much. Hanbin! Haha, anyway, Mr Yeo told me to write lor..

Really didn't want cause I found it very lame then later the whole class thinks.. I don't know... But he forced me to so I wrote that and the class began laughing one by one. But please do note that I don't mean anything.. I mean.. It's just something I thought up of.. No other intentions...

After English was Chinese.. Teacher would start calling the parent/s of the students (who failed the chinese chengyu test) next week... Yeah.. How great is that huh....

After school went cheese fries.. Javan and the 2i1 girls also came.. Lol funny guy.. Then went Singapore Poly the stadium.. LMAO AT JOTHAM! HE WAS CHAO FUNNY. The Yonglay also lor, lol! Valencia cannot stand them, hahaha. Jeslynn and I keep laughing. He did the kiapkiap action at the ______, jumped and sang: Happy Birthday to...

LOL! Please it was super funny. Lololololol.

And Jeslynn run 42 seconds. SLOWPOKE. Laugh over nothing. Hahahahha. Ok ok joking. Went Pizza Hut around 6+. Felt very tired. Reached home around 8.


Friends are the best.

Especially the ones who make you laugh.
Like today. Jeslynn, Bushy, JOTHAM, Yonglay, Hanbin, Sally laoren, (mini) Haziq, (actual-size) Haziq, Cheeyuan, Shinan, Yingkiat, and of course, Mingwei. Lol.

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Jeslynn loves her baby elephant!=D

THIS SONG IS __________ NICE LEH!!! Because it's Euro 2008 de song omfg omg omggggg. Heard it on radio today then keep zi high. So nice, reminds me of GERMANY AND PODOLSKI!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Anyway, today was another nice day=)

Art did block painting. The paint so dry. Chinese then ME, but went hall for the egg selection instead. But already inside so went to play play. Bushy, Cherlyn, Tingting got in=D Baika (cheeyuan) never cause teacher see he baika ma, but fake de lor.. Azhar walk until so sexy. "Slow and steady wins the race" then he shake his ass. Lmao!!

Ran a lot of times with the others. About 100m then my first try was 26 sec lor.. Eleazar kept beating me. Final I think was a tie. Haziq sibei noisy, say "Woah, CHeowyi run for _________" -.- Lamo, go up stage lah you. Haha. Recess then science. Test was easy, but won't score well cause I studied last minute...

English boring. Math ok lah. Then that aizhen... Smack her lah. Then gu yi walk past two times front and back and made Mrs Tay call "Cheowyi! Are you doing the question!" cause I was looking at that aizhen, she lor! After school went Jurong Primary for tutoring. Bushy call me go so I replaced Tan tan. As in, Ian.

Quite fun actually. Play taiti a while before the thing started. Please lah Tingting and Bushy, I better ok xD Not like some people get so many ti still cannot win, hahaha. Jkjk=) Tutored a malay guy and girl. THe girl very sweet and nice ok, then the guy super funny and playful. Haha! He has two dimples at his cheeks! Then realised Jordan tutored him. He likes Jordan, omg!

Raining after that=( But nvm, cos have Nisa's super umbrella!=D

MR PEANUT CHUA WEIHAO, must get well hor! Must be high again! And better don't pass it to Bushy! She keeps complaining xD Take care! Baika also get the flu away, haha=)

There's nothing I could do if he _____________ soon... =|

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7:12 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.


Happy Birthday Nasuha(hahahahaha)! Happy birthday happy birthday xD And Happy Belated Birthday to THE PERSON SITTING BESIDE ME. Wahahaha, Diyanah xD


Today during art did the Bandhili dunno what thing lah. Make folds, tie with little rubber bands and colour with red/green. Wait for it to dry and untie the rubber bands. THen you'll get a pattern. My colour like bangsai.

History after that. Had to pay a dollar cos my notes and textbook with Soksan and Mr Ng said cannot get from her lol! Math after that. My history and math results were very lousy... And during math Mrs Tay also said sth like , "Then got one your next door neighbour... call MUHAMMAD! Always never hand in one. But yesterday, woah! Completely done arh!" LOL, something like that lah, damn funny jiu shi le.

Went to staff room to find Mr Ng about the test with Teotingpok. I very nice lor share my STRAWBERRY POCKY with alot of people=) WHen it's so delicious lah! So nice so nice=)

Mr Ng was very nice. He's always nice anyway, haha. He has a tiny coliseum structure in rome at his table. I MISS EUROPE=(=(=( But still, yeah. After recess was english, write compo. Lame lah, got 1hour time I write around 2 pages and left lines only between the paragraphs and still only wrote the story halfway. Mr Yeo still say my handwriting small. Dumb lor...

Chinese quite fun, especially the dunno what yu yan miao xie whatever thing one. Haha damn funny lah. Cherlyn and I wrote, "Diu diu diu~ Woah wo kan ni de lian jiu xiang tu liao! Chao chao chao, tiam lah!" Then the whole class knew the answer was Hew Jianyuan hahaha the joker sio, and Bushy got three times the high-pitched wahhhh sound haha lmao! BUSHY YOU SUCK xD (okok jk lah. Hanbin love you lah xD He say one leh!!!)

Assembly was super fun -.- Especially with Mrs Tay there lah, lmao! Because I saw Haziq on stage when singing the school song his face like gek sai like that ma walao then keep making me laugh then I also keep whisper to Bushy and after that Mrs Tay come ask me why I keep laughing then sat beside me T.T

Me: "Why you sit here?! Sit in front leh!"
She: "I want to sit with you."

LOL. JOKER. THen she was marking 2i1 test paper corrections, so I saw some results lah=) All very good de lor.. Except.. xD And Mingwei sit in front damn funny can! His hair also. xD Ok ok paiseh I know very bad lah but I zi high ma. ANd Mingwei also look very happy? Must be cos he thinks Bushy like him lah xD

Mrs Tay comment a lot on the assembly haha, as in not continuously lah duh! I keep asking her the answer for the questions she don't want tell me lor! I tell her her class students like SHinan Aikseng they all like keep turning around and look at her and maybe want her sit with them but she also don't want listen to me!

And got some dunno what Deal or No Deal thing right. And Adrian Pang picture there. I point at him and tell Mrs Tay..

Me: Mrs Tay you look like that one leh!
She: -gives that look with a bit smile- I thought that one is a guy?
Me: Yeah lah that's why lah!
She: -gives the trying to control her smile kind of face, LOL-

Then the Limaizhen also, keep smiling. Smile lah smile some more! And when Ben Chia said something like "Mrs Tay question" that time, Mrs Tay gave a surprised look and I don't know whether she was talking to me or talking to herself LOL but she was smiling and said something like, "Huh? My question? Wha-.. !@#$%^&*()" Haha, that part I dunno what she say ma xD Not trying to infer that she scolded vulgarities or anything ok hahaha=)

When Javan went up to answer the question, Mrs Tay told me, "He better get the question right and better not disgrace me in front of so many people.." And Javan got it wrong xD Shinan went up, also wrong. Hahaha! Mrs Tay super funny lah. SHe is a natural comedian. I can't believe I'm saying this, but sitting with Mrs Tay today was really very fun xD

Ok, after school ate some of Jeslynn, Ahpok and Sarah's cheese fries haha, and went front porch. THen do the egg thing lor. Walao, Bushy, your Hanbin hor, keep asking where is Qu Mo where is Qu Mo. He call me Chewy, then call me Qu Mo de best friend, then Qu Mo de girlfriend, then finally call Qu Mo de peng you. Lmao! (FYI Qu Mo means curly hair=))

Then alot of things happened and the egg very wobbly lor.. Someone still drop the fake egg two times xD After that, sat with Ziqi, Jeslynn, Sarah, Jiaying, Yingkiat, Yinjunhao, Boonping, etc. Woah, YK and Yin JH so pervert lor. Lol! Yin JH can tell, but I didn't know YK is so pervert de. I still thought he is mature mature one xD

After the egg, Jiaying, Jeslynn, me, Sarah and Chin Zeikei(!) went to bubble tea and then Jeslynn and I went to buy cheese fries for us and Jiaying. Saw the NCC guy, zzz. Eleazar joined us and we yi bian talk yi bian eat=D Yum. So hungry lah. Diyanah (the lame person) still can fast uh, so admire her. I cannot tahan de=P

And Germany doesn't suck.... Podolski rocks also... =/

Great day=)

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7:38 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.


Happy Birthday, Yeowyong! =D


9:34 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.



8:57 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.


Today is 20th. Number 20 is Podolski. Podolski rocks. Rocks. Rocks.

Thanks Alfred.


5:22 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.


Sorry Alfred I no mood to post what you said earlier on... Sorry... I will buy a coke zero...

6:02 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.



Nice day..

Played Dodgeball during PE.. History then english.. Aizhen told me sth which made Mr Yeo call me to follow him during recess cause I was very disturbed during class.. He asked me if I had any relationship problems.. He kept repeating the same questions about that.. And made me feel so embarrassed..

Dr Tan lesson after recess.. Good that he never scold me, note down my name, and god know what he wants to do... Next was math.. Duty roster(?) said it was Jordan and me to do the cleaning of classroom.. No broom and dustpan and she wanted me to get from other classes.. 2i3 don't have.. Told her that..

"I don't care, you better go around searching for a broomstick and dustpan until you find one, or else you have to use your hands to pick up the pencil shavings around the dustbin yourself!"

So I bent down and picked up the dirty stuff myself.. Sian... Cause I didn't want to go to other classes..

Chinese last period.. Spelling was - .. Chengyu test was better than the last time but I didn't fill the bottom part of the first page of the paper..

She: "Zhao Qi! Kong de!" (ie Empty..)
Me: "Yin wei wo zhi shi xue yi ge bu fen ma..."
She: "Ni da bu liao jiao zheng ban xue yi ban de cheng yu jiu ok le.. Wo yin gai he ni de ba ba hao hao de tan yi tan!"


After school played Blackjack and went front porch.. Did the egg thing lor.. We are considered as volunteers what the hell.. Not lor.. Is Mr Chan tell us go de.. Instead of "others" or "volunteers", I think they should classify us as "special".. Lol, I know its very what lah, but really ma..

Haisong and Javan are so, so funny..

Then for no reason there was this.. Cut/slit whatever it is on my leg.. Cheena told me that.. After a while Ms Lim came and saw and asked me what happened.. I also dunno.. She wanted me to go wash the cut around the corner of the field where Alfred was sitting at that time, but didn't go.. Then..

Javan: "Ni kan lah, you do one right!" (nudges Yinjunhao)
Yinjunhao: "What happened?"
Ms Lim: "How would I know what happened.. You should go ask __(name)__ instead.."

Then they all laughed lor.. Ms Lim lor..

After school went for a Yam Ice Blended and Fries with Jeslynn.. Had a nice time=)


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Lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines lines=(


3:51 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.


Happy Birthday, Nicholas...
Happy belated birthday, Yingxin=)


Things would get better... I'm sure I'm sure...

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6:58 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.


Happy Belated Birthday, Koh Yingchong=) Take care.

Nice day=) I will be happy=)

Love you...=)

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1:59 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.

Today is 14th.


I know my results suck... But don't have to like that one right.... I useless lah call jiu call lor... The most cannot use com and take away my phone... What more can you do.. Hit me smack me cane me... GOt use is it... Might as well kill me..... THe world doesn't need such a person like me anyway.....

Euro 2008 ended two weeks ago... Still need wait two more years for World Cup=( I want to see Podolski play...

I think Azhar's feeling much better now..=)=) And si biantai also ba, hah..
No mood to elaborate about today..

俗语说:Guanliang 是肥的!
- Cheeyuan.

It was yesterday ok I remember=) HOpe you've had a wonderful day=) You ting tong kia, must remember to glue your head ok=) 14 le so cannot so childish haha. Take care=D


4:37 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.

"An Alphabetical Life=)"

The Alphabetical Life=)

Crazy-over-(abit)stupid-maple Geek wrote a post about alphabets, so I'm helping her continue=)

Attitude: The way that you think and feel about sb/sth.
Must have a positive attitude towards everything, or else you will never succeed=)

Believing: To think that sth is true or possible, although you are not completely certain.
Must believe, you know.

Confidence: A belief in your own ability to do things and be successful.
I have confidence, cos Cold told me so=)

Determination: The quality that makes you continue trying to do sth even when this is difficult.

Encouraging: Adjective of Encourage (to give sb support, courage or hope).
Encourage others when you feel encouraged -.-? =D

Forgiving: Willing to Forgive (To stop feeling angry with sb who has done sth to harm, annoy or upset you).
Try to forgive and forget others who has apologised and wants to be forgiven. You won't regret it=)

Generous: Giving or willing to give freely. (Giver.)
Have money; stop and think twice before you use all of it. There are many people around you who need the money more than you, whether it is for more food, a new home, or saving a life. Every penny counts, and if everybody donates a bit, it all adds up=) You might also probably be spending it all on sweets that would rot your teeth.

Happiness: A feeling or show of pleasure.
And I also want him to be happy=)

Ice Cream!: A typeof sweet frozen food made from milk fat, flavoured with fruit, chocolate etc and often eaten as a dessert.
Ok, maybe be innovative or inspiring, whatever, but doesn't ice cream seem, look, sound, smell and TASTE BETTER?=)

Joke: To say sth to make people laugh; to tell a funny story.
Must joke ma, then you will laugh, others will laugh (that is if it IS funny), everybody starts laughing, happiness spreads everywhere and it would be a happy happy world =D Lame jokes also will funny ok!

Kindness: The quality of being Kind (Caring about others; gentle, friendly and generous).
One kind act deserves another=)

Loving: Feeling or showing love and affection for sb/sth.
1. Affection – A strong feeling of deep affection for sb/sth, especially a member of your famlily or a friend.
2. Romantic – A strong feeling of affection for sb that you are sexually attracted to.
3. Enjoyment – The strong feeling of enjoyment that sth gives you.
4. Sb/sth you like – A person, a thing or an activity that you like very much.
5. Friendly name –A word used as a friendly way of addressing sb.
I think Love is very, very important. If there there’s no Love, I wouldn’t be here too... =)

Magnanimous!: Kind, generous and forgiving, especially towards an enemy or a rival.
Ie, BIG HEART, like me. Unlike Cold who has a small small small heart=) I know how to spell the word le hor~

Nature: All the plants, animals and things that exist in the universe that are not made by people.
I don’t know how this is related, but isn’t Nature so beautiful?

Optimistic!: Expecting good things to happen or sth to be successful; showing this feeling.
Geek loves to be optimistic =D

Peace: A situation or period of time in which there is no war or violence in a country or an area.
Peace would only maintain for a short period of time and then everything would become un-peaceful again=(

Queue?: To wait in a line of people, vehicles, etc.
Cannot think of anything le, so queue lor. You buy things must queue up one what=)

Reflective: Thinking deeply about things.

Satisfication: The good feeling that you have when you have achieved sth or when sth that you wanted to happen does happen; sth that gives you this feeling.
I know everybody has many things they wish they could obtain, but when you start thinking of others who aren’t as fortunate as you, you should feel a sense of satisfaction. Instead of wanting this and that all the time, be satisfied with what you have=)
And must SMILE=)

Tenacious: That does not stop holding sth or give up sth easily; determined.

United: (of people or groups) in agreement and working together.
Being united is something really important. If you're not united with the others around you, then there would be no Unity (the state of being in agreement and working together; the state ofbeing joined together to form one unit), and it would be difficult to get your things accomplished=)

Vibrant: Full of life and energy; exciting.

Wait: (for sth) to hope or watch for sth to happen, especially for a long time.
Ie, Patience (Able to wait for a long time or accept annoying behaviour or difficulties without becoming angry). = Key to Success=)

X-rated: (especially of a film/movie) that people under 18 are not allowed to see because it contains sex and/or violence.
Lol, cannot think of anything le what. Anyway, these movies do come in your life and who wouldn't be interested in watching? Except for those weird people..

Yourself: You (Used as the subject or object of a verb or after a preposition to refer to the person or people being spoken or writen to).

Zest: (for sth) enjoyment and enthusiasm; zest for life.

I gave you life lesson leh~


Azhar msut get well get well=) I want to see a happy Azhar!
Si biantai also=) If not I really smack you uh. See you still can keep laughing anot.. Serious ok. Go see doctor=)

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8:44 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.


I think the fact now is that I can never be with you...

9:22 AM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.


Happy Belated Birthday to Jinnyuan and Happy Birthday, Ms Jo Chan!=)

Credits to Christine=)

Jerald, who still owes me half a burger=)
C Pistol Girls (Valencia, Jeslynn, Qinyu, Shilin) and Darren.
Yeowyong, Jerald, (Coach) Chaoxiang, Sweden, Darryl.
Maybe they've developed a crush lately for a fire extinguisher.
These should be Jerald and Yeowyong.
Darren (whatever he's doing), Sweden, Darryl.
Jerald, Jared, Daniel, Sweden, Darryl, Yeowyong.
Chongwai with Mr Chan's camera and a happy Zhixian in the background=)
Baohui, Liqing, Yihan.
Liqing, Baohui, Yihan, Kenneth.
Jinnyuan, Saffiudin(?), Bo Can and I forgot what's his name again!!! I think it's Daniel also.
C Boys with Coach Zhang.
And one more come in, lol.
Christine, Soksan, me, Jayda, Coach Zhang, Jerald, Coach Chaoxiang(below), Sweden, Yeowyong, Darryl.
C Division and two Coaches.
Yeowyong sleeping on the way to Marina Square for dinner.
So was Jerald.
Jared and Sweden with an ahhhh expression.
Jerald and Yeowyong. YY seems happy but Jerald seems to be forced to eat it.
Christine and Jeslynn=)
Lol, Zhixian.
Show off lah he.. I bet Huien's admiring his stomach now.
Rachel, Liqing, Daniel, Kenneth, Yihan, Baohui.
Some more pictures from Sweden's camera.
Liyan and Christine=D
Christine: "Jerald is being retarded." Hahaha.
Sweden and Chongwai.
Jayda, Soksan, me and I think, Darren.
Jayda's ice kachang=)
I think these are mine?

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3:12 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.