Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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This is meant for every kaypoh to see and do make up nonsensical things like I'm faking everything if you dare. Go on. I know you do.

1. Egocentric.

Does any pig/moose/duck/hippopotamus reckon I would fall for someone whom I don't even know well? What in nobody's name is the problem with egos? Oh yes, I forgot, they ARE egos. Especially He who wanted to send the message in the first place!
Btw, the definitions of a Stalker are.
- Someone who walks with long stiff strides.
- Someone who stalks game.
- Someone who prowls or sneaks about; usually with unlawful intentions.

Show me dude, the picture you have me walking with long stiff strides or please refer me to the game I stalked. Great. Now I've magically turned into a prowler who has committed crime due to God knows what the unlawful intentions are.

"Cheowyi, I cant breathe without you, I cant drink and eat without you, without thinking of you i cant sleep, so can you be my full time girlfriend?"
Cb you think this is what movie is it. At least if you want to prank people please make a bit sense right, if it's this case you'll be long dead can. D E A D. Oh, so you mean can be full time and part time one lah? If I be part time how? Can anot? I still need time to flirt with others leh. Cb kia. Your brains cannot work at least see which other part of your body can think right.

And fyi, if you want to scold me a fucker, please at least SPELL PROPERLY lah. Duckes nia, Indian word is it. Come on, prove to me I'm a fucker. Prove to me what I have done wrong. Prove to me which part I have did to offend you PREVIOUSLY. Lai lai, you tell me.

2. Reasonless.

I don't make hypothesises taken for granted. I am NOT playing any guessing games. I tried to cheer someone up. I might not understand the feeling of being sad, cos maybe He has more rights to feel sad than I am cos I will never get to undestand how others feel cos maybe I'm not as equal human as everyone else cos I don't know how to put myself into their shoes either literally or figuratively.

K lah sua lah. I get the idea that people love being dao. Cool ma. Oh yes and if you're thinking that I'm referring to myself, yea please go on thinking like that. I'm an underclass gin na, a duckes, a fucker, a stalker, and someone who has at least 5 people calling me lame everyday.

3. Lame.

Yeah, I'm lame, so what? What has any of my problems got to do with anyone of you? If it so happens that you will get as lame as I am if you talk to me, then why the fk should you bother doing that? Nothing gained. I don't need people's sympathy. Go to someone else who needs it, or maybe yourself. COS I DON'T.

And I don't understand why people say "I still can walk!" when you call them lame. My god, it may be funny once, but do you think you're still as, uhm, humourous as you think for the next few times? You OBVIOUSLY know what it means and yet!

To everybody reading this, I'm a fucker who only knows how to talk lame and walk lame as you wish ok. And I have the worst personality ever so if you know that, it's never too late to realise sth bad cos you can change for the better by not talking to someone who's a fucker.

4. -.- ._. =="

Please tell me what's with these faces. Lol.

5. Happiness.

Everyone always say everybody deserves their own happiness. It's not just about you, looker, it's about mine too. I want to be happy. You spoil it. And people also say that it's not others who spoil your happiness, it's you who should learn how to control your own anger.

Hey, your words only went through your thickhead without going through your brain. If others hadn't started something you don't like to see, and doing it OVER again to agitate and stir up your minds, would you even bother to have your day spoilt? Who, besides weirdos, would want to have their own happiness ruined? Now you're telling me.

Look who's talking? Yeah it can't possibly be you cos you should apparently have realised I'm the one talking here. Unless your eyes grow somewhere else one which I can't help two, which I reckon three you don't need it, and you can say I've changed four all I care.

Thee, get me? So who wants to sue me now?


8:57 AM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.