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Live. Laugh. Love.

Out with Aizhen. =)

Nice day.

The math paper was ok. Didn't manage to finish part of the question five, part of second last question and last question. Hope to get at least a B3, though it would probably turn out to be a D7 or E8, even F9.

I know I suck at Chinese. I know I failed. I know you're happy.

Sorry Aizhen for making you wait, haha. Went JP and ate & walked around before the movie started. Alfred said Walle comes out today, but turned out to be August 29 or something. So bought tickets for Money No Enough 2. She bought a present for her father. Hahaha. Then kept looking at the prices of the things, so paiseh.

Saw Laoren, Jiaying, Mae (They were watching some Journey Blahblah movie and Mae said: "Cheowyi? Look at what's in my bag.. drinks!" Haha!), Yonglay, his girl(space)friend, Kaixin. Boontiang, Ruxin and Janelyn were also watching the same movie as us, haha.

I tell you right. The movie is very touching. Seriously, you should watch it if you haven't. I mean it. Not lying. Feel like watching it again. So touching you know. I thought it would be like some movie full of comedy. The mother of the three sons is so poor thing. She is so wei da. I like her, she's so nice. I think the ending is very sad and I don't want her to dieeeeeeeee. ='( And she was crying when she died. I don't like Stella's mother! She cares much for her daughter, but there is no reason for her to be so rude.

Aizhen laughed very loud in the cinema lah. Hahahahaha. Ass. You also cried ok, think I don't know. Don't tell anybody about that!

Went buy some things to match her grey dress for town tomorrow, then library to write the card. She showed me her (lame) orange collection, haha. Then she started to lame again. Took a packed 187 at the interchange, when we heard the bus driver after that saying that the next bus would come in 2 min.

Anyway, Cheeyuan took the same bus, in the shuai NCC Uniform. I like the uniform. He did a blowjob kind of face then laughed, lol. Aizhen kept wanting to hear his voice and said he looks mature, which is totally the opposite of him. Hah.

Small Heart, don't be disappointed sad over -, if you are. Be magnanimous..? Like me lah.

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