Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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cherlyn: haha.
diyanah: ya lah david. haha. how does he look like.
kristie: hahaha. right.
S.A.: give me your email.
jeslynn: ok don't think too much.
diyanah: haha. yes david.
sally: ok.

National Day Celebration. Walked 2.4km. Charity Bazaar.

From Shinan. Otah + fishballs.
Gave him $, didn't take food.
From Bangguo. Marshmallows.
Gave Summary.
From Ruxin. Strawberry + chocolate fondue.
Gave Eleazar.

The rest was from my class' bazaar.

Went up hall. Elycia got first again, retarded right. Many people stood up during the Stand Up for SG. Bushy fell on crushed my left leg when I was sitting down. Orh ceh jin tia leh.

Went swimming at JE complex with Ziqi and Cherlyn. Jiahao, Shawn they all (sec ones) also. They suggested this catching game in the lazy river. Super funny. Ate at KFC then came home.

Eleazar told me something so I called him to confirm it. Yeah, and he told me many things about - and - and - . I hope he talked me through. Because he doesn't give false hopes. These words he said I cannot forget.

"He is _ _ _. He has _(not a noun) already, and he's just _ with _ _. _ is a _. Only _ would _ _. Sooner or later, _________, and I will say ______. I will never let _ bully my _ _. I shall _______."

Fever + Headache + Flu isn't half as painful as Heart, and I thought I was strong. No one needs a sucker.
But thank you very much, Eleazar. Appreciate it a lot. I didnt cry. -smile-

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