Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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我的心痛. 很痛..

Today was a happy day=) Even if it wasn't, must think positively..

PE never do anything, only played with Jordan's glowinthedark slime=) Home Economics passed fast and Tingting and me cooked chaoda curry chicken=( Cut my finger while slicing potato and Cheeyuan still say I slice very slow.. After recess was math. Punished and stood outside=( Alfred, Penguin, Cherlyn, Jolene, me, Jiaying, Sally, Ziqi, Leslie!, Cheeyuan and one more guy forgot who le. Oh! Summary=)

English was fun=) Chinese last period.. I know I'm going to get <10marks for the chengyu test because I studied only a bit which didn't help at all... Before teacher left class asked her when I was getting back my phone.. Shouldn't have asked..

Haziq came to school today (he loves the Blowjob sign I gave him!!=)) but Azhar didn't. Never seen him so sick before..


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