Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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At Cherlyn house now, Tingting and her using laptop playing maple (-.-) and I using another com.. Haha.. I made them disconnect.. Wooohoooo=)

Today was ok.. Math first period.. Didn't finish my math homework (because of a somebody x) ok ok kidding..) cause I dunno how to do.. But luckily Mrs Tay didn't scold me or anything because I had shooting.. So nice.. Then I have three days to complete.. =)

Third period was science.. Went science lab and paired with Tingting and did dunno what lah.. what bulb connection thing.. Quite fun, lol. Recess drink half a can then dunno where the can go le when I came back.. Maybe somebody went to drink it.. -.- We have close to 300cans already..

After recess was.. Forgot le.. Tingting say is art.. Oh yeah, I was playing Bingo for the whole hour with Jolene.. Played about 15times, nearly won lor.. She cheater..=) Then is english, didn't study spelling.. I didn't even know there was spelling.. Got 18/25..

Last period Chinese.. Teacher told us why we lost and some people looked as if they wanted to cry.. Sad lor.. Because from 2i1 - 2i5 only our class didn't get in...=( But I no feeling cos I was only the audience.. I just hope our class wouldn't feel so sad and cheer up..=) Then teacher told us a story, and school end le..

Monday holiday cos of Youth Day.. Zzz..

Zhixian said C Pistol Girls (Jeslynn, Shilin, Qiyun, reserve- Valencia) shot 5th in either Nationals or West Zone.. And Jayda told me that C Rifle Guys (Darryl, Sweden, Yeowyong, reserve- Jareld) shot 2nd in West Zone, same as us.. Lol.. Nanyang beat us lor.. No offence but I so bu shuang.. I want to win them next year...

And I cannot stand guys who think that they are so handsome when they are not, then always act cool act cool one.. Kns no offence again lah but I don't like.. Really what... Then they keep comb comb comb their fringe, or like act paikia then alot of the girls will go crazy over them... -.-

Especially the golden hair guy with piercing, Soksan, Jayda and I saw at Safra LAN, then Soksan say he very shuai.. Maybe Jayda also thinks so too.. But I think he is damn gay lor and keep pretend he very handsome.. Eeyer.. Paiseh lah, no offence lah really..

Going back school later, cos Tingting say go there see them play, and Cherlyn got extra bat also.. Then Teotingpok was like, "Then, maybe you can... kao lu huan CCA!" Hahaha, funny lor she..

I cried yesterday when I saw what you said cos I was very very touched... Don't know why... I nearly told you what I've wanted to say for a long time, but I didn't cos I didn't dare...

I... love...... you............

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