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WCY = hippo?

Anyone but her.

Great day=) (But don't read, so long I also dunno why...)

Math first two periods and Mrs Tay kept asking me for the math answers and scolding me for "being too soft" and not knowing how to answer. She took away my ezlink card. Doctor Tan lesson after that, ie art. You should see Eleazar's drawing. So nice.

Recess. Told Leslie (Boonhao haha) not to pass up the history brochures first because Cherlyn haven't passed me the paper she helped me print (my printer colour not nice). Leslie waited and helped me write name, fold and paste. Thanks.

Mr Chan didn't come for science, had worksheets to do. Went down to put mindmaps and take blank papers for mindmap. Had assembly on tomorrow's Mass Flag Day(?). Muhammad and Azhar were very funny. Azhar said his hand pain.

Went up kept pushing Bushy to Mingwei sia lah Mingwei damn tall lor.. One head taller than me, my god. Then that ahpok keep molest people, haha. Chinese for 10min and Ms Dai gave me my present, with Bushy, Kristie, Leslie, Laiheng, Huilun, Weihao, Jordan etc.

Mrs Tay's one hour lesson for those who didn't go remedial. Took up the graph books. She scolded me again for the curve I drew, which was very funny actually, because I got the points wrong.. Went detention with Cherlyn & Kristie but Mr. Govin said it's ok. Went canteen drink blueberry juice so nice. Back to classroom, did math and mindmap. Out to Mama shop and bought STRAWBERRY POCKY=)

Came back, and saw Mingwei twice when walking up the.. Mingweiway T.T (some people won't know what I'm saying) Went staff room. Tingting came. She didn't want to train and she didn't bring her bat, but Mrs Yan said she had one to lend her, and she wasn't happy about that hahaha!

Chatted with Ms Joyce Lim, Cherlyn left and followed by Tingting, and ended up spending around 45min thereabout with Ms Lim with Kristie. Talked about a lot of things and laughed and laughed. Ms Lim confiscated Shinan's phone and put it in a ziplock bag because they said the phone was expensive.

She said the "group" of 2i1 guys are really playful, Eleazar Cheeyuan Jianyuan are people who won't make our lessons boring, wanting to join slacking CCAs like photography or ELDDS (hahaha!) and when that day she entered 2i1 and Javan said that Ms Junaidah(?) said Ms Lim wanted to teach her class on pornography(?). Javan seemed to be really interested!

Ms Lim left at 6pm and we went around the hall and waited for Cherlyn and Tingting. NCC cadets were downstairs then KRISTIE kept laughing hahahahahaha. Saw Mrs Tay and rushed to give her my book. Ok, so she began to start to nag at me again, blah. "YOu had 4hours from 2 - 6 and you only did so little? Still rest! Then one day say, oh class, yesterday I had meeting then I came back at 7 and I needed to -sarcastically- rest, so I cannot hand in your books on time."

She continued the same thing over and over, finally saying, "I think I should see your parents these few days, and tell them how busy you are (cause I wrote her essay for her why I "always hand up books late"). This is Singapore, not a jungle." Then like story telling like that repeat the story again -.- Lmao. Then returned me my card and I actually told her that I'll hand up all my work punctually from now onwards.

Penguin's white face stood out among the NCC cadets. I think I saw the Keith guy. No offence, but his name doesn't fit hiM. Saw Summary and Hippo! Tingting came out at 7pm and started complaining about the new coach, hahaha. SHe went off first because pok and geek wanted to run around school. Omg...

Eleazar also ran. Came back and sweat le lor.. Zzz.. Stayed for another half an hour with pok, geek, Alfred, Ianchow, that weird guy and Eleazar, until 7.30pm. Alfred told me they were whispering something really dumb during their training and he said Chuanheng knows me. -.-

Lol, I said he has a big ass and Ian heard it as pig ass! He says it's better with pig ass than big ass. Pok say he no ass! Thanks Kristie for the Pink Dolphin xD Left school. Eleazar ate the sweets Ms Dai gave me and went to bubble tea shop. Krispok and Ianchow went dating (heh) and I went home with Cherlyn. Bought a pao, she bought siew mai. Went bus stop, and crossed back to the kopitiam to buy another pao. Lol!

Bus came in time. Home.

Spain won 3-0. GERMANY MUST WIN THE FINALS I DON'T CARE. Flag Day tomorrow at Clementi. HOpe tomorrow would turn out fine...

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