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Germany rocks.

Spain won Germany yesterday 1-0. Then people like Cold, Allan, Cheeyuan, Eleazar and Darren were like Spain won Spain won... I reached school ahpok was like," Eh your horse lose leh." Lmao! Si Cheeyuan also there happy, as if his hippo very good like that..

Frankly speaking, Torres's performance yesterday was really fantastic. YOu could tell that he really wanted to score a goal and he kept on trying and trying until he could achieve his target. Of course lah, he Liverpool one ma~ (Liverpool rocks. Even Hippo agrees)

But, seriously, even if Spain did win the Euro Cup, it doesn't mean that Germany sucks. In every competition, there would be a losing and a winning team. This time, it's Spain who's the one who won and Germany who lost. But I don't see why the hell do some people think that Germany sucks, just because of this.

Please, you don't judge people just by watching them play one single match of misery, just by the final score which made Spain the champions and Germans the runner-ups, or just because other people says so and you just want to be like part of it or something like that, so you'll feel good supporting a team which won and saying the losing team sucks.

Just think. How would you feel if you were the ones up there in the fields, representing your country, with millions of fans at the stadium and around the world watching your each and every move, and with such an immense pressure to win and urge to grab the Cup in your hands (please don't think sick)?

Who doesn't want fame and glory? Who doesn't want to be the champions? Who would feel good when they lost? Perhaps they might think that they had deserved it, but Failure would make you carry a heavy load in your heart, and give you a sinking type of feeling.

And this goes especially to Ballack, who has kept losing in many finals. Just go read more newspapers if you don't know what I'm saying. It's good to have loads of silver medals in your trophy cabinet, but wouldn't you want to at least earn a gold medal? Don't forget, Ballack also shed blood for his team earlier this morning during the match.

It's hard to be able to come all the way to the finals. Then, lose in the end. You wouldn't be able to understand the kind of feeling they have because you aren't the person standing in the fields, getting ready for the match which would determine what people would think of them, who are the winning team and the losing team, and what the newspaper would say the next day.

I don't mean Spain doesn't deserve the Cup. Come to think of it, I feel that they have really worked together as a team and they really deserved this, after 44years of waiting. But, I think that Germany had gave it all their best. Even if they failed to win this time, there is always a tomorrow.

They still stand a chance to win in the World Cup 2 years later or the next Euro Cup 4 years later, just like anybody else.

And even though Spain won, Germany is still the best in my eyes.
Junhao sucks. Jiao bin.

Podolski and Zidane rocks.

(PS. Two people told me Klose kena lj, then they sounded super happy... Lol!)

Today was boring..

Mrs Tay keeps diao-ing me and I don't like it. Went Safra and shot nines and tens=) Not wearing gloves seems better..

Tired. Two more days.

I'm happy as long as I get to talk to you, although not as much as the last time=)...

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