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Today was nice..

Waited for Soksan and Christine at the platform and saw Yeowyong and Jarald (I just realised that's how you spell his name), and then Darryl came. Saw Vivian, but she looked really angry over something so I didn't say hello to her. Went into the train after that and found Christine and Soksan.

After we took the train and bus and got down, saw Yeowyong they all. They walked to Safra and what's more in such a hot weather.. Went to 7-11 buy some stuff and that moron Soksan made my food drop when she was trying to open her umbrella and she was laughing away some more.. Lol.

Went to LAN in the arcade and played 2h. So not lag and I was so happy. First time play audi until so hiong lor.. But keep dc so waste my den when I played battle party lor.. Then our hands turned really cold and cannot play anymore so we went back.

The NCC people were there already. We waited until 5+ or something and went to take our rifles in the room where the NCC people shot. Saw alot of classmates then very happy, lol. Then when I went into the room..

Penguin: Eh? Cheowyi?
Cheeyuan: Uh? Is that cheowyi? What you doing here?
Zhiyong: -laugh laugh laugh- (as usual)
Hazairi: -stares-
Me: Hello hello! -smiles very happily-

Lol.. Then we went to take our jackets. Drank Junyuan's drink then had a bit of stomach ache while shooting.. Lol. And that Cheeyuan called my name, giving that cheeyuan-trademark-look and pointed to that 'kind hearted person'. Lolol haha.

Worn jackets and started shooting. Shot a good number of bullseyes but also quite a few of 8 marks only. So ok lor.. Kept rifles around 7.45pm at the NCC room there(keep forgetting what it's called). Lol, very malu lor... Cannot say..

Kept the jackets and everything and was about to go when Christine wanted to call someone or something, and the NCC people were exiting the place. Lol, Lam Junyuan talk so much.. Smack him.. Went out behind them. Soksan was suggesting their bus tompang us back school.. The lady teacher and NCC senior heard and said they don't mind because there's alot of space in the bus..

We wanted to take but Christine said that her brother was waiting for her at Yewtee MRT and that it would take her a longer time if we took the bus back to school.. So we sacrificed the bus trip (with her Noppadol there also lor) because she didn't want us to pangseh her and took bus and train home.. So nice hor, Christine Cheah Yoke Theng:)..

Mr Botak Bryan used the kindhearted person's phone and sent funny things when we were on the way home on train.. Lol.. On the way home so sian until cannot sian already.. and very nice of you to call and talk crap until I reach home lah ok kind hearted person.. But uncle, I not auntie ok..

Lol, thank you Kenny =)=)

Reached home and after bathing, my cousins & their parents came for fun. Haha..

I guess that's all..

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