Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Drum rolls =)

The clouds today were blurry, but pretty =)

HOw I wish I could be like the clouds, soaring in the giant paint of blue sky, watching over all the little humans on Earth. I would have no troubles & worries, because all I have to do is float under the golden hues of the brilliant sun and just relax. I would have no pain, because I believe you wouldn't be there to make me shed tears.

If I did, I would turn into a gloomy dark grey, and drops of water will fall. Pitter patter, pitter patter. Some would be little droplets, whereas some would be huge drops of heavy tears coming down. If the situation worsens, bolts of lightning and sounds of thunder would be seen and heard. Crack. Boom.

But, when everything is over, it ends. It all ends. Just like all the love I've been giving you. One day, it might end, just like how quickly the tears stop flowing out. One day, I might just give up and stop this shit once and for all.

One day, I might start hating you as much as how I hate liars, especially those who say they like you when they don't(!!!!!!) mean what they say. It might seem funny to prank people. But it isn't funny to cheat people's feelings or playing around with love.

Love is not a toy for you to play with and then throw aside when you're done with it.

shouts: What is the meaning of this.

Today was quite a fun day.

Morning assembly was better. Geog for the first period. Science after that, no Mr Chan. Then ME. Nisa's group presented first, followed by my group - Me, Jordan, Cherlyn, Wei Hao, Jolene. We did about the chindians. Seriously, there isn't much information about them.

Ate the chocolate tarts. Burst the plastic bag in front of Jeron for fun and he went after me. Lol, crazy guy. English after recess. Did some summary thing and got our tickets for Cultural Night tomorrow. Jeslynn in charge. Did some comprehension for Chinese. So difficult ok. Don't know what the hell they were saying. Got 14/50 for the stupid cheng yu test. Jolene got full marks. Grr.

Math after that. One period lor, but Mrs Tay made us stay till 2. Went to find Jayda, Christine and Joell afterwards. The 2i6 people were also there. Went to range and Molehill and Hui En were there, lol. Shot a while and bao qiang (hold rifle for 10min).

Went to play volleyball - Jayda and Joelly, outside hall. Krispok was also there. Lol, everyone got hyper there. Krispok hit my butt until baluku le lor. Molehill keep laughing, running here & there and stepping on my shoes. I threw some rag at her and it got stuck on a something between second and third floor.

Watched the drummers play the drums. Ahhhhh, so cool! But yesterday's rhythm was nicer. Also saw badminton and table tennis people train. Played badminton with Joelly and the dumbdumb Elycia with Jaymaine and Sandra's rackets a while and after hearing a bit more drumming, went home.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow. God, don't disappoint me.

PS: I'm not some Chao Yi Mee or whatever ok. Don't listen to that Lee Fong King.

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