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Cultural Night.

Speech Day and Cultural Night yesterday.

Met up with Tingting. Saw Jiaying and Ziqi. Went to library and then KFC to meet Jeslynn. Ate and talked about ghost stories. Scary lor. Then went to Dover by MRT around 3 plus and reached 330. Were supposed to meet everyone there at 340. Emelia (MOLI:D), Dennis, Azhar and Jeron were there already.

Waited until like 355 for everyone and went in. That Trenna was there to tell us where to sit, hahaha. Krispok ushered us there. In front was 2i1 and behind us was 2i3.

(2i1) ...
(2i2) Azhar - Jian Yuan - Ziqi - Jia Ying - Sally - ...
(2i2) Jeron - Me - Ting Ting - ...
(2i3) Zexun - Chun Rong - ...

We sat around like that lah, forgot already. First up was Speech Day, the Prize Giving Ceremony. Boring lor. Jeron, Zexun & Chun Rong irritating like shit. Ting ting was in a bad mood. Then Zexun passed me his phone twice and wanted a phone number, but I went to pass it down, haha. In the end, he took my phone and passed it down.

During the two hours break, went to Clementi with Tingting, Jeslynn, Sarah, Eleazar and Hui Lun and ate at a Japanese place right beside KFC because KFC was packed. Some Sumo-house thing. Ordered grilled chicken meal, very nice you know =) Then some person called and wanted me to help the pig *laughs* pay when I was enjoying dinner.

Haha, Eleazar ate like some primary school kid. Sarah seemed quite angry. The tea was super. Eleazar ate all the oranges and his mouth was stuffed with them. Took MRT back and met Ziqi because she wanted me to wear home clothes with her. It was very nice of me to listen to her =) Sarah also changed.

So for that night, Ziqi was my boyfriend and I was her girlfriend =) Gosh.

Went to the aditorium place (or whatever it is) and sat at the third row from the back. Felt so malu when Li Yan, Bao Hui, Glenn they all saw me, because I didn't want to change. Didn't get a clear view from the back, especially when Jolene called me today and told me Ming Wei was dancing during the finale! It would have given me a good, good laugh if I were sitting in front.

Sally - Jiaying - Sarah - Jeslynn - Hui Lun - Me - Ziqi - Ting Ting - Cherlyn

Cultural Night was more interesting. There was band (could see a tiny Jordan with a bald top), CO, Chinese & Malay dances, Wushu and some more I think. But in front of Ziqi and I were Shawn (Sarah's bro), the Cuteboy person, this brown shirt tiny guy and his friends. They were super noisy and it was really distracting, though they were quite funny lah.

Break in between. Some pig/fish/lion didn't buy coke for me right, good.

When everything was gonna end, there was the coolest part - NCC DRUMS =) Ziqi and I were screaming our lungs out. They really should let girls join. After the finale, went to find Dai Lao Shi to pass her the test Cherlyn did, but she had went back school already so passed to Mr Teo. LOL!

Took bus 185. Initially going for supper but went home instead. Got down at the market stop with Cherlyn and Aizhen also got down. Waved bye to her and Ziqi. It was already 10 plus and I didn't dare walk home so took bus for only two stops and Cherlyn walked home nearby.

Update pictures soon, unless I don't feel like doing so.

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