Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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When was love supposed to make you cry?
I look to the heavens and ask them why.
But they don’t whisper a single phrase
And I’m left wandering in a daze.
I thought it was love, but it couldn’t be
Because there is just too much hurt inside of me.
When was love supposed to hurt so much?
Wasn’t it all about yearning for their touch?
Instead I fear of what you might say
I think about the possibilities every day.
I just get this feeling that it will come crashing to an end
It’s a feeling that seems to grow stronger when I see you again.
Is it just me or is the distance growing between us
Getting larger without the safety of our trust?
It isn’t fair because certain words just make cry
I try to just let the words slip by
But some keep replaying in my mind.
And each time I hear them the feeling gets worst
And I’m struck with the notion I am under a curse.
Was I ever meant to be loved by somebody who will care?
Or am I just an object to be used since I’m there?
I wish these questions could be answered, but they never will
Love is something I wish I could just kill.
Because it hurts too much to hold on with all my might
Thinking you may be with somebody else tonight.
And it tears at my heart and eats me from within
Why did I have to make you more than a friend?
Was I an idiot to think it could work?
I feel it since I feel like dirt.
I felt like there was something, like I was the one
But surely the lies were still here to come.
And one after one, they cut at my heart
Until it was broken and torn apart.
How much pain can a person take?
Fell in love with nothing but a fake.
A person I wanted and made perfect in my mind
But this isn’t a love that could ever be mine.
I should have never believed the words that were said
Or the dreams and the desires that danced in my head.
What would you call this? A game of pain?
A game that is not a romantic dance in the rain.
Instead you are struck with the cold hand of reality
And everything that you wanted is nothing but a fantasy
That could never become true because this is how it goes
This is the story that everyone knows.
When was love supposed to be so confusing?
Filling you with hatred and abusing
People taken advantage of your tender heart
Until you have no idea where you wish to start.
I just want to run and cry when I hear what might be
And I know deep down inside that broken down girl is going to be me.

You asked questions repeatedly just to find out the conclusion. When you've realised what you think is true was true, you ignore everything and treat it as if nothing has happened.
You lied to me & pretended to be nice, just to make me let the cat out of the bag.

Who are you fooling.



8:18 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.