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Another boring day.

Reading period and I don't like Jordan. Spoil people's mood. Went to com lab during PW and went down to general office to return the remote cause teacher told me to. Geog after that. Ate the nice chocolate tarts for recess =)

Went to the Aesthetics room for Speech & Drama for English. Quite fun, actually.

Me: Hi.
You: Hello.
Me: Do you know what time it is?
You: No.
Me: Don't you have a watch?
You: No.
Me: What did you do last night?
You: What?!
Me: I said, what did you do last night?
You: Nothing.
Me: Nothing?
You: Nothing!
Me: I'm sorry I asked.

Something like that. I did with Kristie. Azhar is good in acting and singing.
But I didn't like it when Chee Yuan had to go up and I had to do the shit with him while the others were like Cy & Cy. The gay man lah! And stupid grandma Koh Jiaying, I'm gonna kill you tomorrow >:(

Chinese was ok. Drew spongebob as my flag for the guo qi thing =) Lee Fong Pok was like,"Guess what I ate today for recess? Chao yi mi!" during literature. Or whatever it's spelt as. He laugh so funny one...

Shooting after school. Cherlyn went up to range too. She thought Sweden was the captain. Haha. And the stupid Hui En lost her phone on Sunday. Orbi =) But hope she'll find it or get a new one soon ba.

I was really, really happy for once today when I saw your sms. I was like thinking, finally, a time when I didn't have to start a conversation to communicate with you. But it turned out to be asking for a girl's number, and it wasn't the first time.

Fuck, I feel lke such a loser. I just tolerated the pain and gave you the number. I don't know why it hurt so much, but it just did, ok.

Alfred was asking me today why in the world did I fall for that guy when there are so many others. I couldn't answer his question, because I did not know the answer...

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