Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Lao Di, don't feel depressed. I don't know what else to say, but you should forget the bad things, put them behind you and start anew. And you can feel free to sing to me whenever you want, hahaha:D You know what I mean. Cheer up =)

Science test was easy. But I made mistakes already.. And why is it that we seem to have Mrs Tay's lessons everytime lor wtf. Nag nag nag. Every shit also come out of her mouth. She's quite nice, but I really hate today's math lesson. Damn her lah.

PE was ok, played volleyball. Eleazar came and butt in and when I hit the ball high, he tried to hit it again but the ball bounced to the grass (school field), he accidentally stepped on it and fell. Lol! Recess, went photocopying worksheets for chinese filing with Bushy. Bang Guo and Zexun runrunrun, and I ended up with my photocopied worksheets crumpled and a sore right eye.

English was after recess. So shiok, Mr Yeo everytime absent cos or reservice or some crap. Collected science books and brought down to the staff room with Bushy. Talked with Mr supernice Chan and saw Lee Fong Pok and 一大利. Fong Pok so kpo and 一大利 wore red again.. zzz. Or was it pink. Her specs red, attire red, handbag red, face turn red when coughing, become one big red ang bao. -.-

And I have something to say...
I was !@#$%&*(? shocked when teacher called my name. My mouth was so open lor. Half the class failed chinese =( 2i2, let's JIAYOU:D and hi-5, koh3 jiaying. Hahaha. And I wanted Lsa lor.. Knn lah the school what shit bonding.. Just a nice word for 'no lsa today, stay in class to rot'.

Went to bubble tea shop with Bushy, Sarah and Nisa, then to pasar malam, then pei Sarah back to bubble tea shop again to buy cheese fries and Bushy and Nisa left for home. Met Hui En and Christine on the way and Jeslynn was on her way to find Sarah. ALl of us went to bubble tea shop.

Jonathan Looi Cheong Loong, you suck. I'm not a fish and I'm not short (at least I think I used to be taller than you during primary school days, ok!). And I don't go blub blub, idiot:) Hui En and Christine were telling me about their class and everything, LOL! Their broken chairs and Andrew Pang & Jun Yuan's retarded faces. Lolol! And we were talking about Lee Fong Pok's big belly (his button gonna burst out one fine day) and 一大利.

Jeslynn and Sarah continued eating and we left after that. Caught the bus and went home.

(And fyi, I'm really glad I passed chinese xD)

I don't want to keep thinking of you already =(

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