Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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It's the first day of Term 3!
Annoyed!@#$^%. But I don't really like blogger. So WP will do.

- - -

Lives are treasures; Fragile yet so precious.
A Legend is gone too soon…
Dance above the clouds in Heaven.
Rip mj.

9:51 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.

Something boring...

Hi I think I suck.
But nevermind, I will improve.
God will give me the strength.
All the way.

7:00 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.


2:06 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.


Tmr is JJ's birthday so...


(in advance)

For the meantime,

I love JJ and Podolski and Joshua.
And my love.


5:54 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.

Where is the love.

In Ikea.

On the bus.

In school.

Picture of the day/week.






9:39 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.

The world is beautiful, but has a disease called man.

Happy birthday bro. =)
End end end of the exams today! =)

Wl my ezlink at Govind there again. So sian.. A math results is going to be (imitates Mrs Tay's voice) atrocious, but nothing I can do abt it.. The rest of the results are like.. Aiya.

Aft school went Az's house, Haji Lane, Bugis Junction, Town, my house, JP.

Haji was quite interesting. Aizhen was having a large crave for Bugis Junction. Being the Long John lover, I obviously had a different view but again, being the very nice person I am, which you don't have to be shy to admit, I decided to go along with her decision. Hahaha. Just kidding! It was self-entertainment.

Came home w/ Aizhen, Cherlyn, Bush to celebrate my brother's birthday. Cut the Mango-flavoured ice cream cake. I haven't tasted it yet. I'm going to get myself one slice later. Speaking about birthdays, Happy Birthday also to Tanjunhao and Boontiang!! =) Boontiang's reaction was so cute today. Tanjunhao was embarrassed and decided not to have his bra. Haha. Haha. So Yingkiat suggested getting him boxers, which is such a great idea indeed! =)

Went to JP afterwards with Aizhen, Bush. She went around looking for a suitable belt while Aizhen and I rushed to catch for our movie. A bit late alrd actually. Watched Marley and Me. Omg (imitates richietherich) superduperguperhuperjuperkuperluper nice!! I seriously feel like watching it again but the thing is that I alrd know the story so I would know what they'll be showing. Ok like duh..

So that's the end. Took some pictures. Tmr will be going Ikea and Town with Cherlyn, Ziqi, . Sunday will be going Malaysia to celebrate my Grandfather's birthday!! Everybody will be there lah so fun can!! Finally get to see my niece also!!! =) Monday going Kbox with the so-called Almighty (HAHA) etcetera and Tuesday to Pizza Hut with Soksan before heading to Safra! (Comp coming liao how..) If possible I want to go Leslie's Condo to see him play soccer with CYWOO, Eleazar, Nickson, maybe Jeron! Super~

Omg I just realised I'm like repeating myself to someone by asking him/her the same thing. All Richietherich's fault cos I'm talking to her in MSN and she's distracting me with her nonsense!! HAHA. Geek is a noob! Like Sarah! =) Come my house take the hamster cage and foods and bath sand lah jiki, HAHA! =)

So many other things I want to say but all cannot say open one.
Haiyo, I no money liao lah.. So sad leh.. =( *Hint to 2ic. HAHA.


Outside 3S1,
Yingkiat: Why you give me this?
Me: Cos look like you ma.
(Tanjunhao and a few others laughed)
Tjh: 等一下, 等一下...
(Removes Yingkiat's specs and compares the toy and Yingkiat's face by putting it beside his face)
(Tjh starts laughing at the thing he did himself and everybody else followed laughing).

HAHA. So funny lah that time I find. Especially the look on Yingkiat's face!! Then the Haziq go extra again want show off his nipple.

During Recess,
Haziq: Hello Shitting!
Haziq: Hello China!

HAHAHAHAHA. This one was super funny. Of course you have to be there to know what it was like. Ask Sarah. Actually is a bit funny only lo!! Then because I was looking at Haziq's face, thinking of what he said, looking at Shi Ting and Cheena's faces, thinking of what he said, looking at Sarah laugh, thinking of what he said. HAHA.

Seeyou. =)

10:29 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.


Happy birthday to everyone! =)
2nd: RIP hamster. =(((
3rd: Huini.
4th: Sabrina.
5th: Vishaki. Emelia.
8th: Lizheng.
12th: Char Maine.
14th: Keefoong. Isa. Jolene Lee.
22nd: Kenneth Teo.
23rd: Jiaxin.
27th: Danielle.

4th: Yijin. Tingting (PEPS).
6th: Brother. Tanjunhao. Boontiang. Peixuan.
8th: Grandfather =) Joelly. Nickson.
9th: Magdalene.
10th: Elycia.
12th: Roujuan.
13th: Yiling.
14th: Vivna. Chinyee. Rachel Tan.
15th: Dwight.
16th: Peihan.
20th: Cheryl.
22nd: Sarah. Trenna.
27th: JJ =)) Bingxun. Gekluan.
28th: Joanne Leung.
30th: Mr Paul Chandra.
31st: Cherlyn Wong!! =)=)=)


10:24 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.

My heart is a ceaseless sermon of loneliness.

3S3, P.E. TOMORROW. Please remember to bring P.E. attire.
Physics paper was quite ok. Actually all the papers so far are all "quite ok" to me, but the results will turn out to be "not ok at all". So, for a change, maybe I should say that today's paper was "not ok at all", so that it will turn out to be "quite ok". Ok ok, forget it.

I think Aik Seng squashed a beetle and cut it into half. When we went up to S5, lots of people were squealing etcetera, while Aik Seng was busy doing sth as they kind of like crowded around for a while. When they dispersed, and when I saw Aik Seng, his nose was like quite red. Don't know why I'm saying this too. Just telling you he has a red nose and according to Tingting, he cut the beetle into half.

At two there was chinese as usual and surprisingly I passed chinese and am happy, even though it was only a C5, even though the paper was said to be super easy, even though I think I'm the third lowest in class, even though I might get half of what I have now because the next paper is (again) said to be twice as hard as this.
Conclusion: This sucks.

But following that was nice. All thanks to Joel. Cos he was sitting beside me to my right, and for some reason, all my STM can recall was that Joel whispered to me something which made both of us laugh like mad, because of Jianyuan. Then he started saying about the "1, 2, 3... Laugh!" thing and I don't know why they laughed even harder, with the extra dog also. Marcus, duh. Then I took my current phone to see the reflection. I was eating Cheese Fries and wanted to check if my teeth are clean. Jianyuan saw and said that line and did that face which was x102893432985729834701 funny. I took a picture of Jianyuan and he looked so stupid also lah.


This is driving me crazy. Lololol. I just zoomed in Jianyuan's picture. Joel's going to have a great time laughing at it tomorrow.

Good luck to everyone and anyone for tomorrow's paper. I have to go and shower now cos I feel sticky. I don't like the weather. Either hot like crap or raining like siao. This would make me turn on the air-conditional and contribute to more global warming and making the Earth worse. And the Great Depression II thing is ... hopeless.

Speaking of siao, I don't like it when Joel says "Siao siao!".
And I need money. A lot more. Think I'm behaving more like Mr. Krabbs alrd.
Red bull works. Bye.

"I dropped a tear,
into the ocean.
The day you find it,
is the day I will stop missing you."


A DISGUSTING STORY. (of Mhmd Haziq bin Hassan).
When Bush and I went up to 3S1 today, we were happily talking about this topic to Yingkiat and Tanjunhao who were seated at the back door. That was when Haziq shouted "Cheowyi!", I looked towards him, and guess what he did... Omg..
Z. I want to faint again.. It's no wonder why Noppadol says he has black nipples.. I want to - alrd.. Lol.. That reminds me when Cheeyuan showed me his curly armpit hair. Omg, my mind is not pure anymore. LOL!
And the guy who showed me his nipples had just updated his bloody blog. At least he apologised to his loyal reader! BYE.

I love/miss 2I2. A lot more than you think you know.

Last note:
I asked someone to update his blog. He said it was sudden. I think so too. Why ah.
Nevermind. I'll just go study/revise for A Math now.
Bye. Serious this time.

7:05 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.

Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.

Today had Physics lesson at AVA Room with 3S5! =) Sat beside Pok! Azhar was with Dongpong! The person who semms to love chinese alot. Thanks for 40$ =) I keep seeing that cute Fat Wong aka Pui Liu Liu everywhr! He's so funny lah.
And Leslie was super cute during recess! Ask that Koh3 Almighty whatever. HAHA. =)

Ms Chan: Children may be fun to play with but it won't be the same if you had your own children. Quite troublesome. You'd rather play with your nephew.
After a few seconds..
Wenqi: Cher, then you name your children "Nephew" lah. Then you can play with "Nephew" already.
Slow reaction..
Ms Chan's looks were ?!?!?! and ZZZZZ mixed together and she slapped her face.
Ms Chan: Oh my goddddddd... You're so lameeeeeee....

Got back results.. Don't want to talk abt it alrd.. Also super angry with some of the people from class td.. Z...
Aft school supposingly 6hrs detention but simply carried one table up to the library w/ Bushy's help of course, lol! =)
(editted)Actually also received help from Junyuan, Bangguo, Jonathan. (Take note: It's "received" ah, not "asked for". So cannot blame me =) ) The sec 2s had to carry more! Esp that guy! HAHA. Just realised Chuanyi is also TCY... Omgg. But there are many other CYs, like Cheeyuan(!) and Cherylyeow(!) and Chanyee(..) HAHA. =) Chanyee the loser.

Library w/ Bush to find Ting, Geek, Ziqi, Azhar.
Red Bull tastes like alcohol with Apple Juice. Chhkk.
Someone likes Yam Bubble Tea too! =) Bye.

P/S (Marcus didn't bring the nail clipper yesterday. And he brought the wrong nail clipper today. The nail clipper obviously costs more than 20c ok! And if you're wondering why he eats peach, it's because of Marcus Lee CHI TAO. =) Sue him uh..)
You can refer to the previous post if you don't know what nail clipper I'm referring to.

5:05 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.

Nail Clipper Contract.

I wrote a Nail Clipper Contract to Marcus who seemed to have tore it alrd because he didn't accept the terms and conditions. These are the following letters and they (Marcus, Joel, Eleazar) were the ones who wanted me to continue writing using that God knows what crap Fedup Delivery. So, there.
Thank you to Bushy and her scanner. Haha! =)


To Nehneh!
I don't know why I couldn't tag at your blog, but i kept refreshing and still couldn't work, so you better read this hor!!
I think I know what are the problems you're facing, at least an 80% of it. Cos I was with you that time ma! Don't have to care what others (mainly that boob person) said!! They are just a load full of crap. You lead your life for yourself, for God, not for the B.P. (boob person) and any other people. So you don't let your mood get affected by them ok! At least you try!
And if you didn't belong to 3S1, you wouldn't be there in the first place alrd! Since you're there, it proves that you're actually capable and you're thinking a bit too much! You know the XX teacher who said "mei qian tu mei qian tu" HAHAHA. Next time just remember XX's face and you will get yourself going to having the potential of achieving higher and better results!! You can do it really!! =)
Conclusion don't be so sad anymore! Can find the other nice person with the same sirname as you if you still find that you have that problem ok! You should know who I mean! =) Go go supernehneh!! HAHA. JOSHUA WILL BE BEHIND YOU ALL THE WAY! JIAYOU! =)

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9:25 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.

Meant the world.

Everybody, listen to this song. For the sake of listening, ok..

你终于说出口 其实你早就已经不爱我
为什么要低着头 你知道这玩笑骗不到我
可是这不是玩笑 是要逃避你离开我的理由
我还能做什么 你已经不爱我
我一直都爱着你 难道这还不够
我还要做什么 你才不离开我
我终于也说出口 其实很爱你但从没认真说过
或许是我的错 太在乎你却只放在心中
不要问我为什么 因为爱你这就是我的理由

我还能做什么 你已经不爱我
我一直都爱着你 难道这还不够
我还要做什么 你才不离开我

没什么需要被原谅 我笑的有些牵强
我不想看你那么累 多希望再给我机会
再搂着我的手 握住的只是风
还能做什么 你已经不爱我
我一直都爱着你 难道这还不够
我还要做什么 你才不离开我

If this isn't the exact feeling I'm having now,
then I don't know what it is ...


8:32 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.


So today was another nice nice day =)

I was late again with Jialiang who supposingly has 4 and 1/2 hours detention! The Sec 2 prefect keep having her eye on me what the hell. So walked from the muddy field to the front porch and just went up lor. Also nobody saw. Except Valencia HAHA.

Frankly speaking, Chem was seriously quite easy! At least easier than most people expected. So too bad for those who studied until 2AM and got an easy paper! HAHA. I didn't say who arh~ But I didn't mention anything about thinking I'll get good results, just saying it was easy.

Recess Bushy and I kept laughing at everyone we see. So funny lah!! Eg. Yingkiat's no spectacles (and Wenhui smiling cos we kept looking at Yk). And the 臭面(Chou Mian) we were eating and the 臭 Auntie selling the 臭 Foods and washing all her 臭面s. So funny. Lol. So funny. HAHA. So funny. So funny. Very funny.

And next when we were ont the way up to S5, we saw some noob guy jumping up the stairs and landing with the frog legs. So funny. The pokpok arh hopeless one, go take Shi Ting's foolscap cos she thought it was mine! Jiayou tmr arh Tiong!! =) Returned to class and had English. Sian sia. Lousy marks..

That was the time when I asked Marcus about MY nail clipper. So I made a contract. Apparently, they losers (Joel, Marcus, Eleazar) lost it, but I still have the other letters. Which I'm supposed to scan, but thanks to the printer cum scanner cum whatever which wants me to do God knows what to the right cartridge!! So I shall just wait for my father to solve the problem.

No chinese today. WAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHAA. So happy. =) Actually had 5 periods of Math lo, but heng arh! Around four but quite slack. Haha! So nice. Mr Fong (sian) came for the CCA Councillor thing and Mok and I went out. I'm Logistics (the noob one) and Sonia's Discipline/Welfare. Damn nice name lah! Our SECRETARY also think so hor. HAHA. =) Cheeyuan, Leslie, Jordan and Yeowyong are all CCA Councillors too!! Our camp coming. Cool! =)

Aft school went detention. That noob Marcus lah. Instead of 1hour detention with two GOOD FRIENDS (me and bush! HAHA), he'd rather go join, though 1/2 an hour, all the students of 3S6 in their classroom!! I won't mind but there are so many people there! Including that ducky Derek Pot YM who wants an octopus pet! Lol! So funny lah! =)

Went IMM with the all-time nerd! HAHA. HAHA. BYE, to the noob jiki! =)
No he can't read my poker face~

6:07 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.

No more chemistry between.

Stayed back, forgot what we did in class and went to watch them play basketball. Then at 630PM stopped playing and Shinan and Peihan went back school take shower. Lol so funny. Jiaying and I went back tgt and Yinjh called. He & Eleazar came and Ph called for bubble tea. So we bought and NCC people were dismissed so they went thr too while Yin & Eleazar played bball/cards @ coffee shop. Haziq was the noisiest at the bubble tea shop. Then Cheeyuan did the weird xD face again. Lol. Asked Tanjh sth and ...
Night class at 7PM. Shiok. I like. Aft class went to eat dinner w/ Ruxin, Sn, Ph, Wenqi, Joel, Marcus, Jk, Yj. Lol. Listening to everybody gossip. Super funny. Took 157 w/ Rx, Joel, Marcus and stopped at this bus stop with Joel and Marcus who was very funny. Reached home 1130PM. Z.

Was rly rly bad..
Aft school went Starbucks with Nehneh and Az. John Ng came aft that w/ his nice eyes. Haha! Aft studying, went to City Harvest w/ Neh. Phangwy was thr. Danying was super crazy. Dunno her lah she haha! That day's Emerge was on school. Aft everything, ate dinner at the hawker and went home.

The cca councillor meeting. Y(square) was and is very nice.

English and SS tests were ok. At least I finished them. Lol. Aft classes went bubble tea thr. Then suddenly rained like bangsai. Z. Sarah used the plastic thing cover me and just when I wanted to say "Nvm take it off I cannot (really) see in this.", some nooby pushed me and I started running lo. Behind me was Laoren, Jy, Mae, Az, Sarah, Leow, etc. I forgot. Came back for chinese.

Mr Chan told me sth aft PE. It made me think things through.. Maybe _______ ... Recess went up again to S5! =) Aft school stayed back for remedial. A bit of slack. Very fun =) Esp. the Junkai and Yeejun thing. Lololol! Bush lo, itchy hand.. Cheeyuan called but having remedial. So end le call him back, and he told me some things. Lol..

Today went service w/ Neh and Jieyi. Drama was quite nice. Aft that Jy roughly taught us chem. Came home w/ Neh to revise. Laughed alot. Haha.

Wenqi: Then cher if I homosexual how arh?
Raymond Loh: Then you will have your own side.
So, Raymond Loh started to draw a BOYS column, a GIRLS column and a WENQI column.
Raymond Loh: Ok, any volunteers? Actually you don't have to volunteer yourself, you can point at another person and like the rest points to the same person... (starts pointing frantically at Eleazar)
Raymond Loh: And I will choose my favourite singer for representing the girls. (so lame can!?)
Eleazar got up proudly and went to represent the BOYS and Celine represented GIRLS.
Wenqi: Cher, I represent Wenqi!
Gets up with the "I-am-so-dashing" look written all over his face 24/7 and walks toward the whiteboard.
Wenqi: Wenqi, I will not disappoint you!!!

Nokia 5800 come out liao lo~~
Dongpong buying me bag! Nice right!
Meeting Sly in the holidays I think! So loooooooooooooong..
Anyway, I hate you done finish final fullstop end.
Bye bye byeeeeeee to sarah! =)

9:31 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.

Flipping through the pages of a book.

If time should make a change,
then why don't I feel the same?

I was looking through my October archives, and realised how much I really still miss 2I2 and am still not getting used to the new environment now, also not mentioning friendships & relationships et cetera which will only make things worse..
Things would never be the same and I should get a grip on myself and not let the past dwell upon me.. Looking back isn't helping much, but it does prove to me how much love there was in the past two years.. I'm glad to acknowledge the fact and happy to know that. =))

This was the post on 22/10 previously dedicated to 2I2'08, lovely class to the max. =)
Also added beside their names, the classes they are in this year..

Hanging on a question mark on the things you think you have taken for granted. Everybody has taken things for granted, be it in affairs of love, religion, politics, or business. For me, I admit deep down that I have taken my class 2I2 for granted.

For the past year, I've always thought that 2I2 is the weirdest class of the whole level with weird people like Dennis, Guanliang and Laiheng who behave in weird ways and do weird things such as sitting in a sexy manner, picking nose and with eyes which widen until they are about to pop out, respectively.

But as time goes by thse two years, I realised what fun it is to be with 2I2. From the weirdest class I've found to the most out-going and bubbly class of all, despite the many quarrels and arguements everytime.

1. Alfred. (3S2)
Alfred is like this happy and act-cute(!) guy. He always has this habit of saying "Oeiiiiiii~" in such a way that people like Eleazar(11) would start following occasionally and tease Alfred who will give that face. Haha. But Alfred will be super low sometimes and will stop being his happy self. And I hate it when he turns angry, because he will flare like a lion. But when he's himself, sometimes when I'm feeling down, he'd come pull a chair around my table and say "CHEOWPOK! Why so emo?! Come I talk to you!" Haha. And even if he didn't manage to cheer me up, I'm glad he was there for me.
Thank you Alfred for being such a super friend. =)

2. Azhar.
His will be second last~ xD

3. Cherlyn.
Hers will be last~ xD

4. Zei Kei. (3S3)
ZiQi is very nice can! Though I don't talk to her anything about relationships, but we'd (Cherlyn, Pokpok, me) always be commenting on those three ahemahems and teachers during recess over a plate of Baka fish and a cup of Grass Jelly =) ZiQi has a good sense of humour and though her jokes may be cold and lame sometimes, I'd still laugh at them becos it's just very lame and that is what makes it funny. HAHA. And though Mrs Tay doesn't recognise her improvement, she has made an improvement and Chin Zei Kei, don't get sad over it ok! You must keep it up! =) One more thing is that I find her very good at housework and cooking all those, and I guess I have to learn to be more like her becos I don't even know
Thank you ZiQi for being such a fun and outgoing friend =)

5. Mae. (3S3)
Mae is, I find, another someone who is very funny. HAHA. Like for example, during PE lessons, she, me and a few others without a proper attire would start walking around the field, or normally we'd be playing games or sitting at the bench at the corner of the field where, hopefully, Mr Chan won't see us there. Mae would be complaining about the field and everything, in a manner which I don't know how to say but she makes her words really funny. Haha. I remember last year when I'd visit her house frequently after school and we'd be studying geography, then going JP and walking around.
Thank you Mae for being such a nice friend =)

6. Zhi Yong. (3S2)
Zhi Yong would be the first person I'd think of whenever English classes needed the pupils to do a Summary. HAHAHA. Another speciality(!) he has is that he'd go up to do some presentation and start laughing and laughing and laughing. Haha, everytime when teacher calls Summary, 2I2 would be cheering and Cheeyuan would be shouting, "BAIK!" HAHA. That is, if you know the meaning of baik. Ask malays. Anyway, when I was selecting courses on friday, he suddenly walked towards me, looked, ahm chio and walked away. LOL.
Thank you Zhi Yong for being someone who laughs at almost anything and bring laughter to the class xD

7. Jolene. (3S3)
BUSHY~ =) She is like.. ok I don't know how to explain. Basically, although she is really siao and lame at times, and quite oftenly, but she is actually a nice person. I would remember the times we sat together and cracking silly jokes about 2I1's LMW or Yi Da Li or Laiheng(39)'s zip. Hmm, this thing about Laiheng(39)'s zip was the other version of titanic song created by Bush, Alfred and me. HAHA. I still recall what fun it was to be sitting around them. Yep.
Thank you Bushy for being there for me and being such a numbskull =) (HAHA. I know. Your favourite word.)

8. Sally. (3S4)
-controls laughter- Actually right, this crazy woman should be sent to the Old Folks Home. You know, LAO REN Yuan. =) Haha. Sally can be overly happy sometimes and go nutty, but sometimes she'd be screaming her lungs out and pouting vulgarities. HOHO. And I will remember that time when she just shouted for no reason out of a sudden during chinese when she was sitting around behind me while reading her, what, Twilight or something? Then that time she was day-dreaming and staring blankly at Ms Tai during her lesson and suddenly she shouted, "LAO REN!" HAHAHA. Sally, you're very funny. Sometimes, you can also hear her laughter suddenly in the middle of lessons! LOL.
Thank you Lao Ren for all the crazy joy you have spread around you. HAHA you are insane =)

9. Wei Hao. (3S2)
Mr. Peanut is a very cute and humourous guy! I admit that from last year till now, he has indeed become a more popular guy of 2I2, maybe becos of his humour and his hairstyle. HAHA. Last year till around the first half of the year, if I hadn't remembered wrongly, Weihao was the one sitting right in front of me, beside Nasuha(31). If I had anything I didn't know, obviously I'd turn to either Alfred(1) or him. AND. Not Bushy(7).. HAHA ok jk. Sometimes but I'd ask Weihao about some things and he'd explain to me so nicely.
Thank you Edward(!) for being such a super friendly guy =)

10. Dennis. (3S2)
Ok. The person I find with the weirdest behaviour, apart from Laiheng(39). At least he knows how to interact with people like Jeron(32), but Dennis is this.. solemn and quiet guy sitting in sort of like a sexy position on his chair. And he'd be day-dreaming about, maple? Last term, I sat beside him. A little horrible, I'd say. But he's not so bad, cos at least he talks, and well, yeah.
Thank you Dennis for.. I don't know, being part of the class? Hm.

11. Eleazar. (3S3)
Eleazar is... tsk. Don't know how to say. Sometimes, he's really funny and the joker of 2I2, apart from Jianyuan(14) and Cheeyuan(38). But really, sometimes I find his attitude very sucky becos he likes to give that innocent face to teachers when they scold him, which is quite irritating. Especially when he comes pestering me or start making some of his jokes which isn't funny until I cannot stand him. But despite all these, he's actually a nice guy. But that time when I was feeling really low over something, when I really felt like _________, he was there. Yeah. His phone calls really helped, although not say that much, but I am still thankful for that.
Thank you Eleazar for being there for me, although you're a bit retarded sometimes =)

12. Cheena. (3S5)
Cheena is seriously a very cute girl ok!~ Yesterday, she was cute. Today, she is cuter. Tomorrow, she will be even cuter than cuter. HAHA =) I think Cheena is super nice and helpful. She is very fun to be with and doesn't get angry easily. I only saw her angry once. And as one of the smarter pupils of class, along with her good friend Shi Ting(13!), I know I won't be in the same class as her, but still, she's a super cute girl and I hope I'd still keep in touch with her =)
Thank you Cheena for being such a helpful friend =)

13. Shi Ting. (3S5)
I LIKE GAW SHI TING! =) She rocks. I knew her since the first day of school when she was walking beside me towards the hall and started asking me where we were going. HAHA. Then, we'd sit the same bus home everyday and talk about, I don't know, anything? Yeah, she's also a super smart and nice girl whom I know will be going to a very good class with Cheena(12) and I'll really miss the good times with them.
Thank you Shi Ting for the bus rides home and being such a selfless person =)

14. Jian Yuan. (3S3)
I think Hew Jian Yuan is a chao funny guy, apart from Haziq(23). HOHOHO =) Jian Yuan is Mrs Tay's typical PSLE scholar. "A disgraceful one." She would always add. HAHA. That day, some time earlier this year, Mrs Tay actually really thought his name was Roundy becos some guy told her that in class. HAHA. And I remember Jian Yuan would always go, "Dududu~" whenever he's happy. And HJY has a very xing gan (sexy) ass. I have the picture, but I won't be posting now. And I have a possibility of going to the same class as him next year. Haha.
Thank you Jian Yuan for your jokes xD

15. Guan Liang. (3S5)
Hoho, another weird guy. At the beginning of the last year, this Penguin is actually quite popular becos everybody thinks he's cute. Actually I have found him just a bit cute at the start of last yaer, until he became some moniter or assisstant-moniter and he was very boastful. His head would be like tied to an invisible string so that it could only look up, and his stomach would be bulging out. Hm. But now, he's better, at least not that bad.
Thank you for, lol, being part of the class also?

16. Ian. (3S1)
IAN TAN ROCKS! =) He is a super special guy, cos if you just look at him like that or don't know him very well, you will think that he is actually a very quiet and dao guy. But actually, he is NOT. Especially when he laughs hard, it'll show you his whole real self. HAHA, then he thinks his table tennis is good.. Only know how to shed skin, haha. Tan tan is very nice. I told him to buy some expensive things for my present and he actually bought! And it's the dancing spongebob and patrick also, and they can communicate with each other. You can feed them too, HOHO =) Haven't bought his present so holiday going out with him buy! If there is anything I don't know, I'll either call up Jordan(34), Azhar(2), Shi Ting(13), or him. He'll explain clearly and it's really funny to see him confused when he himself doesn't know how to do the question! He loves reading lao fu zi and saying, "^_^ Hello!" HAHA. Kristie(37) will be laughing at this. At the first half of the year, Ian really helped a lot for geography revision, although my results aren't good still. But still, very brotherly of him.
Thank you Yang Da for everything =)

17. Jeslynn.
Hers will be 3rd last~ xD

18. Jocelyne. (3S3)
Jocelyne is very quiet and I don't know her well, although in the same class for two years. At first, I thought she was someone very dao and snub but actually, I find her quite ok overall. THe most I said to her is like, bye~ all those. And she'll smile a little. Haha.
Thank you Jocelyne for I don't know but I hope she will come out of the wherever one day. As in, you know, don't coop herself up inside and explore the outside world instead. Dunno how say.

19. Jiaying. (3S3)
TODAY IS JIAYING'S BIRTHDAY LEH~~ xD I remember spending the day with Jiaying during the memorable time at the Science Centre, going to Vivo that day with her, Sarah, Jeslynn, Ziqi, Cherlyn, Mae; walking around malls and shopping centres with nothing better to do, or simply going crazy over just about anything and doing lame things such as laughing at each other over nothing and doing silly actions and stuff like that. Although there was this period of time where something happened and we fell apart, and that now we're not that close anymore although in the same class, I still cherish the thoughts I had with her during the happy days. Seriously. Though now we hardly talk to each other anymore, I hope we won't turn into strangers or anything becos I really think that Jiaying is some special person, although she does scold vulgarities and stuff like that, but still, I think she's nice. Yeah.
Ok, this is long. Haha =)
Thank you Jiaying for the wonderful times and hope that everything will be fine next time xD

20. Leslie. (3S5)
HAHAHHAA. AH WANG. I was wondering when I'd get to here. Hm, ok. First thing's first. Until now, I still don't know whether Leslie's on the 'good' side or the 'bad' side. Good = (can't believe I'm saying this) Jeron(32), Laiheng(39), Zhiyong(6). Bad = Eleazar(11), Cheeyuan(38), Jianyuan(14). HAHA. Even Ms Tai says that. Actually, Leslie is in between, but his studies are definitely on the good side, bcos it's so good that I think his class position might even be top 10. But still, he always hangs with Eleazar and Cheeyuan, and also Jeron, and always go saying, "Pi arh~ or Qu si lah~" and will start smiling and laughing like cute. And one thing about him I like is that he never gets angry and always laughs at everything and anything. And even though Eleazar(11) always repeat that sentence I always say (below), I still have to say it cos it's true.
Ah wang (really) rocks.
Thank you Lai Boonhao(!) for being such a cute guy and making me happy with your cuteness, HAHA. =)

21. Jiayi. (3S4)
Jiayi is very XING GAN OK xD Is Ms Tai say one (again) ok! HAHA. That day during the whatever costume day she wore a very sexy qi pao to school and HOHO that's why she's xing gan and instead of calling herself that, she actually calls ME that. Haha, you crazy. And that time Cheeyuan was doing a head count last week for no good reason, he counted every person as ONE but counted this Xing Gan as A HALF. HAHAHA. I was laughing like fk. Told Jiayi that, she also laughed hor! Means I laugh also nvm ^^
Thank you Jiayi for being such a super cute friend! MUST Always be xing gan ok xD

22. Hazairi. (3S2)
Previously, I thought that Hazairi was another one of those quiet people. But now, he has like changed for the better, that is what I think lah. Cause now, I feel that he's someone who is more outgoing and fun instead of last time where he always critised me and I didn't like that ok! And one more thing is that he used to be a little short but now he's so tall and skinny that makes me so jealous! Pooh.
Thank you Hazairi for being, what Cherlyn always say, COOL xD

23. Haziq. (3S1)
HAZIQ!!! Someone I don't love k! HAHA. I remember the first day of school when I was sitting by myself and Laiheng and Haziq sat behind me. Laiheng wanted to move up but Haziq said, "Eh don't lah. You want sit with her meh?" I glared at him and he shut up. Hahaha! I bet he forgot already cos it was the starting and like, two years ago =( Two years already, haiz. Nvm, back to the topic. These two years, I find Haziq a super funny super funny very very funny guy~ REALLY. Although there are many people I know, Haziq might be the funniest guy out of all. HAHAHA. He has so many uncountable jokes (which are mostly lame) which he said before that I cannot recall and obviously won't say out here cos I'll be writing a thousand and one things here! Or more maybe. But anyway, people normally have three wishes and Haziq has three favourite things he love (no link).
1. He loves to blow. (LIKE DUH, who dunno xD)
2. He loves Azhar. (I love Azhar but not as much as he loves him xD)
3. He loves being squeezed in between girls of different sizes (I just found out recently, as recent as just now morning HAHA. Different sizes is he ownself say one, see the previous post ^^)
Omg, Haziq why your one so long? I hate you man.
(One more thing. Haziq loves watching Porn, just like... nvm...) =(
Thank you Haziq for all your funny and of course lame jokes through these two years and it's very sad that I won't be able to hear them the following two years but still, HAHA. xD STAY FUNNY AND BLOW ALWAYS. PLEASE DO HANG THE BLOWJOB SIGN AT YOUR TOILET. I'LL GET ANOTHER FOR YOU AS A BIRTHDAY PRESENT NEXT YEAR. WOOHOO =)

24. Nadin. (3S5)
I'm not close with Nadin also actually, but frankly speaking, I find her friendly most of the time and she'll always be smiling with glee everytime I smile at her and we'll end up laughing, HAHA =) Sometimes when I see her really angry I get a bit scared cos her angry is that kind of very angry, HAHA =) NADIN!! Must cool down ok! Although mostly I'll be seeing her as crazy as JIAXIN! ^^
Thank you Nadin for anything =)

25. Jiaxin. (3S2)
Mai siao siao. Jiaxin is a very siao zhabor and everytime she'll crack lame jokes, although sometimes, they ARE funny. HAHAHA =) I find her character very fun bcos she's full of laughter and laughter is good. Moreover, Aizhen and I found out that laughter helps lose calories! That's why AZ wants to laugh xD HAHA ok jk lah scot's poop. Back to Jiaxin. Haha. But sometimes, I can see that she is really really down and I think it might be relationship problems which I usually don't intend to ask. But whatever it is, Jiaxin, must always stay strong ok! CHEER UP! =)
Thank you Jiaxin for your joy and please stay happy everyday and bring more joy to the world~~ =)

26. Diyanah. (3S5)
This year did I started to know her better when I sat beside her. Actually, I didn't know she was so funny and I thought she is ANOTHER one of those quiet person and I found it rather weird. But now, I know that she's a very happy happy person, except sometimes and I don't think she should feel like that bcos I like her being HAPPY~ =) We share many common interests, such as LIVERPOOL! SOCCER! And BEING LAME! xD HAHAHAHHA. ALthough she is OBVIOUSLY more lame than me and I bet she knows that, right, Nur Diyanah?! xD Don't start denying, like that dumb Haziq. HAHAHA =)
THank you DIyanah for the fun times we shared and hope we can still be lame together and not drift apart ok xD DAVID~ HAHA.

27. Emelia. (3S4)
Woah, I HATE Emelia you know! She hor, not come late, then is don't come school one. HAHA. But apart of that, I love her too~~~ xD HAHA. Emelia is a super cute person. Another cute one lah hahahaa! Especially when she criticises people or teachers she dislikes or hates, then she will become VERY, VERY, VERY FUNNY CAN! I CANNOT STAND HER MAN. Last time, I thought she is ANOTHER QUIET PERSON, maybe cos I don't know everybody and I assume everyone's quiet ^^ But she is very cute and I'm so glad to have her as a friend can! I hope you don't transfer school ok! Cos I will miss you alot and you better not disappoint me or I will really hate you ok! =) And your studies aren't bad, your math is good and don't think so much k!
THank you Emelia for being so wonderful and cute! DON'T TRANSFER OR I'll KILL YOU.
Bang bang. HAHA. Who's dead? YOU! x) (I kope your line!!)

28. Huilun. (3S5)
EEEEE. Actually right, I think this Ong Hui Lun is a quite nice guy, except that he has many many flaws like being MOST LAME out of all the lame people in class, thinking that he's very cool, laughing at his own jokes, copying people and laugh after them, repeating their joke lines, and acting cool some more! But overall, I know he's a nice guy, just don't give that qian bian/da/zhou face can already~
His nickname COSHLY was originated from Eleazar and Cheeyuan, and it has become so worldwide famous that Mr Ng even pronounces language as the COSHLY manner during History lesson! HAHAHA. =)
Thank you Huilun for being lame, cos without your lameness, our class wouldn't laugh so much too, and there will have been no Coshly originated ^^ K, jk lah =)

29. Sarah. (3S2)
OH. I just realised Sarah's after Coshly. Hm.
Ok. Sarah. HAHA. She is a very siao siao and sometimes cute boygirl. Or girlboy. Either one. Most of the time, she is even more crazy than Jiaxin and sometimes very scary ok! She's a hamster lover and I just went to see her hamsters just now today and I saw her "carpet". Chey lah, I thought that particular Carpet Hamster was the log I saw in her hamster cage! Around, say, 10cm approximately? HAHA. And dunno why she's fated to stand with Bangalahs, like today, in the MRT. Ask Bushy lah, haha! Though she hates flying things like butterflies and birds, I have a hunch she'd still love to go to the zoo like last year when me, she, Kristie and Jeslynn went into the butterfly place! HAHAHA.
One more thing. SHe has developed a recent craving for M e n _ _ _ _ _ _ Pehnehdols. HAHA. Ok, it's Panadols. Jolene pronounce wrongly~ xD
THank you Sarah for being so crazy! And for the times you helped me in my studies when we used to go to the library to study =)

30. Aishah. (3S1)
I don't know alot about Aishah, I know Kristie knows her ABB better, hahaha, but still, I just know that AIshah's another another another cute girl and her results are super good! She's very clever ok! HAHA =) ANd one more is that she's another person who would start smiling when I smile at her and both will start laughing. LOL. Sometimes.
Thank you Aishah for anything xD

31. Nasuha. (3S5)
Ok, Nasuha I don't know her well more than I don't know Aishah well. I just know she has a frail and weak body. Lol. I find her a bit weird sometimes, but I still remember when she sat with Weihao, and when nobody knows how to do anything, I will approach her for the answer if she knew and she did know and had much patience in teaching me! I was so touched k =)
Thank you Nasuha =)

32. Jeron. (3S2)
Cherlyn! =) Ok, paiseh. Today right, Jeron was sibei keesiao during the safe sex thing, don't know why. He moved up to sit behind me while he, me, Alfred and Jordan formed a group, we were given a question card thingy and Jeron was like, "HAHAHA. Cheowyi! You suffer from HIV right! I know~ HAHAHAHA." And today also, he just kept lauhing at ANYTHING. LOL. And that time when I saw him taking the french curve as an elephant nose, I was laughing. LOL. Although sometimes I don't say really like him, but come to think of it, he is rather nice actually, and also that time when he talked alot in MSN. LOL. If not why Geek will like him leh? =)
Thank you Jeron for I don't know what =)

33. Nisa. (3S1)
I don't know Nisa well also. HAHA. Actually ok ok lah, but I don't have much to say about her. I know her Art is really very fascinating sometimes, and I really admire her for that k! Especially when I saw her report book, and she topped the class with her magnificent, excellent, wonderful, blah blah very good results xD HAHA. This SOYJOY girl is a very cute bear bear sometimes, that is, if she doesn't get angry ^^
Thank you Nisa for the happy times and your happy character is very nice so stay cheerful and bearbear always, ok? =)

34. Jordan. (3S1)
HAHAHA. Hate him. This cheapo.
Jordan is always sitting behind me during lessons asking teachers about how to do this and how to do that. Ok. I'm supposed to write something good about him here so I had better not criticise the cheapskate guy xD But seriously, I think Jordan's attitude towards his studies is the correct way bcos he knows how to speak up and clarify boldly with anything he doesn't know, instead of shutting up and not finding out what you don't know. Besides this, he is always a happy happy guy and his jokes are very lame especially when he does ridiculous things frequently with the blower Haziq, the mighty mighty Azhar and when he was sitting beside Cheeyuan during the first half of the year. Two crap people sitting beside each other, so nothing surprising, HAHAHA =) And everyday, he'd be claiming I owe him what two KFC meals, what blue pen refiller, what 6B pencil, and what 30 cents for spoiling his dunno what. HAHA, you still owe me a nail clipper with a nice filer ok! After you dirtied mine, I was very angry at that time and didn't talk to him and he actually asked if he could buy me one to repay for the scratches and marks he did on mine! HAHA. Super funny, lucky I controlled my laughter. HAHAHA. And then during morning assemblies or just anytime in class when he's bored when sitting behind me, he'll start singing ABC songs, or Baa Baa Black Sheep, or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, whatever, you name it! ANd also, at different tunes! HAHAHA. But so sad next year won't have him sitting behind me with all his rubbish... I will really miss them =(
Thank you Jordan for everything, all those fun times, and hope you won't kill me after reading this, ok? Good friend lah k xD

35. Cheowyi. (3S3)

36. Tingting. (3S5)
SCREAMS. ANOTHER ONE I LOVE SO MUCH HAHAHA. I LOVE TEOTINGPOK becos of her everyday rubbish which often cheers me up! Whenever I start thinking of ... I'll give her a sian sian tone and drone, "Tingting... I very sad leh.." THen she will most probably say, "Why?!?! Don't sad lah!" THen she will start her jokes and everything, very funny lah HAHA! That day few weeks ago she was shopping with her Mum at Bugis and she smsed me cos she hated shopping for clothes and wanted to chat. HAHA. NEH ARH. YOU VERY FUNNY SIO. xD And since we both will be in different classes next year, I'll miss the times sitting beside her in the parade square, being caught by Ms Tai for talking so much (usually is her I think I hope I assume xD), laughing at stupid things with Jordan and Nisa, listening with Nisa and Jeron about Jordan singing zao sia during National Anthem and School Song. HAHAHA. SUPER FUNNY. Tingting, the book I promised you I'd buy from Borders, I WILL CERTAINLY BUY K! You holiday come with me go buy lah, cos I found the Borders card le! You choose any book you like xD I will really really miss Ting ting alot, sigh.
Thank you Triple T for those happy happy memories which I won't forget and hope we'll still keep in touch ok! xD TTT!

37. Kristie. (3S5)
Kristie is a siao zha bor. Haha. Actually alot of people might find her like some very bossy bitch, or a stuck up ass, but actually there's more than just that to her xD HAHA. She has a super sense of humour, and goes laughing like keesiao whenever she sees Wei Lain, Khushni or the girl from (class) who always shakes her head when she talks. HAHAHA. Then Kristie would start shaking her head and moving her hands like what Ms Tai did that day. LOL, bookshop. Then she always talk about her best friend KJR or country ICCY or DT (not doctor tan) who spelt sprain ankle as spring angle. Then when she laugh, she's supposed to laugh HEE HEE HEE. Cos her mother says so and it looks unglam if she and her sister laughed HAHAHAHAHHAA then like crazy woman like that. What's worse is that now she goes HAHAHAHHEEHEEHEEHAHAHA. Then she will add in crazy and dumb actions like the indian movement and say that Deepavali is coming. HAHAHA. Lame shit~
Thank you Kristie for everything and trying to cheer me up sometimes, when I feel sad, by doing all your these stupid and funny things xD Walk like a MODELL always and must keep in touch ok!!! POK POK I LOVE YOU =)))

38. Cheeyuan. (3S4)
Don't know why Cheeyuan nowadays sick leh =( Very sad sia. Miss his crap and everything. Hopefully he'll turn up tomorrow ^^
Ok. CHeeyuan is usually the noisiest joker in the class, apart from his good clown friends Eleazar Sng Zhen Hao and Hew Jian Yuan! =) He will start singing things like, "Your mother~" or "I will survive~" or "You've got me begging you for mercy!" And he'll sing ridiculous but nice raps and doing hand actions. Cannot stand it when he shows his armpit hair, buay tahan LOL. And everytime I see him in bus 187, after my shooting and his NCC, in the NCC uniform, he'll give that smirky face and do that tongue thing at his cheek. LOL I don't know how to explain. Actually, Cheeyuan is another very nice guy and if he isn't so flirt, he'll be even nicer. HAHAHA xD Everyday talking about Kaiyan~ He'll sometimes go like, "Don't cry lah." And think it's very funny. LOL. I was merely SAD. That was all =) He has improved alot in his studies and that's good! =)
Thank you CHeeyuan for everything and hope that next year will go same class as him and so that can hear his crap again everyday! Get well! =)

39. Laiheng. (3S5)
Laiheng is a bit weird leh actually I find him. Although I always borrow either his stapler or hole-puncher or any stationary when he was sitting behind me! He's quite nice lah, just that I find his behaviour JUST A BIT weird =) AND. That time me, Bushy, and Alfred were doing some investigation on his eyes, which can pop out one. LOL o.o HAHA. Those are not his eyes, cos his eyes are MUCH BIGGER xD And! Did I mention about the Big Zip song? I did hor xD Ask either Bush or Alfred, HAHAHA. We were laughing like fk during lessons cos it was very funny and I bet Bushy would start laughing again when she sees this k! xD
Thank you Laiheng for anything you've done =)

17. Jeslynn. (3S1)
Jeslynn is the craziest Nehneh xD HAHAHA btw hor. Her blog archives very cute super funny. I show you arh.
1. "Hi morning. I just came back from the pa sat [which is market in hokkien]. I smell so fishy! Age 12 liao.. Very old liao..."
2. "Maybe I should call this blog Joshua. It will be like a diary for him. I let him read when he steads with me. Good idea. Joshua my darling I love you~"
3. "Good afternoon radio listeners this is DJ Sotong taking you for this whole hour. The time now is 3.37pm on a sunny Friday afternoon."
4. "The new t-shirt i bought from jp. Nice rite! Only $6 lehx. I m the Queen!"
5. "Currently at Macdonals having breakfast. Just finished checking in four LUGGUAGES."
HAHAHAHAHA. Just go her blog archives see see and you will see le. HAHAHA very cute hor. Especially got one of her picture VERY BEAUTIFUL but then she lah don't want let me put as my dp xD Btw, her mother is very cute. HAHAHAHHHA =)
Jeslynn is someone who speaks her mind up. Talking to her about personal issues is good cos she doesn't really let them out and is just like a listening ear. And one more thing about her is that she doesn't get angry easily. She will either give you sian face or not is that she will just laugh when releasing her anger, like how she did when saying about _____. HAHAHA. Hopefully _____ won't make her so angry le.
JESLYNN. Hope you will try to stay strong everytime and don't think too much about those things! Remember what Mrs Soh has said and must believe in God and yourself ok! =))

2. Azhar. (3S5)
Azhar is someone who never gets angry. At least I have only seen him get really angry once, but despite that just one time, he is always this very cute and happy guy who bounces around while shuffling his feet and his blubber-y stomach will shake and I will go "hahaha" and box this tummy. HAHA. It's been like something I'd do daily whenever I see him like that. And that day when I was waiting for Jeslynn(17), I was lonely and everybody has left but Azhar had to stay and do some science filing. When he could leave, I told him to please stay cos I was damn bored and he really waited for like until say 4+ with me, like in class just doing nothing. HAHA. Will miss the times with him. Azhar you're so cute! =)
Thank you Azhar for being such a cute friend. Love your fats, they cheer me up! Fish out of water!~ =)

3. Cherlyn. (3S3)
Cherlyn is a very special girl. HOHO. Stop it Cherlyn, I know you're laughing again =) Actually, she's a bit gullible and innocent, and would always help people and wait for them, unless she has something on and couldn't make it. Though at times, or maybe 75% of the time, she'd be late for meet-ups and she has a habit of being so slow. But at least she's trying to change, right Geek? xD I admire her cos actually she'd be sad about either _____ or _____ or _____ (it's always these three), but she will still put on a happy front, and throw out all her troubles at her blog. At least many times she share her pain and sadness with me and I think that instead of bottling her feelings inside her, saying it out to a GOOD FRIEND LIKE ME (xD) would be like better than keeping it inside. It's not good for the body. She's someone who's paranoid at times, but at least she can be optimistic. If I'd get into a different class as her next year, it'd be a very sad thing. Though we may be in touch but perhaps not as close as before so I hope I'd get into the same course as her next year and continue my rubbish with her. Very long uh this. Geek, are you pleased? HOHO Merry Christmas!
Thank you Cherlyn for anything and everything you've done and sorry for the times when I'm in a bad mood where I'd be like very rude or something. Love you Geek, but I don't think I do as much as you love him xD
P.S. Don't think too much about it =)))

=) ..


5:37 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.

The best mirror is an old friend.

"A friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walk out and is there for you when he'd rather be anywhere else."
In kindergarten your idea of a good friend was the person who let you have the red crayon when all that was left was the ugly black one.

In first grade your idea of a good friend was the person who went to the bathroom with you and held your hand as you walked through the scary halls.

In second grade your idea of a good friend was the person who helped you stand up to the class bully.

In third grade your idea of a good friend was the person who shared their lunch with you when you forgot yours on the bus.

In fourth grade your idea of a good friend was the person who was willing to switch square dancing partners in gym so you wouldn't have to be stuck do-si-do-ing with the dork of the class.

In fifth grade your idea of a friend was the person who saved a seat on the back of the bus for you.

In sixth grade your idea of a friend was the person who went up to your new crush, and asked them to dance with you, so that if they said no you wouldn't have to be embarrassed.

In seventh grade your idea of a friend was the person who let you copy the social studies homework from the night before that you had forgotten about.

In eighth grade your idea of a good friend was the person who helped you pack up your stuffed animals and old baseball cards so that your room would be a "high schooler's" room, but didn't laugh at you when you finished and broke out into tears.

In ninth grade your idea of a good friend was the person who went with you to that "cool" party thrown by a senior so you wouldn't wind up being the only freshman there.

In tenth grade your idea of a good friend was the person who changed their schedule so you would have someone to sit with at lunch.

In eleventh grade your idea of a good friend was the person who
gave you rides in their new car,
convinced your parents that you shouldn't be grounded,
consoled you when you broke up with your significant other
and found you a date to the prom.

In twelfth grade your idea of a good friend was the person who
helped you pick out a college,
assured you that you would get into that college,
helped you deal with your parents who were having a hard time adjusting to the idea of letting you go.

At graduation your idea of a good friend was the person who was crying on the inside but managed the biggest smile one could give as they congratulated you.

The summer after twelfth grade your idea of a good friend was the person who
Helped you clean up from that party.
Helped you sneak out of the house when you just couldn't deal with your parents.
Assured you that now that your significant other were back together, you could make it through anything.
Helped you pack up for college and just silently hugged you as you looked through blurry eyes at 18 years of memories you were leaving behind.
And finally on those last days of childhood, went out of their way to come over and send you off with a hug, a lot of memories and reassurance that you would make it in college as well as you had these past 18 years.
But most importantly sent you off to college knowing you were loved.

Now, your idea of a good friend is still the person who
Gives you the better of the two choices.
Holds your hand when you're scared.
Helps you fight off those who try to take advantage of you.
Thinks of you at times when you are not there.
Reminds you of what you have forgotten.
Helps you put the past behind you but understands when you need to hold on to it a little longer.
Stays with you so that you have confidence.
Goes out of their way to make time for you.
Helps you clear up your mistakes.
Helps you deal with pressure from others.
Smiles for you when they are sad.
Helps you become a better person.
However most importantly loves you!

Author Unknown (Credits: Brosia)

Neglecting your old friends,
Losing your close friends,
For the sake of making new ones.
Drifting apart slowly,
Without agnizing.

Is that really what you want? ..


7:33 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.

Hope is a waking dream.

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.
-Albert Einstein

  • I've learned that it's not what you have in your life, but whom you have in your life that counts.
  • I've learned that we are responsible for what we do, no matter how we feel.
  • I've learned that just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have.
  • I've learned that either you control your attitude or it controls you.
  • I've learned that it isn't always enough to be forgiven by others. Sometimes you have to learn to forgive yourself.
  • I've learned that just because two people argue, it doesn't mean they don't love each other. And, just because they don't argue, it doesn't mean they do.
  • I've learned that no matter how much you care some people just don't care back.
  • I've learned that it takes years to build up trust, and only seconds to destroy it.
  • I've learned that no matter how bad your heart is broken,
    the world doesn't stop for your grief.
  • I've learned that you cannot make someone love you. All you can do is be someone who can be loved.
    The rest is up to them.


    Happy birthday Jinfei don't act blur.
    Today was good. Going to study the chinese words alrd.

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    9:37 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.

    Happy rainbow.

    I just saw a beautiful rainbow. =)


    Nokia 5800 might be quite a bit expensive when it comes out. =(
    Going to buy new phone lo. Yay... Hahaha. =)

    6:50 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.

    Everyone knows you're happy like that.

    First thing, I hate getting up early (especially on school days). Secondly, you'll have to squeeze squeeze squeeze with everybody in the bus. Thirdly, sometimes there'd be some rude people who don't know their manners or who just push and push you aside just to get their way out of the bus. Fourthly, the bus jerks.
    One more thing. If you were a little bit clumsy, you'll end up like Susan Lim Hui En! Ask her what she did! HAHA. Ok fine .. LOL. =)

    So I got to school late again. What the hell can. (you're supposed to say can) And there were around round up thirty or so people late too. Now my ezlink card and spongebob purse thing which Ziqi gave are with Mr Govin and who would go for four hours detention. Ask that Dongpong get he also say all the cards with Govin. (And I was only how many minutes late today. This means improvement which calls for a praise.)

    Humanities was by chance a shade more interesting today (can't you tell that I'm trying to improve in my English). Time spent in S5 during recess seemed shorter than usual. =( Kristie Tiong is the retardedest. Lol! =) Then someone hor don't know how to give me $ right, ytd still promise! Hor hor..
    And I love Leslie Lai! =) Jiaying don't snatch arh! Leslie shi ni jiao de arh?! =)

    Returned Javan his card and he kept saying how nice he was. And yesterday he dreamt of his card having negative 14c left (now there's actually negative 30c left) and Pok said she dreamt of me! =) But didn't finish telling her sth and her finishing her dream cause Ms Tan came already.. See see today go S5 so short lah! =(

    Chem was a bit fun and what the hell my face looks even more horrible in this years class photo than the usual horrible. Get it? Yea nevermind. Junhao looks like a monster and Ziqi said she looks like she's wearing a helmet! Haha! I think Wenqi's face is the nicest lah =) Audric also, face also not there!

    Math remedial cancelled and postponed. Assembly was hot. Lol! Ask the people who did not turn on the fans on the right side. Trying to burn us right. Jonathan wanted my star, I hate him cos I don't have it here now. Kill him. Noob jiki Sarah even worse arh. Laugh at nothing and blame others for stomach cramps. Hope your hamsters tmr all run all over your house.

    Went to Mac after school and saw Cheeyuan on the way! =) Actually ok lor today see him a few times le, and yesterday talking to him for a while after school at the back door though I've forgotten what it was about. I want that Wong Zi Cun in my classsss! =(

    Saw that Chiki and 走 L etc. after that. Chiki is the sound Marcus makes when he makes a sarcastic comment (where he does almost at the end of every sentence). Then don't know why I did that to him and 走 L started imitating and laughing. Think I do until too kua zhang that's why. Yingkiat the best lah hor.. Hit some more lah. And orh sai and Mokky came after that.

    Common tests tomorrow already. I hope everybody does well. I hope Aizhen does well. I hope Haziq does well. I hope Ziqi does well. I hope Dongpong does well. I hope Nehneh does well. I hope the whole of 2I2 does well. =) I hope I do well. I hope he does well..
    Z. Bye..

    5:21 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.

    No fate is worse than a life without a love.

    (MIDI version)

    This song brings me back a lot of the past memories, three years ago, when I had to forget my first love... Maybe it'll give me enough courage to forget the second one...

    Reached school late because didnt feel really well and went the other way because security wouldn't see and coincidentally, a truck drove in when I came. I missed the Mr Phor speech, isn't that nice. Lots of people started to say Good Morning to me when I got in class; brilliant way to start the morning. Lol. Saw this in The Straits Times when we were reading during English period.

    Taurus: "Someone close to you seems to be trying to provoke you with madness, but it is just a difference of opinion. His weirdness is not for you and you do not have to deal with it for long."
    Easy to say maybe. Lol.

    Went up to S5 during recess and Azhar didn't come. Hai. Haziq was telling us about what he and Sweden did to Jordan during lesson and he falling onto the floor. Back to boring lessons after that. Z. After school had cca councillor meeting for half an hour. When everybody left, decision made was Peihan and Ginkuan as the Chairperson and Aizhen, Sonia and I as the Secretary. I don't like having the "Assistant" word in front. Lol.

    I didn't see Sarah and Derek; didn't talk to Cheeyuan today. =( Sigh. Bye.

    Cowards die many times before their deaths;
    The valiant never taste of death but once.
    Of all the wonders that I yet have heard,
    It seems to me most strange that men should fear;
    Seeing that death, a necessary end,
    Will come when it will come.
    - William Shakespeare

    8:39 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.


    My mood is as happy as the above song this moment becos of..
  • Aizhen! (My dear)
  • Hairul! (Dong pong/mormor chandra gupta bala khrisna!@#$%)
  • Cheeyuan! (Hippo/KY)
  • Sarah! (Byeee/Noob jiki)
  • Jolene! (Numbskull)
  • Derek! (Worwor/cock hair)
  • Huien! (Susan!)
  • Darryl! (Noodles!)

    I want to see all of them naoooooooo!!!
    That includes the cute cute Leslie Lai and Jordan/Ian Tan!!!
    And that act cute Nehneh and Pok and Geek!!!
    And the cockiest gay Haziq!!!
    K lah tmr can see le =)=)
    Ah headache very pain go slp le!
    Hope tmr will be ok..
    Byeeeeeeeeeee! (to the eeeee noob see sarah lah LOL!) =)

    11:49 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.

    when things once used to be perfect

    "There is only one success - to spend your life in your own way."
    i am very very sorry..

    my mind was talking to my heart it said dont cry dont cry no matter what just dont cry i was standing there when (teacher) was discussing about (matter) yet i was thinking how you ignored me when i talked to you personally i didnt know this would be so serious i thought you were ok i thought everything was fine i thought you were still my friend i was wrong so wrong i really want to be a (position) but i want to be back as your friend more if i were to join (position) youd be angry with me i couldnt control anymore and brisked to the toilet it was lucky no one except (name) knew what happened to be then and when i got back i told (teacher) one quarter of what was troubling me my mind was whirling (teacher) told me to confirm about it by (date) i just asked you but youre not replying perhaps itll just be best if i shut my trap and though i want (position) a lot i cant possibly anger you any more because i dont have the ability to when i returned to class people were staring and (name) said i was pretening to be (action) maybe it was said just for the fun of it but you dont know how much its affecting me afterwards when i went to service and saw weiyang i approached God i asked why is this week so unproductive why do i see everybody so happy why do have you to give me so many tests perhaps its because i thought that i was strong and thought so highly of myself i felt His strength seeping into me but it was only that period of time when i could sense it sadly no i suck at everything (noun) then got angry with me and scolded why i got (place) so late i was so tired then i thought back of the other person (name) was so close to me and now were drifting apart thats cos (name) as a new target and im left here fending all the so called pain alone which everybody thinks its fake ok so it is what can you do so you think you can deal with it more than i do bring it on show what you have always relied on (name) whenever i felt sad but now hes gone forever im trying my best here but it seems useless cts are also coming in less than a week and all i remember is that ive been failing all my tests of every subject since day one competition is only a month away and i havent been proving those results i had much earlier on and never showed my presence at (place) for more than a week already i guess everything is gone for now including two of the closest friends in my life and all the standards i had how wonderful life is nobody would understand i feel like (action) i hope for one last time things would go back to normal again i pray when i look into the mirror and see someone whom i know i admire whos doing well whos not making people (adjective) anymore whos finally really truthfully happy

    i stood at the window
    looking out at the grey sky today
    as the rain started falling
    lightning started flashing
    thunder started striking
    cold wind blew across my face
    God i beg for Your mercy
    please stop doing this to me


    it used to be so fun..

    2:49 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.