Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.

Today had Physics lesson at AVA Room with 3S5! =) Sat beside Pok! Azhar was with Dongpong! The person who semms to love chinese alot. Thanks for 40$ =) I keep seeing that cute Fat Wong aka Pui Liu Liu everywhr! He's so funny lah.
And Leslie was super cute during recess! Ask that Koh3 Almighty whatever. HAHA. =)

Ms Chan: Children may be fun to play with but it won't be the same if you had your own children. Quite troublesome. You'd rather play with your nephew.
After a few seconds..
Wenqi: Cher, then you name your children "Nephew" lah. Then you can play with "Nephew" already.
Slow reaction..
Ms Chan's looks were ?!?!?! and ZZZZZ mixed together and she slapped her face.
Ms Chan: Oh my goddddddd... You're so lameeeeeee....

Got back results.. Don't want to talk abt it alrd.. Also super angry with some of the people from class td.. Z...
Aft school supposingly 6hrs detention but simply carried one table up to the library w/ Bushy's help of course, lol! =)
(editted)Actually also received help from Junyuan, Bangguo, Jonathan. (Take note: It's "received" ah, not "asked for". So cannot blame me =) ) The sec 2s had to carry more! Esp that guy! HAHA. Just realised Chuanyi is also TCY... Omgg. But there are many other CYs, like Cheeyuan(!) and Cherylyeow(!) and Chanyee(..) HAHA. =) Chanyee the loser.

Library w/ Bush to find Ting, Geek, Ziqi, Azhar.
Red Bull tastes like alcohol with Apple Juice. Chhkk.
Someone likes Yam Bubble Tea too! =) Bye.

P/S (Marcus didn't bring the nail clipper yesterday. And he brought the wrong nail clipper today. The nail clipper obviously costs more than 20c ok! And if you're wondering why he eats peach, it's because of Marcus Lee CHI TAO. =) Sue him uh..)
You can refer to the previous post if you don't know what nail clipper I'm referring to.

5:05 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.