Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Nail Clipper Contract.

I wrote a Nail Clipper Contract to Marcus who seemed to have tore it alrd because he didn't accept the terms and conditions. These are the following letters and they (Marcus, Joel, Eleazar) were the ones who wanted me to continue writing using that God knows what crap Fedup Delivery. So, there.
Thank you to Bushy and her scanner. Haha! =)


To Nehneh!
I don't know why I couldn't tag at your blog, but i kept refreshing and still couldn't work, so you better read this hor!!
I think I know what are the problems you're facing, at least an 80% of it. Cos I was with you that time ma! Don't have to care what others (mainly that boob person) said!! They are just a load full of crap. You lead your life for yourself, for God, not for the B.P. (boob person) and any other people. So you don't let your mood get affected by them ok! At least you try!
And if you didn't belong to 3S1, you wouldn't be there in the first place alrd! Since you're there, it proves that you're actually capable and you're thinking a bit too much! You know the XX teacher who said "mei qian tu mei qian tu" HAHAHA. Next time just remember XX's face and you will get yourself going to having the potential of achieving higher and better results!! You can do it really!! =)
Conclusion don't be so sad anymore! Can find the other nice person with the same sirname as you if you still find that you have that problem ok! You should know who I mean! =) Go go supernehneh!! HAHA. JOSHUA WILL BE BEHIND YOU ALL THE WAY! JIAYOU! =)

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