Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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So today was another nice nice day =)

I was late again with Jialiang who supposingly has 4 and 1/2 hours detention! The Sec 2 prefect keep having her eye on me what the hell. So walked from the muddy field to the front porch and just went up lor. Also nobody saw. Except Valencia HAHA.

Frankly speaking, Chem was seriously quite easy! At least easier than most people expected. So too bad for those who studied until 2AM and got an easy paper! HAHA. I didn't say who arh~ But I didn't mention anything about thinking I'll get good results, just saying it was easy.

Recess Bushy and I kept laughing at everyone we see. So funny lah!! Eg. Yingkiat's no spectacles (and Wenhui smiling cos we kept looking at Yk). And the 臭面(Chou Mian) we were eating and the 臭 Auntie selling the 臭 Foods and washing all her 臭面s. So funny. Lol. So funny. HAHA. So funny. So funny. Very funny.

And next when we were ont the way up to S5, we saw some noob guy jumping up the stairs and landing with the frog legs. So funny. The pokpok arh hopeless one, go take Shi Ting's foolscap cos she thought it was mine! Jiayou tmr arh Tiong!! =) Returned to class and had English. Sian sia. Lousy marks..

That was the time when I asked Marcus about MY nail clipper. So I made a contract. Apparently, they losers (Joel, Marcus, Eleazar) lost it, but I still have the other letters. Which I'm supposed to scan, but thanks to the printer cum scanner cum whatever which wants me to do God knows what to the right cartridge!! So I shall just wait for my father to solve the problem.

No chinese today. WAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHAA. So happy. =) Actually had 5 periods of Math lo, but heng arh! Around four but quite slack. Haha! So nice. Mr Fong (sian) came for the CCA Councillor thing and Mok and I went out. I'm Logistics (the noob one) and Sonia's Discipline/Welfare. Damn nice name lah! Our SECRETARY also think so hor. HAHA. =) Cheeyuan, Leslie, Jordan and Yeowyong are all CCA Councillors too!! Our camp coming. Cool! =)

Aft school went detention. That noob Marcus lah. Instead of 1hour detention with two GOOD FRIENDS (me and bush! HAHA), he'd rather go join, though 1/2 an hour, all the students of 3S6 in their classroom!! I won't mind but there are so many people there! Including that ducky Derek Pot YM who wants an octopus pet! Lol! So funny lah! =)

Went IMM with the all-time nerd! HAHA. HAHA. BYE, to the noob jiki! =)
No he can't read my poker face~

6:07 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.