Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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The world is beautiful, but has a disease called man.

Happy birthday bro. =)
End end end of the exams today! =)

Wl my ezlink at Govind there again. So sian.. A math results is going to be (imitates Mrs Tay's voice) atrocious, but nothing I can do abt it.. The rest of the results are like.. Aiya.

Aft school went Az's house, Haji Lane, Bugis Junction, Town, my house, JP.

Haji was quite interesting. Aizhen was having a large crave for Bugis Junction. Being the Long John lover, I obviously had a different view but again, being the very nice person I am, which you don't have to be shy to admit, I decided to go along with her decision. Hahaha. Just kidding! It was self-entertainment.

Came home w/ Aizhen, Cherlyn, Bush to celebrate my brother's birthday. Cut the Mango-flavoured ice cream cake. I haven't tasted it yet. I'm going to get myself one slice later. Speaking about birthdays, Happy Birthday also to Tanjunhao and Boontiang!! =) Boontiang's reaction was so cute today. Tanjunhao was embarrassed and decided not to have his bra. Haha. Haha. So Yingkiat suggested getting him boxers, which is such a great idea indeed! =)

Went to JP afterwards with Aizhen, Bush. She went around looking for a suitable belt while Aizhen and I rushed to catch for our movie. A bit late alrd actually. Watched Marley and Me. Omg (imitates richietherich) superduperguperhuperjuperkuperluper nice!! I seriously feel like watching it again but the thing is that I alrd know the story so I would know what they'll be showing. Ok like duh..

So that's the end. Took some pictures. Tmr will be going Ikea and Town with Cherlyn, Ziqi, . Sunday will be going Malaysia to celebrate my Grandfather's birthday!! Everybody will be there lah so fun can!! Finally get to see my niece also!!! =) Monday going Kbox with the so-called Almighty (HAHA) etcetera and Tuesday to Pizza Hut with Soksan before heading to Safra! (Comp coming liao how..) If possible I want to go Leslie's Condo to see him play soccer with CYWOO, Eleazar, Nickson, maybe Jeron! Super~

Omg I just realised I'm like repeating myself to someone by asking him/her the same thing. All Richietherich's fault cos I'm talking to her in MSN and she's distracting me with her nonsense!! HAHA. Geek is a noob! Like Sarah! =) Come my house take the hamster cage and foods and bath sand lah jiki, HAHA! =)

So many other things I want to say but all cannot say open one.
Haiyo, I no money liao lah.. So sad leh.. =( *Hint to 2ic. HAHA.


Outside 3S1,
Yingkiat: Why you give me this?
Me: Cos look like you ma.
(Tanjunhao and a few others laughed)
Tjh: 等一下, 等一下...
(Removes Yingkiat's specs and compares the toy and Yingkiat's face by putting it beside his face)
(Tjh starts laughing at the thing he did himself and everybody else followed laughing).

HAHA. So funny lah that time I find. Especially the look on Yingkiat's face!! Then the Haziq go extra again want show off his nipple.

During Recess,
Haziq: Hello Shitting!
Haziq: Hello China!

HAHAHAHAHA. This one was super funny. Of course you have to be there to know what it was like. Ask Sarah. Actually is a bit funny only lo!! Then because I was looking at Haziq's face, thinking of what he said, looking at Shi Ting and Cheena's faces, thinking of what he said, looking at Sarah laugh, thinking of what he said. HAHA.

Seeyou. =)

10:29 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.