Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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No more chemistry between.

Stayed back, forgot what we did in class and went to watch them play basketball. Then at 630PM stopped playing and Shinan and Peihan went back school take shower. Lol so funny. Jiaying and I went back tgt and Yinjh called. He & Eleazar came and Ph called for bubble tea. So we bought and NCC people were dismissed so they went thr too while Yin & Eleazar played bball/cards @ coffee shop. Haziq was the noisiest at the bubble tea shop. Then Cheeyuan did the weird xD face again. Lol. Asked Tanjh sth and ...
Night class at 7PM. Shiok. I like. Aft class went to eat dinner w/ Ruxin, Sn, Ph, Wenqi, Joel, Marcus, Jk, Yj. Lol. Listening to everybody gossip. Super funny. Took 157 w/ Rx, Joel, Marcus and stopped at this bus stop with Joel and Marcus who was very funny. Reached home 1130PM. Z.

Was rly rly bad..
Aft school went Starbucks with Nehneh and Az. John Ng came aft that w/ his nice eyes. Haha! Aft studying, went to City Harvest w/ Neh. Phangwy was thr. Danying was super crazy. Dunno her lah she haha! That day's Emerge was on school. Aft everything, ate dinner at the hawker and went home.

The cca councillor meeting. Y(square) was and is very nice.

English and SS tests were ok. At least I finished them. Lol. Aft classes went bubble tea thr. Then suddenly rained like bangsai. Z. Sarah used the plastic thing cover me and just when I wanted to say "Nvm take it off I cannot (really) see in this.", some nooby pushed me and I started running lo. Behind me was Laoren, Jy, Mae, Az, Sarah, Leow, etc. I forgot. Came back for chinese.

Mr Chan told me sth aft PE. It made me think things through.. Maybe _______ ... Recess went up again to S5! =) Aft school stayed back for remedial. A bit of slack. Very fun =) Esp. the Junkai and Yeejun thing. Lololol! Bush lo, itchy hand.. Cheeyuan called but having remedial. So end le call him back, and he told me some things. Lol..

Today went service w/ Neh and Jieyi. Drama was quite nice. Aft that Jy roughly taught us chem. Came home w/ Neh to revise. Laughed alot. Haha.

Wenqi: Then cher if I homosexual how arh?
Raymond Loh: Then you will have your own side.
So, Raymond Loh started to draw a BOYS column, a GIRLS column and a WENQI column.
Raymond Loh: Ok, any volunteers? Actually you don't have to volunteer yourself, you can point at another person and like the rest points to the same person... (starts pointing frantically at Eleazar)
Raymond Loh: And I will choose my favourite singer for representing the girls. (so lame can!?)
Eleazar got up proudly and went to represent the BOYS and Celine represented GIRLS.
Wenqi: Cher, I represent Wenqi!
Gets up with the "I-am-so-dashing" look written all over his face 24/7 and walks toward the whiteboard.
Wenqi: Wenqi, I will not disappoint you!!!

Nokia 5800 come out liao lo~~
Dongpong buying me bag! Nice right!
Meeting Sly in the holidays I think! So loooooooooooooong..
Anyway, I hate you done finish final fullstop end.
Bye bye byeeeeeee to sarah! =)

9:31 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.