Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Today is 14th.


Happy Valentine's Day to the whole world! There's a story behind everybody and everything, so it'll be cool to check out how St. Valentine's Day came about. Is it hard for someone to be single on Valentine's Day? Actually, you can treat it as another ordinary day, but it'll be nice if someone gave you sth. You don't have to spend the time with your boyfriend/girlfriend, because your friends will always be there for you =)

Today, it was fun overall. Slept until 130PM till Cherlyn came up to my door and pressed on the bell so many times. Bus to JEC with Ziqi, Cherlyn and her sister and headed to Vivo. Walked around and after a while, went up where the water place was. Finally found Haziq, Hairul, Noppadol and Mr Boo outside Imperial Herbal. Cheeyuan didn't go leh, cos he had tuition =( Spotted also Mr Derek Pot! =) With Kendrick, Weiyang, etc.

Then went to find Aizhen with Bryan. I saw a very pretty necklace at Diva and love the cute monkey watch at Mu-ee =( No nice movies now. Went JP and Haziq, Hairul, Mr Boo took same train!

Haziq: ACJC! (someone was wearing a shirt with ACJC on it)
Haziq: Act.. Cute..
Haziq: Jump cute!!!

Haha. Alot of funny things happened. Which reminds me of Yongxiang and his Govind jokes and how he "says back" when someone says "shui guan ni!". So funny. And the best part is...

I SAW JJ LIN TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) =) =)
(thank you thank you)
So happy leh. Rushed with them (thanks ah!) and was soooooooooo happy when I saw JJ!!! Like I can faint already. After so long I finally got to see him =) What, I like to see his face, cannot is it.

But I couldn't get a clear view of him, as in when I look. Thanks to all those people blocking when getting the signature and thanks also to the long pink banners hanging/dangling/shuishing around and thanks also also to everybody crowding around the whole JP that resulted in not seeing him properly! Sad hor =( But I saw him already, so nehmind lah =)

I want to see him again! Love JJ!!! =)
Now I owe...
Derek - chocolate
Hairul - chocolate
Sarah (the noob jiki/twoki) - sweets
Audric - (title of book) II

That's all hopefully.
Hope the whole world enjoyed today. I know Aizhen did! HAHA.
Byebye! =)


9:09 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.