Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Everyone knows you're happy like that.

First thing, I hate getting up early (especially on school days). Secondly, you'll have to squeeze squeeze squeeze with everybody in the bus. Thirdly, sometimes there'd be some rude people who don't know their manners or who just push and push you aside just to get their way out of the bus. Fourthly, the bus jerks.
One more thing. If you were a little bit clumsy, you'll end up like Susan Lim Hui En! Ask her what she did! HAHA. Ok fine .. LOL. =)

So I got to school late again. What the hell can. (you're supposed to say can) And there were around round up thirty or so people late too. Now my ezlink card and spongebob purse thing which Ziqi gave are with Mr Govin and who would go for four hours detention. Ask that Dongpong get he also say all the cards with Govin. (And I was only how many minutes late today. This means improvement which calls for a praise.)

Humanities was by chance a shade more interesting today (can't you tell that I'm trying to improve in my English). Time spent in S5 during recess seemed shorter than usual. =( Kristie Tiong is the retardedest. Lol! =) Then someone hor don't know how to give me $ right, ytd still promise! Hor hor..
And I love Leslie Lai! =) Jiaying don't snatch arh! Leslie shi ni jiao de arh?! =)

Returned Javan his card and he kept saying how nice he was. And yesterday he dreamt of his card having negative 14c left (now there's actually negative 30c left) and Pok said she dreamt of me! =) But didn't finish telling her sth and her finishing her dream cause Ms Tan came already.. See see today go S5 so short lah! =(

Chem was a bit fun and what the hell my face looks even more horrible in this years class photo than the usual horrible. Get it? Yea nevermind. Junhao looks like a monster and Ziqi said she looks like she's wearing a helmet! Haha! I think Wenqi's face is the nicest lah =) Audric also, face also not there!

Math remedial cancelled and postponed. Assembly was hot. Lol! Ask the people who did not turn on the fans on the right side. Trying to burn us right. Jonathan wanted my star, I hate him cos I don't have it here now. Kill him. Noob jiki Sarah even worse arh. Laugh at nothing and blame others for stomach cramps. Hope your hamsters tmr all run all over your house.

Went to Mac after school and saw Cheeyuan on the way! =) Actually ok lor today see him a few times le, and yesterday talking to him for a while after school at the back door though I've forgotten what it was about. I want that Wong Zi Cun in my classsss! =(

Saw that Chiki and 走 L etc. after that. Chiki is the sound Marcus makes when he makes a sarcastic comment (where he does almost at the end of every sentence). Then don't know why I did that to him and 走 L started imitating and laughing. Think I do until too kua zhang that's why. Yingkiat the best lah hor.. Hit some more lah. And orh sai and Mokky came after that.

Common tests tomorrow already. I hope everybody does well. I hope Aizhen does well. I hope Haziq does well. I hope Ziqi does well. I hope Dongpong does well. I hope Nehneh does well. I hope the whole of 2I2 does well. =) I hope I do well. I hope he does well..
Z. Bye..

5:21 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.