Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Morning didn't want to come to school but had promised to meet Bush so went lor.. Was very tired.. In the end the bus was so slow I was school on time. -.- Z. PE Leslie was very cute =) Mr Chan was talking to me about school team etc. I know people (not referring to Mr Chan) think I'm overconfident and that I must be thinking how good I am that I don't need to train anymore. Thanks alot..

Chem went to lab and went high because of Junkai. He kept saying alot of stupid stuff during pair work of the distillation/purification of salts or something. After recess, Ms Chua completely blew off her top thanks to Roundy (jianyuan). I was sitting beside Cherlyn around Yong Xiang and Kelila, who apparently thinks that I'm a weird person but hey, not true ok!

A/E Math Mr Ng allowed me to continue sitting there! Cool. Chinese ok ok and last period started having serious stomach cramps I don't know why. Some more thanks to Geek who didn't know how to eat chocolate w/o letting teacher see I had to stand (cos he was looking this direction and noticed my mouth seemed to have sth inside too) so yea very pain..

I think some people don't know how to say thank you loudly de leh!! Then pass him chocolates then act dao then in msn/sms will say "thank you thank you :)" and that I was walking away too fast wor! Wor wor wor, wor me some more lah Mr Pot! And Cheeyuan told me to watch two youtube videos on Rowan Atkinson. One is "What a load of willys!" and another is something to do with playing an invisible drum.

I will get used to this soon..
Just like how you are doing now..
I think I'm a bit mad at you..


11:34 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.