Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Thks Ha, Cy, Az, Cw, Jc, Yy, Sn, Ss..
Enjoy your stay in Taiwan and cheer up..
We'll miss you too.. =(
See you when I see you in a years' time..

Everybody please go to Haziq's blog.. He has some very cute videos of woocheeyuan.. And as a loyal reader (he said it).. I will take the initiative to advertise his blog for him..
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English period (1)
Wenqi: Ms Chua, what if you urine on the snow arh?
Ms Chua: (shocked)
Wenqi: I know already! If you urine on the snow, it will turn yellow!
Ms Chua: Yes~ And if you poo on the snow, it will turn brown!
Wenqi: No.. It will turn green. The people sick ma.
Ms Chua: Yes~ And if I were to shove a stick inside your mouth/throat, you will cough out blood, and the snow will turn red! Right?
Ms Chua: (look of this -> ...)

English period (2)
(Joel and Shinan engaged in a conversation)
After a while...
Shinan: Ms Chua, Joel tell me to stfu!
Ms Chua: Stfu?
Shinan: Yeah he tell me to shut the...
Ms Chua: Shut the fu? What is shut the fu?!?!
Wenqi: The fork up!
Ms Chua: o.o!
Wenqi: Really, it is fork!!
(After a few more speeches made by the guys, Ms Chua was convinced..)
Ms Chua: Oh well. If it is, then FORK YOU!!!

English period (3)
Ms Chua: Ok enough enough!!!
(The rest still talking)
Ms Chua: Fine then, let's analyse what's a FORK.
Marcus: Cher! Cher! Cher!
Shinan: I want a fork on the table~ (italian joke/accent)


Math period (1)
Mr Ng (YS): (knocks on whiteboard) Ok class, please look here at me, not anywhere else.
Shinan: Cher! You want us look at your where? (gives the look)
Wenqi: Orh hor... Cher...
Shinan: (stares at teacher's cock in a pervertic manner)
Mr Ng: I mean please.. At me.. Not anywhere else BELOW my waist... (arms start moving up and down around the area of his waist)
(Guys continue looking at there..)
Mr Ng: Ok ok.. I mean just look at the whiteboard.. Just anywhere but PLEASE STOP STARING AT MY !@#$%!
Mr Ng: (smiles in embarrassment and covers a bit of his below..)

Math period (2)
Mr Ng: Ok, so you just blah blah blah blah blah.. Understand?
Someone: Yes..
Wenqi: (tries to immitate teachers) Any problem?
Shaoyan: No!
Wenqi: Are you sure?
Shaoyan: Of course!
Wenqi: Confirm?
Shaoyan: Absolutely!


All these years, I've never felt so bad.
Until today.
You could have at least told me.
That I no longer had a place in your heart.
But that doesn't matter to you anyway.
Thank you for everything.
And most importantly, letting me know how feelings can change so quick.
I'm not sad.
Cos I was always a happy girl.
From the beginning.
But never had I..
1. Seen you as a bastard.
2. Changed my feelings for you.
Pursue your happiness before it disappears.
As I watch you go.
Because this year would be the greatest Valentines.

10:26 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.