Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


credits 2I2'08 FSC W350 aileen aiyin aizhen alfred allan audric azhar benchia boontiang carissa chaoxiang cheowyi cherlyn cheryl christine danying darius darren derek.P diyanah elycia emelia felicia.C felicia.T fiona hairul haisong hanbin haziq hughes huien huini humblepros ian.C ian.T jared jayda jeron jeslynn jiawei jiaxin jiayi.L jiayi(delia) jiaying jieyi jingyong jolene.L jonathan jordan joshua junyuan kelila kenny kristie liqing maungthet mayfan nickson nisa noppadol pohhui qinjiang rouyi sally.C sarah sawyi shuwuen siminLeow siminLIM siying sweden tingting.T vanessa.L vivian wenhui wuying xavier xianyun xinmei yingchong yingkiat zexun zhengxin zhihan ziqi
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People sitting at table: (U-shape)
1. Haziq.
2. Ian Tan.
3. Hazairi.
4. Jolene.
5. Cherlyn.
6. Sarah. (who was taking a picture)
7. Ziqi.
8. Me.
9. Jordan.
10. Azhar. (NO SPACE!)

You can deduce that:
1. We are skinny people xD (Jk lah..)
2. 10 people can fit at a table..
3. It is a bit cramp..
4. Everyone is hungry..?
5. We love to squeeze together.. (HAHAHAHA sounds wrong..)

Photo credits: Sarah the nice person... LOL (actually she claimed that herself one hor).

19/1 Someone hor haolian and said he got first for chemistry.. Then the Mr Ng gave 5 hours of detention which I didnt go so need go 6 hours... And during lesson some lame bird named Audric keep spamming smses a bit irritating... After school went eat sushi with Aizhen (her treat!) and then her house. She lor, talk so much!

20/1 I made the Blower angry =( And Derek said "Liuliu's fats press on his nerces of the eyes thats why keep wrong" cos Liuliu said wrong during everyday he go up talk during morning assembly.. Saw Mr Yeo finally and omg so happy.. He said many funny things and still called me "Chewy".. Dumb right.. Went JP with that stupid sista and cheesok.. Came back go range and Jiao Lian keep want me go join back NYT.. Z. AND I CAN SEE THROUGH THE WINDOW TOWARDS THE AESTHETICS ROOM.. =) To somebody I'm still waiting to register for _____ haha.. =)

21/1 Came school with Audric's chinese DONE for him but he didn't do my E and A Math.. Sian.. And Ms Chua lesson she was very angry and said that it was the first time this year she yelled at a class.. Them lor.. Hai dao ta ma mo mo ren =) After school saw Pok so stay back wait for Hazirah the kuku also.. Then Pok went le when bus came but thanks to 走 L (Joel) who wanted to go home together, missed alot of buses.. In the end he took girlfriend Ernest's car. Haha! So went home with Geek..

22/1 The bus hor I wait until damn long can.. Then the Govin dont want let me and Magdalene off.. Thanks to a friendly someone again who doesn't want to take responsibility ask the bus driver hurry.. Then during Moral Education, hid Joel and Marcus' pencil boxes but cannot find Joel's in the end tho I remembered I put in Marcus bag cos Marcus said can camouflage and he was DAMN FUNNY... LOL.. His favourite phrase, "Cher! Cher! Cher!" Photo taking very boring and went Ziqi's house make food for tmr bonding.. Aizhen keep haolian haolian about the word challenge.. LOL.. =)

23/1 The class played Captains' Ball and SPS Butt game.. They like but actually play with some of them damn sian.. Z. And went for performance and omg you want to know sth?

No offence really but besides that and the malay thing and Weihao's performance, the rest can go home sleep already... Slept at 530PM and woke up 930PM following day o.o Sleepy lah can...

24/1 Went JP with Cherlyn and her sister.. Saw Penguin.. Bought two notebooks (one vintage one w/ a pretty female caucasian toddler), a cute burger lunch box (with Geek), a black pencil case (size of Joel's pencil case, bought for him), and hairclips. I didnt have last night's dinner, proper breakfast and any lunch today and realised I can't be happy w/o satisfying my stomach..

"during the tak doom doom tak doom doom tak doom tak doom tak doom doom tak doom doom tak doom DOOM..DOOM ..DOOM"
"lols.. my armpit nice? jkjk"
"thank you thank you lols"
Yea if you knew him it'd be quite obvious who said that.. =)


3:23 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.