Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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12/1 Stayed back for decoration and went home around 7PM before going bukit batok. Darius, Weiliang, Junren, me went to buy cake and then Hughes and Amelia came. Went Linyan's block and celebrate lmao. Funny like fk. Threw the cake everywhr. Went skateboard park play. Laughed alot and walked home 9PM.
O level results released also. Glenn limpeh got 14 (and cherlyn kept laughing at him cos he said some funny things after I told him sth). Saw Chuanheng and he gave the blur look. Called him afterwards and he and Dorothy both got 11 :) Carissa got 11 and looked very happy HAHA. Sinlin got 9 sia when I called her also. She'll give me free tutoring :)

13/1 Yinjunhao's birthday went Cavana and laughed alot at TW and YK's jokes. Went Bangalah park. Yingkiat went swing first which made their dicks all very painful. Lmao. Teckwu flew out of the swing and Peihan flew until damn high. LOL. Then play a while until 730PM took bus home.

14/1 Happy birthday Linyan :)
Recess had the video taking nobody wanted to pei Yinjunhao so I went up and made myself a fool in front of the camera cos I talked lousy and didnt mention the other parts of the board like the wishes of people from different classes. And if you think whichever other class deserves the prize more than us, just tell the teacher straight at his/her face cos it's not like we're desperate over the candies and stuff. But if they aren't changing their minds, please don't fucking talk so much. How would you like it if you were in our shoes. It's getting on our nerves. Yes, I didnt mean "my", I meant "our", but mainly me. Fuck you if you continue behaving like an old auntie who doesn't know her manners. Scold me if I deserve it, but please know your limits.

15/1 Recess went S1 but no Haziq/Ian Tan/Jordan/Jeslynn. Went S5 and saw that Tan Tan. Took his specs everywhr cos this is the only way he would follow. HAHA. Fun arh bush. Thanks Ian for the milo but Lee Kong Wee caught me and Bush. Funny sia he stand there. Some more when during breaktime at 130PM he went kopitiam, he saw me and bush again bringing food back to school and nag nag nag. And we + ziqi + cherlyn told him sth "funny". LMAO LMAO. Went up S1 and the Haziq so noisy sia. LOL. Then I wanted draw sth nice for him but he pushed my hand and made me draw a dick for him instead.. Haiyo Haziq.. Then the Sweden also.

Haziq: "Don't blame me if I pangsai over hereeeee!"
Someone: "X marks the spot."
Haziq: "X marks the VAGINAAAAAAAA."

Stupid right?! Yeah that's why. So disappointed in you, Haziq. Borrowed Jordan's book for English lesson :) Passed Mdm Yee the letter when she came my class to call for someone. She said she have to discuss the NYT thing with Ms Chan SY, cos I want train in school with stupid people LOL. Nehneh, I really go tmr lah k :) And out of a possible hundred, nice Joel left ONE of the chocolate sweet thing for me.

Joel: "Nah. One more leave for you. Nice right."

LOL. He wanted to buy my shoe some more until he realised I had that shoe. HAHA. And the more me and Bush look at Marcus, the more Simpson he is. I like the way he speaks. And, love his cute guitar and pants the most, right Bush. HAHA. Eh I buy sweet for you and Audric tmr also sia, don't say I buy for Joel only ok.
Saw Derek in home clothes cos today he went to remove the metal thing. HAHA. I said hi ok. And admiring his "cock hair". LOL. He only know how to smile smile smile.. Then followed Ian Tan Yang Da home. He's going to die tmr.

I love pokpok! =)=)=)

5:27 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.