Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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1st: Masu.
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31st: Jeslynn. Reina.

Happy birthday, wish you guys all the best.. Sorry if I got the dates wrong..

Schools ok... Im always laughing like mad over everything in school... Until some people keep staring or more like glaring at me... Cos I was happy... I felt like briliiant... Cos there are many people around making Life good for me... But all of a sudden, my feelings will just change like that... I start to realise something was missing... Like as if I have hurt someone indirectly... I dont know why but its like I just have that feeling... I feel happy and sad and angry at the same time... But the sadness would just run over the happiness and end up making me feel moody... And moodier... And moodier... And the happy happy world turns darker, gloomier and completely upside down... Making me angry and hate myself like fk... Somethings wrong with me... Its like making me feel all worn out... And to those people who keep fking staring, please fking stop it cos its fking irritating and I think you should be able to fking tell by my tone... And to weirdos around, what school Im in and all the nonsense its for me to know and not for you to find out either... Im really starting to miss lower secondary a lot and beginning to hate going to school nowadays... I tell myself I want to do good in my studies and will just end up doing shit... I will get very disappointed with myself but I wont do anything to mend my flaws either... Theres no effort put in cos I cant force myself to do things I dont like... Everythings going a little wrong nowadays but I dont know what and dont feel like myself... It isnt my imagination... This feeling... Like as if Ive did something hurtful... Draining my energy away... Leaving me with nothing... Nothing at all... Except grieve...


7:06 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.