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JJ get well get well get well get well get well get wellllll. =(((((

11th June 2010.
THE NEW PAPER: (7th Dec 2008)
SINGAPOREAN singer JJ Lin's hectic schedule is starting to take a toll on him.
Last week, during a promotional tour in Fuzhou, China, the 27-year-old coughed up blood while on a break in his hotel room.
Attempts to contact JJ were unsuccessful, but Miss Yvonne See, assistant general manager of his label Ocean Butterflies Singapore, told The New Paper in a phone interview: 'At first we thought he coughed up only a little blood.
'But when he took a photo of the blood and showed the doctor, the doctor said that his throat was seriously inflamed.'

He advised the singer to avoid talking and singing completely for some time.
Miss See said JJ heeded the doctor's advice for a day, then dived straight back to work the next day.
She added: 'Every time JJ isn't feeling well, he will always want to keep working.'
In early October, he had a bad cold, but carried on with his pre-album launch promotions in Taiwan and Hong Kong. He was also coughing up blood then.
Still, she said JJ insisted on carrying on with his punishing schedule.

No break in 10 months.
His last break was during Chinese New Year in February.
In the past few months, he has travelled once every few days. On his busiest day, he visited three cities in China - Xiamen, Shenzhen and Fuzhou - in one day.
After his current tour in China, he will go to Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan to do more promotions.

He will be spending Christmas in Las Vegas for a performance at Caesars Palace. Then it is back to China to take part in the New Year's Eve countdown.
Miss See said that JJ kept his promise to appear on popular Taiwanese talent show, One Million Star, last month, even though he had not fully recovered from his bout of throat inflammation.
She said: 'Everyone asked why his face was so glum on the show. If they had paid closer attention, they would realise that he was in quite a bad state.'

Miss See said JJ would often get hooked on online game World Of Warcraft, and ignore his minders' advice to rest early.
'But now, he's more disciplined and takes the initiative to stop playing his game earlier so that he can get more rest,' she said.
This has not been the biggest health scare for JJ. In 2006, the singer lost his voice completely.
As he was not on a promotional tour then, he recovered quite quickly, Miss See said.

Right now, JJ is still in China and resting as much as he can.
He told the Chinese media: 'I hope my fans will not be scared by this. I'm doing very well now.
'I'm not in any danger, so please don't be worried.'

Miss See said she was more concerned about alarming his parents, as JJ has been keeping his health condition from them.
She said: 'I finally had to tell his mum, to prepare her before she reads it for herself in the papers.'

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