Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Happy birthday, Suar Jeron =)

Class 2I2 (2008) is going to end soon.. Cos 2008 is coming to an end too.. 38 brilliant friends.. Some going to the same class next year.. Some not so really close to.. I'm gonna really really miss 10 of these dudes..

10. Tan Yang Da!
9. Yanaa!
8. AbR!
7. Triple T!
6. Dear Ahwang!
5. Wong Zi Cun!!
4. Nehneh!!
2. O' Darling Tissue Jordan!!
1. My pengyew Pokpok!!

Woah asshole I feel like boxing you now you know anot.

3. The asshole who loves ._. -.- =.=" ~_~ and Chuanheng.

And I won't forget talking in morning assemblies, forming groups, making noises in class, sitting around each other with 1, 2, 5 and 7.

(Morning assemblies)
Nisa. Jordan.
Me. Ting.
Tiong. WCY.
(In class)
----- Ting.
Tiong. Me.
WCY. Jordan.

Jordan even said today that he bought me a new nail clipper when..
- I didnt ask him to.
- I told him not to.
- I still can use mine.
- Considered his character =)

I feel very sad now. Why do we have to go seperate ways.

10: Watching his face going redder and redder everytime there's a lame joke up. Discussing how to do sums and listening to him teach in a very funny way cos he will keep laughing and say, "Wait! Listen to me first!"
9: I wont be drawing Podolski on her textbook. Going crazy on Liverpool with her.
8: Making funny faces at each other during class cos just directly across the classroom. Once, Haziq was still staring at us lol. Doing the swimming thing with his hands.
7: Sitting beside her in parade square. Talking shit and more shit until Ms Tai comes over to reprimand =)
6: Making fun and teasing him. Telling him and many people I love Ahwang =) And pulling his chair has become such a chore. His bottom always land on the ground.
5: Sitting on bus 187 home together. Receiving his weird smses and his funny way of cheering people up =)
4: Talking relationships mostly when going bangbang. And listening to her from D to her Beanie now =)
3: Alot of things. Lol... Especially his jokes...
2: His stingy but cute and lovable character... Always singing behind me in class =)
1: Eating Tau Suan, laughing at Khusni, being pangsehd by her, going mad over the littlest things, being ordered around by her (Tay Ping Hui: This is an Order!), seeing her pig in class (both eating and sleeping) and her crapping about everything everyday =)

Love you guys more than the max which I don't know where is more than max cos I really don't care about that...
Good night ='(


12:46 AM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.