Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Nehneh, must get well from your birdbean flu.. Potartoh.. :)

Taurus: You feel that you are not in the best place you can be, but all this is due to your lack of drive. If you can accept that there is at least one positive aspect in your life, you should have a better time.

Love is about growing up.
It doesn't always go along the way you thinks it will be.. Jealousy = dumb.. Why in God's name am I so childish... I realised I've been so stupid all this while.. Thank you for letting me realise that I'm even more useless than I thought I was... Thank you, really... You made me grow up, today...

Parting is all we know of heaven and all we need of hell.
You've made me experience what I thought was heaven.. I was wrong.. I mistook heaven for hell.. Thank you for showing me how gullible I have been.. You've shown me somewhere even worse than hell.. Yeah and that's why I learn something new everyday, especially today.. I learnt even more important things...

Romance is flirting.
This is the greatest thing I have ever learnt my entire 14 years on Mother Earth.. I'm so glad, really, that Life has given me so many painful life lessons to hurt my heart.. But it's ok.. Mr Ng said that Life is sometimes unfair and there's nothing you could do.. Blame myself for being born unlucky.. Thank you, dude..

There is nothing called True Love.
Anybody witnessing this, please stop me from falling for everyone and anyone at all if I ever put my entire heart and soul into the relationship which would one hundred percent land into the dumps again... Nice.. Lots of love there... Teachers say we don't make the same mistake as we have before.. Yes, I am listening here.. I shall not want to fall in love with any guys cos none of them are trustable...

Friend, never lie through your minds, through your teeth, through your phone...
Thank you once again.. I am quite sure I feel positively fine now.. Good luck with whatever, you won't want to hear from me again... =)

Life, the wonderfulest thing ever..
也许我太天真了... 完美的结局只存在童话故事里...
Positive Aspect:
There is someone whom I will always trust...

P.S. I just granted someone the favour I owe him of putting the tagboard in my blog.. I don't owe you anything now...

8:52 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.