Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Fun. Especially when the fire kept going away and Pongpong (Yihong) had to start it again. I helped ok. And when the people at the other pit finished eating around 10pm, Yingchong clapped his hands happily and said: "Lai we are going to start our BBQ already!" HAHAHAHAHA.

Then all of them had water fight around what 11pm. The guys wore the aluminum foil around so joker. So only left Pongpong & Yihpin play PSP while me Hughes and Yingchong stay to BBQ the food. After everything they played basketball but very tired so went home with Weiliang.

Dont like all the banglahs everywhere. @ the bridge WL went bukit batok cos I told him very near my house already.. Then was alone and very scared.. Started to rain.. Scary ok.. Reached home 130AM.. Next time don't want walk alone in the dark already thanks to all the weird people out there..

Before BBQ no time so went JP instead. Saw Nehneh & Danying, Sarah & her friend, Khiameng & gf. Bought my school bag =)=)=) I love it alot you know. Thanks Amelia for the 10bucks and Linyan for oblong. HAHA. Have a very nice shoe at Adidas but like a bit expensive... =(

Other pictures @ hughes' phone.

Linyan said she wants to "pretend to be emo".

Darius, Hughes, Junren are a head taller than me and SLY. But cant see that here =)


K go sleep le, bye =)


3:23 AM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.