Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Posting results out today. Can be viewed (here.)
Everybody starting to put their class in their MSN names ... ...

021108 Sun
Went Borders with Pok, bought AZ's and our books. Supermarket bought nuts for my mother to make her more nutty. And my cereal. Dinner at Toh Guan hawker.
031108 Mon
Went JP with SS watch HSM3 second time. Then Gek Poh LAN.
041108 Tue
Went Novena. Met the friendly angmoh. Train and bus to market and passed AZ her book. Weiliang was with N at their chalet at Pasir Ris. I wonder how N is doing...
051108 Wed
I know I went somewhere. Forgotten.
061108 Thu
Went Pok's house. Shiok. Joshua my new best friend also there. Haha. Right, Joshua?
071108 Fri
Went JP popular look for thing, arcade and Gek Poh LAN with SS and Weijie -.- Yucks.
081108 Sat
Stay home sleep. Yeyang is as pro as he was last time at minesweeper. I won him omg.
091108 Sun
Bad flu in morning. Went meet Vanessa. Cannot believe it when she told me she was first in Jurongville. Hahahahaha. Hahaha. She's in 3ple science, same as Long Weiliang. Hahahaha. Yucks.
Went Borders buy something I needed. Dinner at Harbour Restaurant. Peking duck peking duck~
101108 Mon
Today posting results out. Jayda told me Elycia said I got into electv geog. Joshua late so went his house see him comb hair. LOL. Reached school around 12+. Same class as ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ etc. Quite depressed at first. Went Kaya Toast with Joshua and Jayda. Joshua went piano. Jayda and me went Gek Poh find SS. Eleazar working at Mcd. Weikeong ended his shift so SS was sad. Heh. Went SS house slack and extension. Eleazar said he pierced right ear.
Also smsed Aizhen her results. It was around 6AM there. She got into pure hist. Faster come back you noobshit.

5:27 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.