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Euthanasia is a subject people tend to avoid, but the modern world says that it is something we have to discuss about.

Religious groups such as Buddhists, Muslims and Christians believe that life is sacred and we shouldn't end our lives just like that. Hindu religious leaders, though frowns on murder and suicide, views euthanasia as acceptable that a terminally ill person should decide whether he or she wants to take his life.

Basically, euthanasia is the practice of killing without pain a person who is suffering from a disease that cannot be cured. It is illegal in most countries, let alone Singapore, and is also commonly known as "mercy killing".

I repeat, the person is suffering in pain from an incurable disease and the Government has not proposed legalising euthanasia.

As a staunch Buddhist myself, it is true that religions have many strong beliefs that God brought you down to Earth for a reason and each and every person has to live for that special reason. Ending your own life would mean not prizing your life God has entitled you to and probably opposing to fate.

However, I disagree.

Talk about those people who don't support euthanasia.

"We should treasure and respect life and we will not encourage anyone to just end one's life."
Mr Chung Kwang Tong (Taoist)

Hey. If you don't want your life to be taken away, just say it straight to the point and not palter.

Number one.
We are talking about people who are living in PAIN, pain you cannot imagine because YOU are not the one experiencing it. Pain you don't know. Pain which leaves them suffering everyday from a disease incapable of being cured. Are you the one living in a life like this? Could you even CALL this a life?

God has given us this life which we lead for ourselves. Please understand this carefully that this life is given to US for OURSELVES to lead. This is THE PERSON'S LIFE, NOT YOURS. That person is probably fighting against cancer, bleeding profusely whatever or has turned into a vegetable sitting on a hospital each day, with nothing he can do but get tackled by the vicious germs.

And on the other hand, the Government thinks that, this way, they are actually helping them?!

The loved ones of the family. The victim has already have to put through such a battle, but do you still have to pull in, the people who care for them, who possibly feels as though a knife is piercing through their hearts everytime they see the victim, into the picture?

Medical expenses. This could be seen as much less important, and those taitais married into a filthy rich family et cetera don't have to worry about this problem, but what about those families with only the father being the sole breadwinner, and earning a low income, scrimping and saving cents and quaters which add up to dimes? If managing one own's family is bad enough, could these victims be a burden to them? Of course the kind hearted ones will still feed the victimes, but what about those with "black hearts"?

You know, there's this advertisement which goes, "Life is Great!" on TV and there will be probably a couple of people there enjoying their lives et cetera. But in these four circumstances, are you sure life is great?

My Conclusion:
The Government and whoever who opposes euthanasia,

-points points points everywhere-

Please consider these questions before you start the debate.

The victims have to go through this each and every day, but knowing that there is no cure.

  • Are you sure the suffering is necessary?

    Pets are allowed to be put to sleep and die with less suffering.

  • If they can, why can't these innocent victims?

    No: (We're talking about humans here. We are humans. They, on the other hand, are ANIMALS. You know, dog, cat, bird, pig?)

  • Humans, ARE animals. Please get your facts right. What makes us so different from them?

  • We have feelings, they too do! What rights do you have to put yourself at a higher status than them?

    No: (The point here is that, life is full of great opportunities! Even if you're to the extent of meeting death where you are desperately clinging tight to the end of a string and between life and death, it is NOT the end yet and anything might happen. Seconds you find yourself suffering from this disease, but the next thing you know, POOF! The modern scientists has invented a new medicine which cures any disease!)

  • Oh, of course! Why didn't I think of that? Like POOF, how I wish you would just disappear now... How many chances in MORE THAN A MILLION do you expect a miracle to happen? Probably as much as 0.001%!

    Now, those people who support euthanasia.

    "We are not saying we should do it. But there is an allowance for it, as long as society and the terminally-ill person's family allow it."
    Mr K. Kathirasam (Hindu)

    Speaking in all the languages of the world,

    P R E C I S E L Y !

    My opinion might be too drastic to be accepted, but this person talks sense! At least if the Government does not like the world population to slide down rigorously, they can change the law from a rigid solid NO to an OK, provided that...
    1. The person wants to. (This is the most important)
    2. The family members agree. (We can reconsider this...)

    This article here (Click) is (dated 14th May 2008) about this man, Steven Andrews, aged 25, who was left paralysed from the neck down after jumping 25ft into just 3ft of water during his "tombstoning leap". It just happened that the tides were low that time.

    His first words when he regained his senses were, "I'm paralysed mum, I want to die. Mum, I'm a vegetable."

    A woman around the age of 55 - 60 was suffering from this rare disease where the doctor, also a specialist who saw how this was operated in the U.S., claimed that he has never seen such cases in Singapore. The husband had a decision to make, whether the operation should be carried out. If it is a success, everything's fine. If it fails, then the woman would be crippled and had to live the rest of the days on a wheelchair. Either that, or just leave for the organ to (verb).

    The specialist recommended to carry out the operation. Let me tell you, it wasn't an easy decision... But the husband finally decided on something, which is to not do anything about it.
    Then, life was normal and around a few weeks or months later, the woman passed away, but peacefully. Everybody were in tears.

    And, although my grandfather wasn't crying and only remained silent the whole time, I know deep down he feels worse than anybody was, but I believe he made the correct decision and would rather let it be than risking the chances of having my grandmother live on a life of misery...

    I don't feel like saying this anymore ... ...


    Personally, I think the person suffering has his/her each right to make the decision. If they want to end their life earlier, why are we stopping them? Why are we holding back the freedom they are entitled to? If this is their last wish, why can't we grant it for them since we have the ability to? Why can't we let them die peacefully and ending their misery quicker?

    Most importantly, one last time, it is THEIR DECISION.
    You don't have to force them.

    If they'd rather lead a "life" of pain and think that this is what they call Happiness, then be it. This is great! And if they'd still have the chance to survive, because doctors have found out that the victim's disease can be cured, then why not? But what about those who really have the total opposite thinking? Why wait? Why are people making life so pathetic for them?

    You might say this is between life and death and it isn't as easy as it seems. Are you trying to infer that you are doing something noble for them by just letting it continue on like this? Do they even owe you a living? Then what's wrong?

    Spare a thought. Helpless people out there are enduring agony, leading life everyday either hurt (to the extreme) or half dead. Everybody has their own pride. Their own dignity.
    What do people think they are to prevent them from getting their preference?

    Still, whatever the case is, God will lead the way answer to our prayers, or without much doubt, only my prayers. I hope to see the Government legalising this soon but in the circumstance that allows it to carry out only if the patient wants, if the disease is REALLY incurable and if they die a painless death.

    God Bless.


    2:09 AM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.