Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Break camp today.
Saw Jordan, Aikseng, Jiaobin TJH, Wenhui, Yingkiat, YinJH, Ziqi, Ruxin, prefects (like Shi Ting, Nadin, Felicia, Sawyi greedy pig, mini Haziq, Nopad, Hairul) and of course dumb pok.

Can go Second Sis, Third Sis or Second Brother's blogs to see about our Yao Nie cum Nub camp. Jared and Susan might update soon too.

2009 Committee posts. (Only what I rmb)
Chair: Darryl.
Vice-chair: Sweden and Yeowyong.
PT & Games: Christine and Jayda.
Welfare: Me and Soksan.
Armourer: Shilin and Jerald?
Secretary/Admin Head: Hui En.
Treasurer: Jeslynn.
Discipline: Saffiudin.
CCA Councillor?: Me and Christine. Maybe Jayda.


Ben Chia's game.
Objective: To test your fate with someone. (It has been tried on many many people and most of them say it's true)

1. Shuffle your deck of cards the age of the person you have in mind. Remember to seriously think of him or her while doing or it'll turn wrong.
2. Many steps here.
3. Place it in that manner(above).

(In a case of girls doing this)
King of Spades: The person you have in mind.
Ace of Spades: The person's heart.
Queen of Hearts: You.
Ace of Hearts: Your heart.
Other Kings/Queens: Other people.
Other extra cards: Extra obstacles lor...

Darren did mine. ("Trust me, just trust me!")

Results: (Hui En's explanation)
An obstacle between the guy and his heart.
Meaning: He doesn't really know what he wants.
Three obstacles between me and my heart.
Meaning: I don't know what I want. (But more obstacles, so worse)
Three obstacles between him and me.
Meaning: We're far apart. Literally. Ie perhaps don't see each other regularly.
Middle obstacle of three between me and heart is a guy.
Meaning: That extra person can be anybody, don't neccesary have to be someone you admire instead etc. Ie I still don't know why the hell one person in between.
No obstacles between his heart and my heart.
Meaning: Have a status in each other's heart.

Actually I think it's quite true. At first I was superstitious and didn't believe. I thought it was just a made-up game. It turned up quite true. Chris and N had similar patterns. Hui En's one on Berserk was true. Chuanheng's one also quite true I think. And of cos there are other people.

But I still don't understand why there's some Nub in between me and my heart and why there are so many obstacles to my heart from me.

P.S. (Ben C did for me second time but I was thinking of Phang Weiyang when shuffling because I saw someone at Mac identical to him. LOL so Nub. Like Susan!)

8:13 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.