Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Happy birthday Woo Chee Yuan!! =))

Sings: "I've got the power~"
I have many super funny videos of Cheeyuan in my phone.
  • Advertising Viagra. (2)
    Eleazar & LFK in video. He was listening and commenting.
  • Dancing in Aesthetics. (1)
    Cheeyuan and Haziq being retarded.
  • Criticising people. (2)
    He was yaking about some people he detests. Doing some disgusting actions.

    Others were like...
  • PE lesson. (1)
    2I2 during PE. Azhar and Haziq acting dumb.
  • In library. (1)
    Haziq reading "The Giving Tree" (his favourite) book and being stupid. Very funny. Azhar playing PSP.
    Omg Haziq your memory stick. HAHA do you miss it? ^^
  • Learning dance steps for Aces Day. (2)
    With music. Azhar was dancing king. Jianyuan had his shirt tucked in and pants pulled up VERY high. VERY VERY funny. LOL. Jordan went up to dance.
  • Dancing in Aesthetics. (2)
    Sarah, Aishah, Jeron, Tingting, Jordan etc dancing.
  • Playing Scrabble. (1)
    With Pok and AH WANG. LOL. He's very funny. Serious. But he said I'm crazy LOL.

    Aizhen is in the airplane now. Sobs. I won't miss you Lim Aizhen! =P
    I bet you're pressing (Alt + F) to find your name. Hor you...
    Probably she's reading the "Twilight" book now. (Which is actually BD)

    Received her call at 11pm and she went to the gate(s) around 1120pm. She can ogle at all the angmohs in Europe omg. Lol. I like angmohs. Yesterday I met one super friendly one at Novena. But I hate the people in France cause they simply have no manners. I love Switzerland. So peaceful so relaxing and the people were SO SO friendly ^^

    Haha. I bet she'll enjoy the trip. But when she's back, the day before I'll have left for overseas already. Haha k bye Aizhen take care! =)

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