Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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2I2 videos.

Click on these links to view videos of Cheeyuan and 2I2.
Didn't put the videos here cause it always say, "Sorry, this video is unavailable." or whatever..

  • Viagra I.
    Cheeyuan advertising Viagra Part One.
    He shouted loudly to 2I4 walking past cause Nickson was one of them. Haha. Cheeyuan wants people to "get a 10cm penis by the end of the day. And you dont want to walk around with a hump on your _____. That would be so embarrassing!" (tingting laughs)

  • Viagra II.
    Cheeyuan advertising Viagra Part Two.
    Cheeyuan: (blahblah...) Male. Hormones. (LFK kpo) For the male penis. Not for the female... penis.
    (after some time)
    LFK: -coughs coughs- Continue.
    Cheeyuan: As I said in the previous episode there's a female Viagra pill.. That's what that man over there -points to Eleazar- he says he does not have a penis.
    (after some time)
    Cheeyuan: (blahblah...) Homosexual Viagra.
    LFK: What homosexual viagra. What nonsense uh.
    Another group (maybe laoren): I didn't do anything uh.. (talking about other topics)
    Cheeyuan: Yeah they didn't do anything. I did a lot.
    (after some time)
    Eleazar: And for your information, a male sex organ has three cervixes. Thank you.
    (That was because I didn't know cervix belonged to females and I wrote filled in "Cervix" three times in a male organ in an exam paper. Around first half of the year).
    Me: Go die~ Walao.
    (Cheeyuan laughs wickedly and Eleazar continues his crap)
    LFK: Don't bull lah. (LOL)
    (THen talk talk then I want explain also cannot. THen phone got sound cos receive sms then vibrate lol. The rest can about the man with dunno how many cervix and the Narnia thing can hear properly already).

  • Rap.
    Cheeyuan doing a rap. Not bad.

  • Haziq's fav book.
    Haziq reading his favourite book. (THIS IS PROOF. Shut up Cherlyn hahaha.)
    This video my favourite also. HAHAHA. Followed by the scrabble video (below).
    Haziq: "(murmurs to himself. then...) And so, the tree turned into Cheowyi. And the Cheowyi became very... Moody. And then a little boy came to Cheowyi and said," I'm _____ I love you muacks. Finish already the story. (flips book) Hm and the Cheowyi was happy the end. (closes book) Smack your face uh."

  • Scrabble.
    Leslie and Kristie playing scrabble.
    I put the phone camera right in front of Lai Boon Hao.
    Leslie: 神经病 leh 这个人!
    Kristie laughs.
    Me: Leslie! Say something like "屁啦!" or something like that.
    Leslie with the a bit shocked reaction and all starts laughing.
    Suddenly, Mr Yeo enters the class from back door, AGAIN! Then I gasped and stopped recording.

  • Aesthetics I.
    Haziq, Cheeyuan, Jordan, Tingting dancing for Aesthetics test.
    HAHA. Did you see Haziq's reaction?!
    And after they finished dancing, Haziq and CHeeyuan were doing some lame actions. Hahaha.

  • Aces Day workout I.
    Practising Aces Day workout during PE lesson.
    FYI the front part is boring so if you want can skip to 2:40 which is 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

  • Aces Day workout II.

  • Jordan poking.
    Jordan and Weihao doing some stuff. Jeron there dunno what.
    Jordan: Die!! -pokes thing at weihao-
    Weihao: AH! -holds ball-
    Jordan: Wu wu wu! -sees phone- EH! 关掉啦 delete!

  • PE lesson.
    Azhar: -shocked- MR CHAN! Cheowyi using handphone~

  • Aesthetics II.
    Hazairi and Emelia dancing!

  • Aesthetics III.
    Hazairi and Nadin dancing!
    Actually I think Hazairi dances real good. Haha.
    Me: Hazairi looks so happy.
    Hazairi: What?!

    (Click for other videos.)

    During Mrs Yan's lesson.

    Cheeyuan didn't see me recording until the last part. He was saying about the people he didn't like. Lol.


    Kristie: "Eee, why Guan Liang is here." Lmao. Kristie, I bet you're laughing.

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