Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Mymotivate bs.

"When you come to the edge of the known light
And are about to step into the darkness
Faith is knowing one of two things:
There will be ground beneath your feet
Or you will learn to fly."

1. Do not interest to someone because of his/her face, because the handsome or beauty of face can mislead. Do not also interest to its properties because properties earn annihilates. Interest to someone able to make you smile, because only smiling is able to make dark days become fairly. Hopefully you find people like that.

2. There are moments in life where you miss someone alot therefore you wish to go to that person on his/her dreamland and hug him/her in real nature.
Hopefully you envision people like that.

3. Dream what you wish, go to the place that you want to go. Be as you wish, because you only own one life and one opportunity to do things which you wish to do.

4. Hopefully you get bliss which last for making you kindhearted, temptation which last for making you strong, sorrow which last for making you humanly, expectancy which last for making you happy and money which last for buying all your needs.

5. When the door of chance is closed, the window of chance will opened. But we often regret and stuck in front of the door, so we do not see the opened chance.

6. Best friends are able to sit near you, without saying any word, and later when you leave him/her with feeling that you already have a long conversation with him/her.

7. We don't know what we have, until we lose it. But we never know what things we haven't gotten until we get it.

8. Look into everything from others eyeglasses.
If that thing embitters you, very possible that would hurt others too.

9. Saying unnecessary words can create conflicts. Cruel words can break a life. The right words can decrease tension. Words which is the full of love can heal and bless.

10. The beginning of Love is to let the person that we love to become his/her self, and do not change it for becoming our wish. Otherwise, we are only loving ourselves bound inside him/her.

11. The happiest people don't always have the best things, they are just trying to make the best from every matter things in their life.

12. Maybe God wish we met someone wrong before met with the person who is right. We have to understand how to thank you from that bless.

13. Only need one minute to appraise someone, one hour to like someone and one day to love someone, but needed a whole time to forget someone. Time.

14. Happiness is available for the person who cry, hurt, search, and try. Because only they esteem importantly of people who have attended in their life.

15. Love is if you have loss your feel, enthusiasm, romance and yet you still care about him/her.

16. The sad thing is our life is when you meet someone which is very important to you but in the end you discovered that it's not the way it is, so you have to released him/her.

17. Love is started with a smile, springing up with a kiss and ended in tears.

18. Love come to them who still hope even if having felt disappointment, to them which still trust even if have been betrayed, to them which still love even if have been hurt by him/her.

19. Really hurt to love someone who doesn't love you, but rather hurt than to love someone and have never owned bravery to phrase your love to it.

20. The Promising future always depend on forgotten past. You won't survive if you do not forget the failure in the past.

21. Do not ever say goodbye if you still want to try.
Do not ever surrender if you still feel ready to.
Do not ever say that you do not love him/her if you still cannot forget him/her.

22. Giving your entire love to someone is not a guarantee that he/she will reciprocate your love. Do not expect love reciprocation, await until love grow in his/her heart, but otherwise, be happy because love is grow in your heart.

23. There are things that you wish to hear but you will never hear from someone whom you expect to tell. But don't deafen an ear to hear from someone who tells you with all of his/her heart.

24. When you are born, you are crying and the people around you is smiling. Experience your life so that when you die, you smile and the people around you is crying.

I Love -

12:56 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.