Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Last day of school 2008.

Today was the last day of school term 4 2008. I'm not supposed to be feeling sad, so I shall try to stay happy everyday. I'm listening to happy songs~

Woke up 5am and bus to Pok's house. Cabbed and reached classroom first, for the first time~ 6.30pm. Took many pictures with classmates. Cheeyuan came today, but dumb Emelia neh come =(

Went hall, classroom did some work and AVA room with 2I1 - 2I4/5 there. Did anyhow circle surveys, and watched some ang moh video. The ang moh think he very chio like that, keep shake keep shake. Didn't understand video. Jiaying kept laughing at the zao sia guy. HAHAHA. Hen hao siao.

Watched more videos at outside. Sat beside Tan tan there. Eleazar and Shiyuan did the CPF whatever with the dummies. Recess a while then went hall afterwards. Got alot of dance and saw the mini Haziq on stage. Hoho, he recognises me, so does Jotham. Realise he in band. Want to take picture with them, too, when next time see them again.

Australian Math Competition thingy got 71, a Certificate of Credit =( Assembly a bit fun, very boring. Sweden's funny, Tan Junhao and Teck Wu are weird. Didn't manage to take picture with both Mr Ng and Mrs Tay. What a day to end the year...

Bye all...


3:29 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.