Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Jiaweis quiz!

HAHA. JW can only hide her face in books now =)

Ok. For the number of hemispheres needed to make the water in cylinder overflow. I minused 9 from 15 and got 7.
So - that time. Told Mrs Tay. Her reaction was: Sian diao~~
Haha. Around an hour and a half more to 叮当神探 (Crime Busters x2). Dawn Yeoh very cute ok! Tay Ping Hui keep deesiao her. K. That's all, bye.

(Who is the most...)

A: Annoying.
Ong Hui Lun. He thinks his jokes are so funny. He laughs at them himself.

B: Boring.
Ong Hui Lun. But he only made a "coshly" mistake. (Haha, shut up Cheeyuan.)

C: Cute.
Winday de zhabor~

D: Dead.
HMM. Laiheng acts weird.

E: Evil.

F: Funny.

G: Good-loocking.
My first idol. Omg. Omg.

H: Hyper.
Chen JW, the mugger =D

I: Intelligent.
Hew Jianyuan, Mrs Tay's no. 1 SCHOLAR.

J: Joker.
1. The everyday talk about math file and notebooks one~
2. The everyday sit beside me in parade square one~
3. The everyday think he very smart de SCHOLAR~

K: Kiddy (childlike).
Say I owe him KFC meals and a blue pen that guy. (Look at M.)

L: Lame.
DIYANAH! (Lend stapler.)

M: Money-conscious.
2I2 Register 34's moneyface ($.$) =D

N: Nosey.
Bushy~~~ (Everyday eyes fixed onto the phone)

O: Optimistic.
Cherlyn. You know what she dreamt about? Haha, go ask her. Not about combing the Indian guy's hair or wear NS uniform to LKY's party can already. -grins to Cherlyn-

P: Playful.
Jeron. Haha, french curve also can use as elephant nose.

Q: Quarrelsome.

R: Random.
ZEIKEI~ Hers are VERY random jokes. HAHA.

S: Sexy.
Dennis. Have you ever noticed his sitting position?

T: Trustworthy.
1. My one and only Geek friend =)
2. Nehneh~

U: Ultra (meaning extraordinary, in weird and unweird ways, take your pick).
Ah wang lor, his results a little tyco one, haha.

V: Vulgar.
You don't see Laoren very lao hor, but actually she talk alot one okay!~

W: Whiny.
Lim Aizhen, the crazy woman~

X: Xenophobic (having abnormal fear or hatred of the strange or foreign things).

Y: Yappy (talkative).
TING TING LAH~ (Kristie's Teo Boon. HAHAHA)

Z: Zany (comical).

P.S. Cherlyn, 你不能看戏! =)

7:35 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.