Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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"Cheow Yi second semestral grades have hardly shown an improvement from her first semester's. She claims to understand where her own weaknesses lie and is open to constructive advice, however she has not backed that up with improvements. Must quickly come to the realization that a good education sets her up nicely for a bright future."
This is the worst comment I've received in any report book in my entire fourteen years. You might think it's a bit crazy, but, I'm quite glad. Thank you Mr Yeo~


Funny quotes of Toy Story found somewhere. Forget it if you don't understand.

Woody(Screaming at Buzz): YOU!! ARE!! A!! TOOYYYYYYY!!!!

Buzz Lightyear: How dare you open a Space Ranger's helmet on an uncharted planet?! My eyeballs could've been sucked from their sockets!

Mr. Potato Head [Mr. Potato Head rearranges his facial features crazily]
Mr. Potato Head: Hey, Hamm. Look at me, I'm Potasso (while Mr. Potato Head puts his eyes, mouth and nose in a position that reminds a famous Picasso work)
Hamm: I don't get it.
Mr. Potato Head: You uncultured swine!!!

Rex: "I'm from Mattel. Well, actually I'm from a smaller company that was purchased by Mattel in a leveraged buyout..."


Fuhua Year Book 2008.
  • (Page 1) First page (duh).
  • (Page 9) Jordan in the photo with Boon Ping where it wrote below "In the midst of the competition"
  • (Page 16) Claims "Happy faces in the Ang Chee Sia Ong Temple" when Jianyuan looks poop.
  • (Page 34) Mr Chia looks happy when pointing to the green balloon.
  • (Page 38) Soksan went crazy over CH's photo.
  • (Page 38) Look at Javan above the "Let's squeak together!" He is definitely not squeaking.
  • (Page 39) Dyan wants to have a hair fight with Bushy.
  • (Page 42) I forgot to tell Aijing she looks really pretty here.
  • (Page 43) Mr Ng is hot.
  • (Page 44) Mrs Tay is cutting cake! ^^
  • (Page 46) Hui Lun is "Crossing the poison river".
  • (Page 46) I think I hear Chee Yuan shouting, "COME ON COSHLY!"
  • (Page 47) Wei Hao looks smart.
  • (Page 48) I see Rachel and she's so cute ^^
  • (Page 49) Attention on Aik Seng blowing the instrument.
  • (Page 59) Pok will go, "Kristie in a big Kimono is a BIG JOKE!"
  • (Page 70) I had a good laugh at Jian Yuan. ^^
  • (Page 71) Eh Bush, no offence, do you see Yi Xiao Li? =x
  • (Page 74) BANG.
  • (Page 78) I see Mini Haziq and Azhar all smiles ^^
  • (Page 80) KRISTIE ^^
  • (Page 82) Chee Yuan is quite dark compared to other Chinese, and Haziq is super black. Told him that. Heh =x
  • (Page 82) I see Mini Haziq at the most right side ^^
  • (Page 82) Controls laughter. Junhao's jiao bin everyday machiam like that one. . .
  • (Page 86) Everybody, stare at Aizhen. Haha. Who cons people. ^^ Yea, I own!
  • (Page 91) Cherlyn looks very fierce. I called her hp. Scolded her and asked her why didn't she smile. She told me her reason. HAHAHA. Very funny. Wo de hao peng you ^^
  • (Page 93) Aizhen says she looks like a ghost. Haha.
  • (Page 94) Soksan went crazy over CH's photos. Second and third time.
  • (Page 96) Jiexuan, Mini Haziq and the NCC guy in my block are in MRS TAY'S CLASS.
  • (Page 96) Jotham, Kaiyan and Jiayi are in MR NG'S CLASS.
  • (Page 99) 2I2 looks so fierce leh. Jian Yuan looks tiko. Dennis seems.. happy. Haziq looks very proud of himself. TO THE EXTREME.
  • (Page 109) Soksan went crazy over CH's photo. Fourth Time.
  • (Page 116) Last page.

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