Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Will be updating something for 2I2 later ^^
Happy Birtday KOH JIAYING~~ =)

Vivo. Saw 2I8 guys at interchange. Look look, like my face got thing meh. Met this nice Indian guy, lolol. Watched 20th Century Boys w/ Ting and Jiaxin. I like Kenji & Yukiji. Kanna very cute. Movie was interesting, but to be continued. Pooh.
Just realised the small Muhammad Haziq from 1R3 is also Register 23, same as that Haziq. LOL. The asshole one lah. x)

Jogged 10 rounds around Bukit Gombak Stadium w/ Cherlyn. Mr Bean pwn.

Went Pok's house w/ Jes and Cherlyn. They watched Rogue and I only watched exciting parts. As in, part -.- Hm. Nehneh went and we three ran to BGS, drank Mr Bean, ran stadium, ran back pok's house. She was crazy.
Saw Hilda

Went SS house cut hair. Her younger sister (also SS) damn funny~ Her mother asked about her and Windays. HAHA. HAHA.

Safe sex thing. Everybody loves Haziq. HAHAHA. (Except me lah ) Went Sarah's house w/ Jeslynn. Did something in toilet for 30min+ DON'T think sick. Wash hair and went Vivo after Bush and Cherlyn came. Walked arnd Topshop, Forever 21, Pets Lover's Centre. MRT home and alighted with Bush. Thanks Bushy for doughnut and I'm a happy girl


Haven't went commontown look at elearning yet.. And of course not done lor lol.. Insomnia nowadays becos worrying about ____ and ________ _______ and thinking about ... nevermind ....
See this.

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Stop denying it, Haziq, I know you're so into being squeezed in between girls xD HAHAHAHA. (evil laughter)

8:00 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.