Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Hari Raya.

Rest Awhile.

Selamat Hari Raya to all the Muslims~
Hello October. Holidays are nearing.



F1 Race. Vrooom.
Everybody's talking about it. -.-?
(Slightly) Happy. (Slightly) Sad.

Kns. The Principal and DM for show one uh. Knn. The Sec ones, Sec two normal techs and some upper sec noisy like * still let them 滔滔不绝, what the. We having exams not like they are so of course they don't care right. Like normally if we were on top floor it wouldn't be noisy like this because we're now at a place where many inconsiderate people flood this first floor.
And apparently, it seems that apart from me and some others whom I won't say out here, nobody cares about moving up anymore.
But please, I thought the Principal very free one only sit in the office do thing. Ok, maybe not so free, very busy one, as the adage goes. But at least tell some bloody * send some nice kind soul to stop those pupils from making so much * noise right. Zzz.
(Slightly) Happy. Angry. Disappointed.

Happy Birthday, Mae =)
Math Day, overwhelmed by Mrs Tay's worksheets and packed with her lessons. Sorry Pok didn't go detention with you. Haziq funny sia~ Diyanah slept like a pig! Novena with Jeslynn, had a super fun time with that lame shit =)
I saw him at JEC interchange today with his Nanhua people.
"Or you still like him?" -Nehneh.
I just realised, other than Geek, Nehneh is the best person to pour out troubles to and a super listening ear. She's outgoing, fun, and lame =)
Don't really like JC's newest album, except for 失落非主流, 达芬奇的画布, 女儿红 and a bit of 稻香.
Happy. (Slightly) Angry. Sad. Confused.

12:19 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.