Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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The Playground.

I cannot understand why you're still like that. And I don't wish to know what he is thinking, because it'll just make me feel even more down. Wait on love, because that's the simplest and only thing for me to do. I feel depressed, downcast, pathetic.
This evaluation is for the person who seems to need love more than anybody else does right now. Aizhen.

Humans have feelings. They smile, they laugh, they hear(what they don't wish to hear), they feel angry, they frown, they curse, until they rethink and start feeling hurt, so they cry. But you can't stay sad forever, because life still continues and you will sooner or later forget about it (at least you should try to) and when a friend comes to cheer you up, you feel touched, smile and start laughing again.

It's just like a cycle of our human feelings. That's what I think.

I've read about this playground thing before, which depicts about human feelings. It's like cute little kids going to a playground at a nearby park. It might sound like happiness to you, but if you use a magnifying glass to have a wider view of the situation, more things could happen other than just happiness.

Children at play move their bodies. Expressions of their joy are in gleeful sounds. They breathe fully as they play. Happiness appears to be the natural state of humans. Anticipation of the next piece of joy is seen in excitement. This is the form of happiness they get when they play.

However, scare occurs when there is threat to a person. Take for example, James (or any Tom, Dick or Harry) is a scaredy-cat who doesn't dare slide down slides. He feels afraid because he might think that he would fall and injure himself, he would embarrass himself of his childhood girl friend, or if he were fat, he would get stuck halfway through sliding down. Just for example ok.

That's when his parents and friends come (to the rescue!). Tender loving hugs are given to James to make him feel comforted, protected. He could pluck up the courage to slide down and forget about worrying too much, because he knows he can trust the people who care and shower countless amounts of love to him.

But, supposingly, James was too delighted and ecstatic about going down, until he sldies smoothly and lands on his bottom. Sadness happens when there is a loss. He doesn't have enough courage to get up and face the embarrassment around him. He starts crying.

(Crying is normal. People say strong boys don't cry, but I don't think so. If you're sad, just cry it out. I don't think it's embarrassing to cry just because you're a boy. Boys and girls are equally human beings brought to Earth. After crying, you will feel more relaxed, because it helps to relieve anxiety, relieve frustration. It's like washing the soul. You'll feel much better after crying, it's like part and parcel of life.)

Back to James. Perhaps, the little girls around him laugh at him for being such a dumbass for landing on his hugeass (or in this case, a smallass), and the little boys around him laugh at him for being such a loser for crying just because of this. Like, aha, cry baby. Intruding into another person's space brings forth anger. James would feel hurt, sad and angry.

(Anger is just another form of emotion. You want your pride, you want your dignity, your self-respect. Either way, or you fight to win it back. If you feel really angry, you'll feel an imaginary volcano starting to burn up inside you. Burn, burn, burn. Until you cannot control any longer, the volcano would erupt. But instead of huge amounts of lava flowing out and truckloads of ashes given out, you'll feel fiery and either start cursing, swearing, or vent your anger on either someone or something.)

But all comes to an end at the end of the day, at least that's what I think.

1. James continues beating up his friends until he lands into a Little Boys' Home, if that's possible.
2. James cannot face the world anymore, and runs away.
3. James shake hands with his friends and give each other their promise that they shall not repeat the same mistake again. (Laughing at or beating up one another)

Option 3 would be the best. Learn to forgive and forget, even if it seems difficult.

Aizhen, believe in yourself. Just treat those people as retarded people who are just trying to make your life go wrong. Just treat all these commotions as tests God set up to test how you well you can handle the situation. Just treat all these as one of life's stages where you would have to experience pain, misjudgement and anger.

James has fallen and gotten up again. It can happen to you too, as long as you stand up and face the situation bravely. Human emotions are, normal. You just have to know how to handle it. Hope you cheer up. Don't forget the friends around you who will always give you the support you should be given.

You can do it, just like Nike!

10:07 AM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.