Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Moodswings are normal.

Memorable day, because today I saw all three people who changed my life...
Yesterday was horrible.. Today was a little better..

  • Aces Day.
  • Teachers Day.
  • Be Yourself Day.
  • Class Bonding.
  • Return PEPS.
  • Last day of Term 3.

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    Wore Class Tee.. Danced some rubbish Aces Day steps.. Class bonding, partnered Mr Yeo and kept hai dao ta.. Went hall for assembly and took Dennis's book to Mr Chan's table cos didn't see him.. Saw Mrs Tay and asked her back for my Ezlink Card.. (I'm glad she liked the notebook thing..)

    She told me sth.. I asked Mr Yeo about that and ended up spending half to an hours time at his table in the room opp of General Office (forgot the room name).. So embarrassing when I cried in front of him... Mr Yeo is a nice person.. I hope I would "change back"..

    Went JVS when released.. Weiliang finally came out, then the Kennedy extra guy whatever his name is.. And Darius Junren Vanessa Peiyu Wan'er.. Hughes saw me and shouted, "Sotong!!!" Lol.. Went Vanessa's house to put thing and went to PEPS..

    I didn't know Vishaki migrated to Australia alr, omg... Sad.. Saw alot of people.. Tall people.. Went around with Amelia the crazy woman.. Saw Ms Lim and first thing told her she had alot of white hair.. Robson is a head taller than me alr.. Still act..

    Saw Nigel! His attire so hip can. So tall also.. Asked him if his shin was ok and yeah glad it is going to be fully recovered alr.. And I saw the ... person...

    Went to the basketball court.. Everybody was there and everything was fun.. Can't believe Zhihan is taller than me alr.. Played badminton with Cheryl and Vivian, then Derek (Lee) and Maung Thet.. Maung Thet has a super nice badminton racket cos he lent me his.. And he kept zikua and boasting his racket very nice also... Hahahahaha.. Pa jiao guy...

    Then Amelia, Lixuan and Liqing all went alr.. Qinjiang they all keep kicking the soccer ball.. Some play badminton some basketball.. Then form group - Xunbin, Kahhang, Derek and Jolene (Lee), me. And Zhihan, Keefoong, Janice, Vivian. Super fun and Zhihan became very hiong.. Hiong until I whack him when he snatched the ball on purpose and his body was wet wet one..

    Went to buy drinks around 8+ and walked to bus stop with Kahhang while Aloysius and Vivian went home. Aloy and Vivian damn cute lor, cos of their study problem. Took same bus as Kahhang, talk talk and reached home. Damn, I'm not so blur until like sotong ok.

    Ngo Kahhang you suck. Don't read my blog.

    (Credits: Cheryl the short tomato. (omg cheryl dont see this please)
    Taken: Fitness Corner in PEPS.
    Small group pic: Eugene, Kahhang, Xunbin, Derek, Aloy, Vivian, Nigel, Cheryl, Johnny, Desmond.)

    Xunbin di, Liqing and Yingchong going China today.
    Kristie and Jordan going Japan today.
    Nigel returning England tmr midnight.

    Wish you guys a safe trip. Nigel Tan JJ, I'm not so petty k. Haha.. Glad you had fun, see you next year =)

    Vivian, cheer up please.

    9:17 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.