Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Today was ok. I love today's dawn.

Chinese went Mother Tongue Room, I think music room tomorrow. Moral Ed, recess, science. So sleepy because of Mr Chan's droning. Haziq left for NCC and Mr Chan kept keeping him, lol. English was a free period. Came back from the toilet with Jeslynn and Diyanah told me Cheeyuan made Jolene cry.


HAHAHAHAHA. It's funny. Went over to Jolene and buay tahan but kept laughing at her. Then she also laughed while crying. Siao zhabor right. She whacked my hand and said: "Fuck lah he. People (dunno dunno what) he also must care. Fuck lah." (sniff sniff) Hahaha, don't need cry de lah. Cheeyuan always joking de. Don't need to say cheer up, cause you confirm not thinking about it anymore =) But don't be sad, haha. Yuck face =)

Math was even more boring and I was about to fall asleep again when Mrs Tay told me to do some question on the board. Took very long lor, then she said: "At least Guanliang knows how to do. But then Cheeyuan needs to go back to check his answer. Uh. And Cheowyi is coming up with rubbish, ah."

Lol. And Shawn very noisy outside and Mrs Tay told Sarah that she should teach her brother how to behave or something, hah. Met Aizhen after school, she said want go Mcdonalds to eat McFlurry. Don't want go lor, cause felt very full. But Kristie (who was going to my house to cook) also wanted, so went.

Went there and saw Yingkiat they all.. Aizhen you good.. Btw the second and fourth line in that post above is not true. HAHAHA. And she actually went to look at my personal computer stuff and conversations. Wl wl wl. And nearly spoil the dancing spongebob Ian Tan gave.

I eat up all your sushi you left at my house tomorrow then you know, hahahaha.

Meeting them for breakfast tomorrow for some, what, Roti Prata?!

P.S. Kristie, next time then eat (Khushni + Mr Chan + moves hands) tao suan, hahaha.

6:50 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.