Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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I hope Nasuha will faster faster recover, so that she can faster faster walk normally, and so that we can faster faster get back to our original classroom.

First thing Jordan said when I reached school: We changed classrooms leh.
Tingting: Yea lor. The R5. Corner there leh. So dirty, some more near toilet.
Me: ?!?!?!?!?!?!
Announcenment made by LKW: 2I2 and 1R5 will switch classrooms.

Tmd. I was so angry. But because they think that Nasuha, though have her crutches, will have difficulties everyday walking up and down the stairs, therefore we might have to stay in the _____ place all the way through this year, unless Nasuha has recovered from the sprain.

Asked her if she was ok, then she said yea. Hope she recovers asap, asap, ASAP!

1. It's good for her.
2. It's good for the students.
3. It's good for the teachers.
Conclusion: It's good for everybody =)

I don't want to stay in that classroom already~

Passed history for the first time over these two years, but I don't know if I should be happy or not. Saw Mr Ng during recess and I felt a little happy so I told him I finally passed when I never passed before and he said: Ah, good. But just now you looked so sad/disappointed when you got back the paper, uh. Why uh. Still, it's good, but can do better the next time.

Hope so.

Getting back history results was super fun, because of the anticipation and everybody started to bang tables for drum rolls, lol. Played Charades (A game in which words or phrases are represented in pantomime, sometimes syllable by syllable, until they are guessed by the other players) during English. The class made super lots of noise.

Haziq do the Michael Jackson pose (face look down, hand on the forehead) for one second and the class guessed the answer already. Hahaha, pro can! The second time he did was tap dancer, around 6 seconds if I'm not wrong. Jianyuan did for the word Nincompoop and made a damn retarded and gong-gong kind of face, SUPER FUNNY LAHHHH =) Bushy did powerpuff girls, then she keep putting her hand around her hair, and the word she was trying to say was "puff". Jeslynn made a crown action for King in Lee Fong King, hahaha.

Chinese now must go alot of different rooms booked by Ms Dai cos the R5 classroom is used for the malays cos Nasuha not moving. Sigh. Last two periods read the library book about this girl and her dead boyfriend (a ghost) called "I heart you, you haunt me." while they continued playing Charades.

After school, ate and went range. Got a Safra membership $80.25 refund! Wo fa cai le.. Lol jk.. But could've gotten $100. Didn't train but continued planning for camp in november/december. Sec twos planning, so we sat in a circle, Sweden, Huien, Christine, Darryl, Yeowyong, Jerald, Daniel, Jeslynn, Jayda, Soksan, me. Haha, then talk about Day 2 or 3 already, about movies, to night walks, to ghosts. Then Darryl, Yeowyong and Sweden always saying lame things, and we kept laughing.

But scary lor, I wouldn't want to see any ghosts...

5:42 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.