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Muffin Day.

Baked muffins today with Ziqi, Cherlyn and Jiayi. =)

Reached home just now.

Started off the afternoon at Ziqi's house doing our muffins, and we, obviously, needed time to do if I'm not wrong 100+ pre order bags and the other ones. We couldn't get the bags over because Sally's house was far and you could have came if you wanted =)

We did until 7 and Jiayi (JVS) left. Ziqi was really pitiful ok.. Couldn't leave her there alone doing so many things herself so continued all the way. Then it was until 8+ when it rained very very heavily. But we still rushed our way to that shop somewhere across roads. Drenched until the auntie from the mart laughed and asked us why we wanted to buy a few bottles of coke, at such a time, in such a weather.

It was super super heavy. And our bags cannot say not heavy when we (cherlyn and me) also needed to bring textbooks home to study. You need study, we also need =) It was so heavy we couldn't continue going. Dialed many numbers and finally got Wenhui's house number.

He was actually sleeping halfway but just walked some blocks just to help us carry the things. What's more, on a rainy day can sleep until very shuang you know =) And ZIqi's brother was playing maple and his games happily and also came all the way to help us with the stuff. It may not be much to carry for you, but you won't understand what it was like, because you weren't there =)

Thanks Wenhui.

Wanted to cab home but Cherlyn's dad also came just to fetch she and me home, though he was busy. ZIqi might not know what you guys, erm, went through, but please spare a thought for her too =) You have things to do, she also had a job to complete her stuff.

I reached home at 1030pm. I bathed and ate at 11pm. It's 1140pm now.

And I got 4/20 for my science test, lowest in class, if you wanted to know.

Just hope wouldn't get a cold tomorrow.

I smiled all the way throughout the post. Good night people.

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