Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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haziqq.: Hahaha. Zzz, ask the Hairul to go die -.- I'm not coli lor. I complain to your Nadin then you know uh.
nylrehc!: Haha. Yesyes, liao liao liao. And always go Dongdong Uncle there he not there lor. I'm so scared sia you so "fierce" =)
Secret Admirer: Lol! Where got people dunno themselves one. Is it? But watch on youtube better cause TV got so many commercials.. Don't listen to Cherlyn, later her Jeron come whack you.
haziqq.: One more thing one more thing -.- Yeah yeah I love Leslie. Anyway everytime I see him I will say he cute then he will just give his type of smile. He used to it already. Love Leslie better than you love Azha(hahahahahaha)r, right =)
kristie: Haha, laugh until like that! Yea lah you'll be "pokpok! see my new red pants. Speedo. Cos fuhua pants sibei ugly lah!" Lmao haha=)

Me: Shi Ting, life is so meaningless, right?
Shi Ting: What?!
Cherlyn: No! Life is meaningful!
-Shi Ting agreed-
Cherlyn: Maybe cause you haven't found the meaning to your life yet.
Me: Oh.. Yea.. Yea hor.. OK =)

Saw a little girl going to Yuhua Pri taking the same lift as me. She's very nice. Although she isn't those kind of perfect princess guys see in their eyes, I think she'll grow up to be a very sweet and kind person who knows how to care about the people around her. If I were a guy, I'd choose these type of people instead of the ______ ones..

Reading in the morning then two periods of math and history.. Went down to eat fishrice.. Lol, Ziqi, cherlyn and Huilun/Jianyuan calls it like that. Two free periods of chinese, followed by claymation and science.

I'm not coli -.-
Nothing else to say le, sorry Cherlyn my post is long liao =)

If I've had a fake long lost twin, I could get her to replace me in this world.. Better ma...

3:00 PM // Out of the darkness and into the sun.