Our greatest glory is not never falling but in rising everytime we fall. =)


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Jordan farted during science paper yesterday.

Today is the 14th.

History paper was quite easy, hope I can finally pass the subject.
Thanks Haziq for your 49/50 paper. Hate you and Nisa, if she got high marks also.

Mathematics is the bull's eye now. Cannot disappoint Mrs Tay.

FYI Kristie is a lunatic (who laughs super hard at things which aren't so funny).

Went IMM with Aizhen and Kristie after school. Mingwei took the same bus and the Kristie lor, made me sit directly opposite him in Bus 98. Hahahaha, his face expression always so funny. Jolene's 'state of agony'. (Bushy you don't force me to say hor)

FYI Aizhen is another lunatic (who laughs for no reason).

But you two still rock =)
(Ok ok I know, don't need to say: Of course lah! Thanks man.)


Statement: I am losing my trust in you ...

But, life is so unexpected, who knows perhaps God destinated me to die tomorrow.
Murder, suicide, ageing, mental or physical illnesses, people still die one day.

Therefore, appreciate the things you have and look at the brighter side of life instead of the bad things which could lead you to more misfortune.

Live a day, smile a day.
I shall laugh it (statement) off =)

I am my own counsellor.

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